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    posted a message on (MOVED)DG Servers *[(Bukkit)($Iconomy,Shops,More)]*(MOVED)
    This Server is shut down, but we are in the process of making a completely new server thread. Link for new server will be up here soon!
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    posted a message on Savage Realms - [1.7.x] [The BEST Server] [24/7 Lag-Free] [Towny] [Custom Bosses w/ over 250 abilities] [PvP World] [RPG/Dungeon
    Hello :biggrin.gif:
    Your "IGN:theoverload
    Any questions/concerns/comments? If not, that's ok.:I would be really happy to be another member on your server
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    posted a message on MC Roleplay(not a server or forum RP)
    Hey guys.It has been a while since I have posted so I thought I would post something fun :biggrin.gif:

    This is a MC Roleplay where on any map,you play the way it says and follow the rules.I will need to see a video or pic of your progress to ensure you are not lying.Now here are the guidelines and other stuff/


    1.You cannot dig to a Mine Unless you have made a house out of at least 20 wood blocks and followed the 2nd rule below(If you use the traditional wood stright off the tree,that will get you something).

    2.You have to make each kind of tool

    3.You can only die 3 times,then you must start on another map

    4.You cannot use any kind of inv. editor on this

    5.You cannot have mods(Mo' Creatures is an Exception).

    6.You have a certain build/collect limit(Check Limits Section)

    7.You can not enter the nether unless you do another challenge I am making(Still in Progress)

    8.If you are attacked by a monster,you must fight it(you cant run unless it is a creeper)

    (COming 9.5)9.You cannot make a ender portals until you have collected the neccesary items and a diamond for each portal(Before you enter the portal,you must throw your diamond into a pit of lava)

    10.If you send pics,I need to see your...

    -Full Inventory(Not Just Toggle Inventory)
    -The house you have made
    -All other constructed items
    -If possible give me a link to donwload your map(if it has any viruses you will be reported)

    11.You cannot destroy a forest(unless you are using an axe to make a living)


    If I think you have gone through any loop holes or done something wrong,you will not be featured in this thread.


    Stone Per Day:10
    Wood Per Day:20
    Gravel Per Day:30
    Dirt Per Day:40
    Other Items/Blocks:35

    Crafting(This Includes the items ingridients):

    Stone Per Day:4
    Wood Per Day:8
    Gravel Per Day:2
    Explosive Items:2
    Misc Blocks:5


    Challenges(Will Be Updated and Need proof you did them):

    Pro-Starter-Make your first house out of traditional wood(off the tree and not refined)

    To Kill a Creeper-Kill 5 Creepers

    The Blocking Dead-Kill 5 Zombies

    Killing a Skeleton:Kill 5 Skeletons

    Jello Slash:Kill 5 Slimes

    Ender Offender:Stare at and Kill 5 enderman

    Beast Piggies-Kill 5 Zombie Pigmen(CANNOT GO TO NETHER!)

    Mo Killing-Install the Mod "Mo Creatures"and kill your first animal.

    1 out of a Million-Witness and Get a picture of a lightning bolt hitting a pig and turning the pig into a zombie pig.

    Master Builder-Build a house With at least 200 Blocks(While Following Rules)

    Godly Builder-Build a house with at least 400 blocks(while following rules)

    Mayor MC.Cheese-Build a Town out of at least 2000 Blocks(While Following Guidelines)

    Enter The Ender(Coming on 9.5)-Find a portal and enter the ender realm.Best of luck.

    Diamond Miner-Find a Set of 3 or more Diamonds

    Mine-Shafter-Find a Mine Shaft

    Dungeon Explorer-Find a dungeon and Stop the spawner inside

    Fortress Guardian(Coming on 9.5)-Find a Fortress

    More Challenges to Come!
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] The Halloween Mod (by Kodaichi)
    SO in Indonesia,It is Nightime(Halloween Day).No one came to my real door today,so I decided to download No Holds Barred(Halloween Mod).It is great.If you give Trick-Or-Treaters Candy,they will deny,accept,or be really happy(only really happy when you give the mega candy).Once they accept the candy,you will be rewarded(Randomly Generated Item).There are also a few more mobs(which I suggest you look out for).So for My real life halloween,it sucked,but for my MC halloween,I was happy to server all the Minecraft NPC Children.This mod is amazing in all :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Portal 3 or Half Life 3?
    The problem with Valve is,they cant seem to count to three.The Closest they have ever gotten is Half Life 2:Episode 2
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    posted a message on MoonCraft?
    Looks Good.Hopefully its not like the Xbox 360 Rip-Offs :biggrin.gif:(Cuz those really sucked)
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    posted a message on Artemis Gaming:A Minecraft Community*NEED STAFF!!*
    Quote from mmdawg1

    MC Username: mmdawg1
    Age: 14
    Computer Professions: Umm I don't have any.. I'm a teenager
    Gaming Skill: Umm Minecraft
    How Long You will Contribute To Forums: As long as you need to minus the social time I use
    Desired Rank: Idc

    P.S. I can like help with the server or anything like that. I could make custom skins. And 3D pictures of Minecraft.

    When I say Computer Proffesions,I mean are you really good at something on the computer(graphic designing,photoshop,etc.)And I am not in America because I moved(Dad's Job).So I would Probably put you as....Global Mod.I do need you to host the server in America.What Kind of server(I dont care,just want to knw :biggrin.gif:).So ya you just need to join the site and I will put you as Global Mod :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Artemis Gaming:A Minecraft Community*NEED STAFF!!*
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    posted a message on [SSP/SMP][1.3.2]Fossil / Archeology [v6.9 P-4]
    Could You Put Links to Tuts on How to Install stuff and Where to put it when you have the correct files(Audio Mod,Forge,Resource File).
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    posted a message on Questions That Have Probably Already Been Answered :p
    Soooo...I have been wondering about this for a while(since 1.8 Pre-Release)what do Enderman Pearls do(if they do anything)?Are they just for show or are they in development of making ways to use them?Just wanted to know.Please answer it would be really helpful :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on How to Download 1.8 Pre-Release
    Quote from Jinxso

    This is already covered in the pinned topic in this forum...


    Sorry guys I didnt see that :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on How to Download 1.8 Pre-Release

    This is very short but for Newbies like me it helps.Here are the steps to getting the 1.8 Pre release...
    1.Go to Minecraft Forums(Your Here XD)
    2. Go to this link: http://assets.minecraft.net/1_8-pre/minecraft.jar
    3. Replace the "C;ient File"oor new Minecraft.jar with your original "minecraft.jar" in "C:\Users\USERNAME HERE\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin"
    4. Restart MineCraft
    I hope this helped guys!!!
    This will only work if you have the paid version of this game :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on 1.8 Trailer Out!!!

    That is the link.Hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!
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    posted a message on ~DRUG WARS~ ~ Reopen! ~
    Hey Amins,Moderators,Members,etc. :rolleyes: .I really hope you guys see my form because i really badly want to be on your server

    What is your view of the server?:It should be a fun,freindly server,but is not for little kids.It has its ups and downs like all servers,but this one is special because it has more ups :biggrin.gif:
    Any friends on the server?:Not that I know of
    Location?:Jakarta,Indonesia(Trust Me if You Guys are Racist I am from America).
    Reapplication?:No(Unless you guys decline XD)
    Will you read the rules and respect them?:Of Course :biggrin.gif:

    Well I hope you guys accept me an I hope to be a memorable player on your server :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on The Anticipation and Excitement For 1.8...
    First off,I know everyone is excited because 1.8 comes out in 3 to 5 Days if my estimations are correct.Secondly,what are you excited about in 1.8 and are you excited for 1.8?Post what you are most excited about and if you dont want to,just put in the poll that you are excited or you arent.Even for 1.9,you should post what your happy about :biggrin.gif:

    Honestly I am very excited for the update in general,but specifically the swamp biome,new fighting style,and new textures coming in 1.8.For 1.9 I would say the completion of the NPC's and There Villages,Bosses(Maybe),and the bug fixes.Bug fixes mainly because I hate lag and/or a gaming screwing up on me while I am doing something important.

    So As I said,post what you are excited about and if you are even excited in the poll above!!!!
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