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    Life of a stone block


    This map was created by thesupercraft556 and _Vanargand_.

    Did you ever wanted to have a pet.

    In this map you can have a stone block.

    Play with it.

    Give it food.

    Do tasks for it.

    Find treasures

    And fight.

    In this map you can take care of a stone block. Give it a name and food. Play 5 funny minigames with it.

    But beware the Zombie king is watching you.


    Dont break blocks

    Dont cheat

    Play on 1.11.

    Have render distance to 10

    If you are playing on a server turn pvp off.

    If you are playing in multiplayer the next wave will not start in the zombie game.

    How to make the wave start.

    When the wave has ended click on the blue text in chat saying If the next wave dont start click here.

    Have fun

    for youtube rules click here

    download and site

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    This was a fun map

    i really enjoyed palying it

    but there were a few bugs

    1 when you died in level 2 you respawned in level 1

    2 you cant fill waterbottled in gamemode 2 in the brewing game

    3 you cant jump climb the ladder in the maze in the brewing game (and you cant make jump boost)

    4 the wider boss cant spawn in peaceful and if you set it to easy mobs spawns everywhere

    5 the tp command to tp away from the whider room you forgot to set the coordinates

    useful tips

    use /gamerule doMobSpawning false to make that mobs dont spawn

    use /clear @a to clear the players inventory

    but it was a really great map (:

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