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    I will be posting screenshots soon.
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    IGN: bd452

    What you want to help with: I can do some simple java coding and I am good at graphics design. I am also a good creative thinker/Idea man
    Previous experiences: I have made some mods that add blocks, items, and entities into the game, but none have been made public.
    What sets you apart from other modders: I am one of the youngest aspiring programmers that I know (14) and I feel as if I know several methods that could be used for the past-self pathfinding.
    Examples of work: I have a few simple mods saved for 1.2.4. I could send them to you. The good ones are in 1.7 and I deleted them long ago
    Do you have a github: yes (same username)
    Can you debug:yes

    P.S. - You should add a car/vehicle that can be altered for time travel. Once it reaches a certain speed (88mph?) it would travel to the chosen time period. It could use a flux capacitor which runs off of plutonium or lightning, and obviously those would be rare materials. (time travel can't be easy, am I right?)
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