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    Have you tried using Amidst?
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    Quote from ZEOKNIGHT»

    First of all. Being mean online is a serious crime in many countries.

    second of all: A real admin cares about the ones who play on the server

    third of all: if u are going to be mean to the players on a server why the would u even have a server. A server is made to play with other players and have fun. U do not have a server to to be mean.

    Being mean on social medias like facebook or other social medias is verry illegal and is considered as violation wich can be punished with large amount of Money, so why would it be any different on servers?

    It's illegal to be mean online? Wow, where's all my money? I'm been called a - plenty of times and I'm still paying my student debt myself.

    Seriously, do you really believe that being mean to someone online is a crime? It's not. It isn't a crime to be mean at all. I can call someone an butt on the street and there's literally nothing they can do about it aside from me being asked to walk away.

    "A real admin?" A real admin is literally anyone who has the rank of admin, just like any real sandwich is some bread with a savory filling (according to the Oxford English Dictionary). Just because what you want to see in an admin doesn't line up with some you've run into doesn't mean they aren't "real admins." Like xilefian said, an admin can do whatever they want, it's their server, not yours. Just like I can't tell people they aren't eating a sandwich just because I think all "real sandwiches" have bacon.

    Why would someone run a server if they're just going to be mean to people? I don't know, why is anyone mean to anyone? It's just how people are. Maybe that admin doesn't want to play with other people but likes the power of being in charge. Maybe the new players annoy them because they don't play the same way. Maybe the admin's mother just died and they're having a really bad day - neither you nor I know anything causal and anyone can run a server for any reason they want. You, some random user, do not get to decide why someone gets to run a server or be an admin. In the same way, I don't get to choose who else goes to university with me, but do I complain about it? No, because I'm not being petulant.

    TL;DR - Being mean is not a crime, OP doesn't get to choose what an admin is like, OP doesn't get to say what people do with servers.
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    I really am not sure what to think. Here's a thought: wouldn't allowing an infinite End detract from the finality - and after killing the EnderDragon, loneliness - of the End? I mean, it's supposed to be an ending to the game, not some vast wasteland to explore. The whole purpose of the dimension is to add some finality to the game. I feel like an infinite world, especially if any other blocks or mobs were added, would not feel "final" in the sense that it would become a permanent fixture in most people's worlds instead of just somewhere to "finish" the game. Also, the crushing lonesomeness and lifelessness of the dimension after the dragon is defeated kind of makes me feel like that dimension serves to harbor the dragon and nothing else, which is kind of the truth. An infinite terrain, with more mobs especially, would not serve that purpose very well.

    No support, I think. I'm confused and haven't even had breakfast.
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    I believe you need to tell people what they'll be getting out of it. Will this be free? What will contributors be paid? What sort of schedule will you want to work on? People don't usually work for warm fuzzies.
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    I'm not going to hunt for seeds for you, both because I'm not that nice to strangers and because I think you should put in hard work for yourself, but I will point you in the direction of a program to find these seeds for you: AMIDST. Just use that and generate seeds until you find one you like. Turn off showing dungeons, villages, etc. if you feel like that is cheating. Hope this helps
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    Not to be rude but isn't there an MCEdit filter that makes player statues for people? I don't see the necessity. I'm not invalidating your work, I'm just stating this is a bit like offering copies of a Van Gogh when I have a high-resolution printer sitting next to me.
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    How about we all stop trying to either come up with excuses or justifications for the kid?

    Seriously, you got grounded. At least you aren't getting beaten. You're whining about not playing a game when you sit in your room all day and play it. It doesn't matter what you do, if you only do one thing and act as if it is your lifeblood, you need to stop and take a step back. i'm not saying go outside. Do something else, anything else.

    I got grounded once and was made to sit in an empty room with only a bed and any homework. That's grounding. Your parents took away your game for a month. Your post seethes with whiny first-world kid attitude.

    Has anyone even taken the second to think about what OP DID to get grounded? Maybe your parents are concerned that their child is only ever in his room playing one single game interacting with invisible people. OP, you don't even mention what you did. You call it "a little thing" but it very well may not be. Let's face it, a young kid has no idea the impact of something they might do, when someone older may have that perspective. You're young and stupid, as everyone was when they were young.

    To all the posters trying to make the argument that the game being taken away is cutting off any sociability OP has, shut up. If all OP does to socialize is play one game, then he has something the matter with him.

    OP, you need to find other ways to interact with the world around you and to define yourself. If you can only feel comfortable with yourself in the setting of a simulated reality, then you may have some sort of disorder. You need to do something else with your life. You could literally count sheets of paper in a stack. It doesn't matter. You need to do something else. If you're so uncomfortable that you only find solace in a game, I would guess you have some self-esteem and self-worth issues. OP, I used to only find solace and comfort in other worlds, wherein I had control over what I did and what others thought of me. Eventually, you have to face that fear and that uncomfortable feeling. It's a hellishly terrible feeling, but when you pull through, and you will, you'll know who you are and who you want to be. You will be a thousand times more comfortable with yourself and you'll be able to identify who you really are.

    TL;DR - Just read it. ALL of it. Especially the last paragraph.
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    In a sandbox game about creating whatever your heart desires, you shouldn't criticize what people do. I can be negative like you are for just about anything. "Why do you need to build big things, Hypixel/Vechs/etc I can just as easily live in a dirt cube dug into the ground!" or "Why do you have to farm animals? I can just be nomadic and gather all the materials I need!" or "Why do you set up strip mines, majority of players? I can easily just cave and find a couple of diamonds, who needs stacks of them?"

    See?? I can criticize anything people do that isn't absolutely necessary. Just because you don't enjoy redstone doesn't mean someone else doesn't. I'm no redstone genius. I can make a not gate and a t-flip flop and that's about it. I'm not good at all. However, what separates you and I is the fact that I recognize that people enjoy different parts of a game with so many layers of playability and complexity.

    TL;DR - Just read what I said. If you're too busy to be bothered to do that, go to bed. I'm tired.
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    Just do what you've been doing on Xbox. A lot of what makes PC playing of Minecraft different is more advanced features and modability. I would need more specific issues I guess lol. If you are having any trouble with crafting recipes, just head over to the wiki. If you haven't already, you'll fall in love with the wealth of information on that site.
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    posted a message on Is jeb taking Minecraft in the right direction?
    Well, I guess it's my turn to put in my two cents. Alright, first off, a discretionary warning to those thinking of posting: if you do not agree with the OP, then turn around and leave. Most of the people posting here are just droning mindless babble about how "JEB IS TEH FAILZ WE NNEED noTcH NO MOAR H3ROBR1N3!!!!1!11!". They are neither paying attention, doing research, nor thinking logically in any way. Just leave. This thread is just an attempt to gather hate-spewers and whine about features that people do not agree with wholeheartedly. This isn't any sort of logical argument, it is a den of idiocy.*

    *Sorry to the few who are actually trying to help and can make coherent and reasonable arguments. I love you people. The vast majority of the posters are the ones making this entire thread useless.

    Now that we have gotten that out of the way, people are complaining that there is a "wrong" and "right" direction that the game is going in. Well, considering that no single one of us is coding all of the new features, I would think we all can safely assume that:
    1. There is no specific "direction" the game is moving. There is no one person coding or producing ideas. Most of the ideas are desires of the community. Wool builders got clay, people who want pets or named mobs for map-making got nametags, and the resource pack system will help everyone in a plethora of ways. If one single person proposed all the ideas and did all the work, AND all aforementioned ideas fit the role of one genre of game, THEN and ONLY THEN would anyone be able to say with any modicum of certainty that the game is moving in a specific direction.
    2. Horses, stained clay, nametags, coal blocks, and resource packs that allow changing of sounds, textures, credits, and the End Poem - what genre do all of these fit into? If you try to tell me that the game is "becoming 2 medaeval lk srsly STAHP jeb" then get out and shut your uneducated mouth. Does a block that pleases builders who use color and don't want their creations flammable make a game RPG/medieval? What about resource packs? Or coal blocks? So RPG games have storage blocks of fuel? OH RIGHT! The game we are all arguing over is a VOXEL SANDBOX GAME. Not an RPG. Not a "medieval" game. So shut your mouth and step away from the keys. Not a one of the updates are making the game move into one genre. The game has no genre until YOU start labeling it and giving it a genre.
    3. If you don't like an addition, why do you have to use it? You don't have to enchant. You don't have to touch horses or nametags. You don't even HAVE to update the game. Everything is optional in a sandbox world.
    4. "BUT URE SRSLY STUPID THAR R BUGS JEB NEEDS TO STOP ADDING CRAP AND FIX ALL THE PROBLEMS"... so the beta had no bugs? All of your "blessed favorite updates" had no bugs? I'm sure. Or you could open your blind little eyes and realize that every update has bugs. They will be fixed. Mojang cares deeply for it's community. That's why we got horses and stained clay. Horses are a perfect transport mob and opportunity for exploration and more loot crawling. Donkeys and mules are the perfect way to "move" from one location to another and be able to do it more quickly than walking inventory after inventory from one location to another or placing tracks and having to pick that path up afterwards. Stained clay has already been explained above.
    So there we have it, my argument. Try to yell at me. I dare you. Unless you're an admin. Then please yell at me for doing anything wrong.

    1. There is no rational way to say that the game is moving in one "wrong or right" direction.
    2. The game is not moving into one specific genre, so stop saying that it is. It is not. Update features are community wants from the majority.
    3. Features from updates are optional. Updates themselves are optional.
    4. Every update has bugs, not just the updates you don't like.
    In conclusion, do some thinking and research before you spew biased, ignorant vomit all over the forums. And OP, don't make a post that is just going to attract one-sided "arguments". Good day.
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