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    I have survived and deleted so many worlds. In this world, I have mined 30 diamonds, made some armor, obtained a diamond ax (Grammarly keeps make me type ax instead of axe >:((( ) and a diamond sword from a toolsmith villager. But one day, when I'm farming mobs, I realized that I have lost my village so I had wandered and have found a spruce wood village with some campfires. I have found the best house in the village and now living there. The old village has so many things I leave there include a stack of gold ingots and 4 diamonds. What should I do now? Build a portal (I now already had 16 obsidians) or continue to mine? (The photo below shows a rare thing I have seen, it was a 5-blocks tall cactus, and the Iron Pickaxe was enchanted with Silk Touch!) And I have left the Enchanting Table too :(((. The title isn't "I finally have full diamond armor", it's "I have lost my village :(((". I can't change the title.

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