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    (vanilla server recommended)
    Cluster Chunk PvP for 1.4+

    Cluster Chunk PvP for 1.3.2

    Cluster Chunk places two teams of up to four players on individual cluster chunks made from a mix up of just about every block in Minecraft's library. Teams must rely heavily on their knowledge of Minecraft survival, crafting, brewing and engineering as well player versus player combat. Played much like a game of chess, both teams will have to execute variable attack/defense tactics based on their opponent's progression.

    There is one resource chest per island containing a bed and some starting supplies. Satellites orbit around each team's chunk containing vital supplies such as engineering materials, brewing kits, blocks and weapons. These satellites are guarded by hostile mob spawners as well as being vulnerable to opposing fire.

    The game begins at sunset and each player will have to set their bed spawn immediately. If you die without a bed spawn it's game over. Once spawns are set each team's objective is to steal or destroy the other team's bed and kill opposing players to knock them out of the game. The last team with players in the game wins.

    1. At sunset, the game begins and each team has one bed.
    2. Beds can be moved, stolen and destroyed, but not crafted.
    3. Die without a bed spawn and you're out of the game.
    4. The last team with a player in the game wins.
    5. Do not take blocks/items from spawn structures.
    6. Once in game, glass enclosed structures are off limits.
    7. Do not build a portal to the Nether or the End.
    8. Do not spy on the other team once you are out of the game.
    9. No stalemates

    *OPs / Admins:
    Leave time set to day until teams drop into their cluster, then set time 13000 (1.3 version only)
    *Ops / flyers: If zombie spawners on chunks are activated pre-game, the map will require a reset

    Users are free (and encouraged) to create videos of the MAPS and share the videos
    online, using websites such as YouTube. Users are also free to include
    advertisements and monetize their videos of my maps. Watching people play my
    maps is by far the best way for me to learn how to make better maps. If you have
    made video's or LP's (Let's Play series) of my maps, then thank you very much!

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    September 25, 2021: Minecraft lost it's soul somewhere between 1.7.10 and 1.8. Took me until 1.9 to realize it. Sorry for the VFIII tease, just ain't happening. Thanks to everyone who played these maps and helped support their creation. I've removed the downloads as of today, if you still have them feel free to redistribute. I've also removed the terms and conditions section so go ham. Catch ya on the flipside ✌😎

    Vinyl Fantasy is a Complete The Monument style custom map series where the objective is to find hidden records (music discs) and return them to a JukeBox Monument. These maps remain true to Minecraft's survival mechanics while adding a high level of difficulty, a list of objectives and an ultimate goal for the player. Expect harsh terrain, dangerous architecture and down right nasty dungeons full of unruly mobs to combat.

    Q: Why are these maps so old? Why can't I play in current versions? Will you ever update old maps?
    A: I have no plans to update older maps to current versions. The old maps don't work in current versions for the most part. As with any Minecraft map, you should only play in the game version the map maker recommends. Recommended versions for each map are listed in the Map Information tabs.

    Q: Will these maps work in multiplayer?
    A: Yes, unless otherwise stated in the Map Information tab of each map.

    Q: I installed (x)mod and/or played the map in the version of my own choosing and the map seems borked. Can you help me?
    A: Nope.

    Q: How difficult is (x)map? How long will it take to complete?
    A: Both of the answers to these questions are completely subjective. Any map maker who tells you otherwise is probably lying to you.

    Q: If I ask you when the next map will be released, will that help the map to be released any sooner?
    A: Absolutely yes! Nah, I'm just kidding. Of course not. That's just silly.

    Q: What's a record? Why "Vinyl" Fanstasy?
    A: Well young Timmy I'll tell ya... Vinyl is a material used to make records. Records are what gets played on a jukebox. The vinyl is commonly colored black (much like the "music disk" in Minecraft.) For a real life reference, go have a look in your Grandpa's basement - next to his stereo is... ...a bong... but, next to the bong is an old milk crate full of vinyl records. Do not drink the bong water, unless you want tumors. Because that's how you get tumors.

    • Survive in any way you can think of.
    • Find and complete the JukeBox Monument.
    • Find records (music discs) hidden around the map.
    • Do not build Nether Portals.
    • Do not use records dropped by Creepers to complete the JukeBox Monument.
    • Always play on Easy difficulty or higher. No peaceful.
    • Do not craft, break or place Ender Chests.
    • Do not use mods, commands, plug-ins or 3rd party apps that give you an unfair advantage.
    Legacy Rules These rules apply to maps created pre MC v1.8
    • Do not leave the boundaries of the map and enter normally generated Minecraft terrain.
    • Do not break the jukebox or wool blocks in the JukeBox Monument.
    *Some maps may have specific rules. Please refer to Map Specific Rules section for each map.

    VINYL FANTASY I: for MC v1.1

    For MC v1.1

    Map version: v1.1.2
    Minecraft Version Compatibility: v1.1
    Players: SSP / SMP
    Map Style: Open-World
    Objectives: 11 records (music discs) and 6 ore blocks

    Vinyl Fantasy is my first excursion in CTM level design. It's kind of a cornucopia of different styled areas ranging from dark to beautiful to kind of wacky. The starting area plays like a harsh survival island. From there the player can branch out in various directions, encountering all kinds of nasty along the way.

    Map Specific Rules:
    Do not use SMP spawn hole to get to the warp zone.
    Do not to use the water in the ceiling spawn as a resource in-game.

    VINYL FANTASY II: For MC v1.2.5

    For MC v1.2.5

    Map Version: v1.1.0
    Minecraft version Compatibility: v1.2.5
    Players: SSP / SMP
    Map Style: Open-World / Central-Branching hybrid
    Objectives: 11 records (music discs)

    Vinyl Fantasy II is somewhat of an experimental CTM map. The player will experience both open-world and central-branching level progression spanning all three Minecraft dimensions along with custom lore piecing together a storyline. The overworld of this map is divided into three main areas consisting of huge, open-world style design. Each overworld area contains resources, challenges and a dungeon area containing a record (music disk.) The rest of the map takes place in other dimensions where the progression is a traditional central-branching style with more condensed dungeon areas.

    Map Specific Rules:
    Installing Last_Username's Lights Out mod to fix phantom skylight errors present in MC v1.2.5 is highly recommended.

    VF-Mini: Industrial Park: For MC v1.5.2 - v1.6.4

    For MC v1.5.2 - v1.6.4

    Map Version: v1.1.1
    Minecraft Version Compatibility: v1.5.2 - v1.6.4
    Players: SSP
    Map Style: Central-Branching
    Objectives: 3 records

    This is the first mini-map in the VINYL FANTASY series. It's really difficult. Did I mention I've been feeling nostalgic for a little Super Meat Boy lately? Yeah, this one is a survival / action / platformer that will make you rage! It's not just a run and gun platformer though, you'll need to keep your wits about you. Survival isn't easy and this map proves it. You'll need to make use of tools and resources you never thought possible. Be aware of your environment and always take advantage of anything you can to survive. A true test of agility, combat skills and problem solving.

    VF-Mini: Eventide Trance: For MC v1.8 - v1.8.8

    For MC v1.8 - v1.8.8

    Map Version: 1.0.2
    Minecraft Version Compatibility: v1.8.8
    Players: SSP / SMP
    Map Style: Open-World
    Objectives: 3 records

    Eventide Trance is a unique blend of Ultra-Hardcore and Complete the Monument genres. The map offers character progression, vanilla gear progression and a customized loot drop and trading system. You must survive an open-world where you'll be able to attack strange obelisks full of enemies in order to gain permanent health upgrades. When you feel strong enough, there are 3 Trance dungeons containing the music discs needed to complete the jukebox monument. Good luck!

    Full Album on imgur (32 images)

    VINYL FANTASY III: Cancelled

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    Evantide Trance take 2, now with keepinventory on. Will update as I go.

    The no healing mechanic made progress agonizingly slow (many an intentional death because of nearly no health and no way to regen my health. Golden apples and healing potions were few and far between)

    No bonemeal meant no food. Making a sustainable mushroom farm required tediously spreading out mushrooms for hours on end and leaving them in the dark so mobs would spawn and blow up said farm.

    The void did not help in the destruction of my supplies, but I was tipped over the edge by my vanilla mods I wanted to try this map with (parachute and graves) bugging out (the parachute didn't open, dumping me in the void, and the grave didn't spawn because it conflicted with the parachute! That's entirely my fault.[/i])

    The map is, quite frankly, really dull to look at. Granted the dungeons look awesome, but 90% of the map is gray and dark purple mycelium. Exploring that for so long (since I had to go run around for towers before doing any dungeons, which I never made it to after several days[/i]) killed my wanderlust.

    I did like the gold rush to make mining faster though, that was a nifty mechanic. I wish I had something like this to speed up the loads of slow, cautious hit-and-run combat and incredibly, you-would-not-believe-how-slow-this-was[/i] non-giant mushroom farming.


    I didn't quit because the map was too hard, I quit because it was too slow and tedious, and with it all looking so samey, I didn't really feel compelled to do the same thing to like 10 more towers before I could actually start doing something exciting.

    Still a very slow start running around the very dull colored scenery hunting down those towers, which I still think are just too hard and not rewarding enough considering they're your first stop, but it was at least more manageable now with keepinventory on, and I was able to finally push into the dungeons, which were much more fun and visually appealing.

    I liked the surprise loot shower putting the records in, that was a nice touch.

    The amount of enchanting books got a little ridiculous. It'd be a load off my inventory space to get 1 power 3 enchant instead of 6 power 1's.

    Really been loving the creative use of traps in particular in these dungeons. They seem very defuse-resistant, as every single one I've tried to tunnel into to disable I've triggered.

    I've been the most impressed so far with the third dungeon. I love the prismarine and alternating underwater segments. One criticism though, the aquaghasts do not despawn. SCREE AWWRRHHH SCREEE just constantly since I can't destroy the spawners. I finally just resorted to /killing them all. I have a headache now, and need to take a break. >.<

    Turned out I was remarkably close to finishing the map. Got the last key and [i]done! [/i]Despite the slow start I really had fun with this one. Looking forward to seeing what you can come up with in 1.9! Off the top of my head the overworld of this map would be much more fun to explore if I could hit myself with a brief bit of obscene jump boost, rocket into the air, and elytra around instead of walking.

    Thanks for playing and I really appreciate the feedback. A few thoughts:

    RE: [i]No-regen is slow and painful[/i]

    I think the natural regen normal MC offers creates sloppy players. I was one of them. No-regen should train you to avoid damage without avoiding combat. There's a lot of micro-mechanics involved in that and it's good for players to learn them. There can be steep learning curve at first.

    RE: [i]Golden apples and healing potions were few and far between[/i]

    Honestly, this is the first I've heard of this in the current version of the map. I had been feeling like there are waaayyyy too many healing drops so I thank you for a different perspective on healing item density.

    RE: [i]The food situation[/i]

    Considering you're not loosing saturation or hunger from regenerating health, the scarcity of food should balance itself out. Although, I can't say I've played the map trying to survive on mushroom stew. The trade for porkchops is a much better source of saturation. I personally do not sprint-jump in normal travel, only combat. Sprinting and jumping are huge drains on food supplies.

    RE: [i]The map is, quite frankly, really dull to look at[/i]

    Meh, it's not absolutely gorgeous, I'll give you that but, it has an aesthetic. I really like to create desolate and dangerous landscapes. I abhor blue skies and flowery froo-froo mooshroom paradises. There's plenty of maps out there that can fulfill the "cornucopia-aesthetic" that modern CTMs seem to have adapted to but, ET just isn't one of them.

    RE: [i]The obelisk towers are too hard[/i]

    I thought the Ghast tower was too tough, mostly because the health buffs on the mobs were way too much. I felt like the rest of the towers were pretty straight forward and mostly non-threatening though.

    RE: [i]The Ghasts don't despawn in Trance #3[/i]

    Yup, that spawner was not meant to work that way. I made an error somewhere in the NBT. Something I've been meaning to fix.

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    I have a few questions.

    • Does regional difficulty go up even when I'm in creative mode on peaceful?

    • Does regional difficulty ever go down or is it ever reset?

    • Is it possible to modify regional difficulty using a NBT editor?

    • yes
    • no
    • yes - Regional difficulty is determined in each chunk by a long tag called InhabitedTime shown here: http://i.imgur.com/qDghnpa.png - InhabitedTime measures from 0-3,600,000. At 3.6 million, the regional difficulty is maxed. More info here: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Alpha_Level_Format/Chunk_File_Format#NBT_structure and here: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Difficulty#Regional_difficulty

    TL;DR here's a filter :/ https://github.com/jedediah/mcedit_filters/blob/master/SetInhabitedTime.py
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    Quote from _Krose_»

    Hey everyone,

    After much deliberation, I've decided to leave Minecraft behind.

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    Quote from Infamy»

    i have learned from the remake of poltergeist that is the only way to make things scary

    Be sure to spoil at least half of those jump scares in the trailer
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    Quote from shudderfly»

    Just curious, what mapmaking tools have you been using to make your maps? (namely Eventide and VFIII)

    MCEdit Unified with a large collection of filters and NBTExplorer are the only tools I use.
    Not a big fan of mods and plug-ins.
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    Quote from Ferkikudo»

    I think that 1.8 is better than 1.9 for a ctm map. You can do a survey. Good luck with the map :)

    Quote from MrScaryMuffin»

    I'd recommend finishing VF3 in 1.8 since it was originally intended for that version in the first place. After that, maybe do some mini-CTMs for 1.9 to see how far you can push the new features.

    Quote from Eeriewolf»

    Have you considered first releasing a 1.8 version of the map, for those of us who would want to play it in 1.8, with only the 1.8 features? And then later updating it with an alternate download for 1.9?

    1.8 is reaching the end of its life cycle. There are plenty of good CTMs to play in 1.8. Even if combat in 1.9 is geared toward casuals and 8 year olds, I'll make it work. Besides, 1.9 tech and features blow 1.8 out of the water. Spent a year and a half on VFIII, If it takes another year and a half to complete, thats what it takes. Besides, once VFIII is released I'm officially retiring from Minecraft content creation. Don't be so quick to usher me out ;)
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    Quote from no_leaf_clover»

    Started a playthrough of Eventide Trance a few days ago, really liking the challenge so far and I didn't get very far yet! :D

    Great to see, I'll check it out!
    Quote from Ferkikudo»

    Any update with Vinyl Fantasy 3?

    VFIII for 1.8 is 90-95% complete. I haven't worked on it since August. Still in limbo as 1.9 is not feature complete or stable enough to begin converting the map. When I do start the conversion process that completion % drops significantly as I will have to redo all the tech, loot and spawners. That's around 3000 command blocks, 100+ custom spawners and at least 400 custom items :(
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