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    posted a message on How do you organize items on your hotbar?

    1. Pickaxe

    2. Sword

    3. Ax

    4. Redstone torch (My current house on my SMP Server is locked with a hidden torch key)

    5. Misc blocks

    6. Torches

    7. Water Bucket

    8. Food

    9. Bow

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    posted a message on Bad Minecraft Performance

    So I've been having really low frames lately in MC.

    My PC has an i7-8750 and an RTX 2070.

    I run GTA on High @ between 80-100 FPS, but minecraft runs with optifine at roughly 45 FPS, on what I'd consider "medium" settings, with no mods installed and 4G of RAM allocated.

    Any ideas?

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    posted a message on Weird Hardcore Bug

    First, I'd like to apologize if this is in the wrong section, but I didn't know where it really fit in.

    I just started a new Hardcore world, and got lucky with some close villages and blacksmith chests. With my gear, I decided to get do some deep caving, as I had plenty of bread for food and a good set of iron gear to keep myself protected. Unfortunately, I had a bad run in with a creeper that ended up killing me. I hit delete world and was about to start again, but my game crashed.

    I restarted Minecraft, and my world was still listed, so I went into it.. Alive! I was spawned where I was a few moments before my creeper encounter, but with all my gear and items still in my inventory! Hurrah! A second chance!

    But here's where this bug gets even weirder: I turned the corner to where I knew a creeper would be lurking, prepared to slay it, instead finding a blown-up hole in the ground containing... all my items? A very weird experience for sure. My whole inventory got duped, and was laying on the ground before my eyes. I ended up leaving it behind, figuring even just continuing after I died kind of went against the hardcore spirit.

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    posted a message on ArmorStatusHUD Alternative

    I am looking for an alternative to ArmorStatusHUD mod, where I can see my armor and durability in my HUD.

    The clear advantage here over the vanilla toughness bar is that I can gauge durability for each individual piece of armor in real time.

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    posted a message on [REQUEST] Seeds with Flatlands

    I'm looking for a world with lush flatlands at spawn, as to make use of the spawn chunks, preferably a plains biome, that will need minimal landscaping.

    Not necessary, but one with a forest or dark oak forest near by would be nice.

    If you know of any, or come across any seeds like this it would be a great help.

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    posted a message on [REQUEST] A Datapack for Beacons

    I currently run a small 12 person SMP server for a few friends, where we''re focusing on large scale community projects. One thing that's been a pain in our rear ends has been beacons, and their (relative to our needs) small AoE. Would it be possible to get a datapack that extends the range of beacons, maybe doubling the area of effect?

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