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A few things about me:

Currently, I run a heavily modded server under Minecraft 1.10.2, called "Artifactovol" - a reference to Hithiker's Guide to the Galaxy (our seed is always a spin on the number 42). Since I started playing Minecraft in Beta 1.6, I have loved the game and continue evolving my interest in it as a server owner, and a survival player.
Previously, the server ran under FTB, and was called "thr33p10's Minecraft Server"
However, the mod that started it all for me in a journey into exploring non-vanilla content: Smartmoving. This, I managed to have running under a modded bukkit server.
I have been an op/admin on one other server before it shut down and I started my own.
Magrathea (the world from the server I was on before) was hosted as part of my bukkit server's multi-world setup.

Contact me if you are looking for a great, private server to play on.

Happy Minecrafting!

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