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    posted a message on New Payment Suggestion - Bitcoin
    Ofc I will react this way to comments such as;
    • The dollar has been around forever
    No. The dollar as it is today, was created in 1971 when Richard Nixon removed the ability to directly convert dollars to gold.
    • Bitcoin is a Scam
    A scam is often like a magic trick, the magician hides certain elements of what is happeneing from the public to control their view on what is going on. This makes the desired illusion. Bitcoin is openscource, there is no closed doors or hidden compartments. Everyone in the world can not only look at all the code for Bitcoin but also copy it and use it for something else. (Note this would not make any changes to the original Bitcoin)
    • Bitcoin is a Ponzi Scheme
    In 2011 the value of Bitcoin crashed from $30 to less than $10 this was because the growth in its value was only because of speculation and at the time there were few transactions taking place. Today it is being accepted for many goods and services. There is a direct correlation with Bitcoins adoption from sites such as Wordpress and Reddit to its value that was around $45 - 1BTC. So from this we can see that Bitcoin is not a Ponzi scheme as it doesn't behave like one. As for being a bubble, because Bitcoin has a limited supply of 21 million that could ever be made and its purpose is to unite all countries under one currency, estimated global wealth is 200 trillion... I will leave you to figure the rest.
    • Bitcoin isn't a currency
    Bitcoin can be used in exchange for goods and services across the world. A currency is something often seen in different ways. I think a good way to illustrate that a $ or a £ and so on are not definitions of currency alone would be to remind you that in Africa some people use phone credit as a currency of value because their local currency is too unstable to depend on. Similar to what is happening in the EU.
    • Attempts to justify it is not a scam by its current value
    You cannot justify if something is a scam or the like by its value, only by its nature.
    • People have faith in Fiat Currency because it backed by the Governments
    People across the world are losing faith in their governments and banks. There has been outragouse exploits of power and manipulation to make the rich get rich and the poor stay poor. As more and more money is printed to try and fill the holes that their greed has caused, the value of the currency goes down faster and faster. This means that peoples savings are at great risk, and the recent events in Cyprus are proof of this. You may have faith in your government and banks, and go back far enough and a lot of people did. But more and more people are losing this faith. If you have not, doesn't mean that you won't, like others in time. The herd doesn't all change direction at once, it is a process.
    • Bitcoin is easily Hacked
    The word "Hacking" is a so often missused. Bitcoin is opensource as stated before, all the code is available for all to see. This means that any exploit that is in Bitcoin is on display to the world. But there is no known way to exploit Bitcoin. It uses the very best security system known to man. By logic, it is not possible to compromise Bitcoin. It's only potential weakness is if an entity some how amassed the processing power to control 51% of of the networks mining. In the past this may have been possible, but with ASIC it becomes so unimaginably unlikely due to the processing power now hashing for the network. The only risk now is quantum processors and they are certainly not nearly ready for stable adoption. The only thing that can be "hacked" is your personal Bitcoin wallet and if this happens it is only due to lack of care in security in your use of this wallet. The bitcoin wallet behaves in a very similar way to a real wallet. If you drop it or don't keep it safe, you lose the cash you had in there. This is why all sorts of innovations are being made to make it easier to secure you Bitcoins. Also you can add a password to your wallet and not a 4 digit PIN. You can make a password long and complicated enough that even if someone had the wallet and tried to solve the password it would mathematically take an average of thousands of years to solve it. Giving you plenty of time to move your money to a safer wallet that is not compromised.
    • Currency gets its value because it is backed by Governments
    No. The value of currency is determined by supply and demand. But there are extra elements that make a currency more viable than others. Why is a blank sheet of A4 not used as a currency? It is light and has a purpose but its supply is extremely high. You would have to carry a heavy stack of A4 to buy a copy of Minecraft. Its weight poses a problem for transactions at any distance. This is why money was invented. Around 400 years ago people realised that they could store value in a safe place and use a more portable and convenient method of payment, this was money. The person could then take the money to the bank and retrieve the gold equivalent of the money they had. What then happened was greed. The bankers realised that people were using money and not touching the gold in their vault and so they could make more money than the amount of gold in their safe keeping, as long as people did not all want their gold at once. This has evolved but the principles remain the same today. A bank loans money that it does not have in the hope that everyone does not want to withdraw their money at once. The reason why the banks get away with this is because people are told by the government that their money will be insured if there is a run on the bank so they will not lose their money. But a government such as that of the US is already in debt, it is a promise that cannot be kept. As more people realise this, they realise that they cannot trust the government or banks and now seek new investment.
    • Bitcoin is like game cash, like Robux, not backed by a Government and thought up by one person
    No, Bitcoin is like gold. Dollars are like game cash. Digital or not Bitcoin has a limited supply that cannot be influenced. Game cash and Government currencies are in unlimited supply because they can be printed at any time in any quantity, decided only by a few people for their own interests or not. Not so for Bitcoin. Bitcoins have deflation built into them, only a certain amount can be generated within a certain time. The amount generated is halved every few years. There is an eventual cap of 21 million Bitcoins and after this there will only ever be a smaller and smaller number of Bitcoins as people lose their Bitcoin wallets in the same way people lose their wallets today.
    • One person gives you magical cash that you cant transfer out of bitcoin form
    No, anyone who owns Bitcoins can give you them in exchange for something they are willing to accept. Sometimes this is Dollars or other established fiat currencies. So this means that of course you can convert your Bitcoins into Dollars or what ever else another person is willing to exchange.
    • Your Bitcoin is stored online
    Not exactly, a record of where your bitcoins are is stored in the network. Not in one place but in thousands of places. But access to that account is only available using a key that does not exist anywhere other than on the hardware you made your wallet with. Also, although anyone can see how many bitcoins is in an account by looking into the data in the blockchain. There is no personal data as to who owns what, if you are computer illiterate enough, you are able to do your transactions with bitcoin anonymously.
    • Bitcoin is stored on a server vulnerable to hacking
    Bitcoin is not stored on one server it is stored on many thousands of computers in a P2P network. It is because of this that logically Bitcoin can only be compromised by a 51% attack. All the computers are communicating where the bitcoins are. The one with the most confirmations (the opinion of the majority of the network) is the true blockchain. If someone gained control of 51% of the network i.e more than half the processing power of all the Miners in the world. Then this persons blockchain would become the true blockchain. I cannot stress enough that ASIC makes this extremely difficult, almost impossible to do unless as stated before, quantum processing was used. Something that is certainly not going to be within humanities grasp for a while.
    • Bitcoin is somehow similar to a charity scam
    No. Already covered this.
    • Bitcoin is vulnerable to corruption
    No governing body controls bitcoin, those that work on its code do so for free. Bitcoin functions in the same way as Linux. Smart people get together and code something and when its perfected (everyone agrees its the best option) it is adopted by the community. You cannot corrupt people who work for the good of something and you would have to corrupt everyone who understands the mechanics of bitcoin.
    • Bitcoin is used to buy illegal goods and services
    So are Dollars, Euros and so on.
    • Bitcoin isn't legal
    It isn't illegal either, the us governemnt has just recently made laws for currencies such as bitcoin
    Link here: http://www.fincen.go...-2013-G001.html

    Bitcoin is in a legal grey area but the main point is this, even if it was illegal it wouldn't stop being used just like say drugs.
    • It doesn't matter that some countries are blacklisted by banks so cannot buy minecraft
    I personally believe that everyone should have access to all content regardless of where they live as most of the time a person has little choice over such things.
    • If its so valuable and great, just take a handful of Bitcoins and Echange them for real currency
    People do not want to do this because bitcoin has deflation built into it while fiat currencies are built on inflation. Making the fiat currency worth less and less over time. Also Bitcoins are digital and not physical. Although fiat currency has paper notes and coins, the majority of it exists only electronically. I explained this more in an earlyer bullet point. The bottom line is that as an example the dollar has lost 97% of its worth so people consider bitcoin as a safer way to store their assets as its value is designed to increase.
    • Bitcoin is not regulated
    That is correct in a manner of speaking. It is not regulated by a few people, it is regulated though by its algorithm of rate of creation of bitcoin. It is regulated by code, and the code can only be changed if the community using it agree to change it. This is unlikely to happen as everyone likes what has been made and this is why people are adopting it.
    • Bitcoin is a poor idea
    This is your opinion, but many people are investing into Bitcoin because they believe it is one of the greatest ideas of all time. You think its a bad idea but others have valued it at a 624 million dollar good idea.
    • Bitcoin may have inside threats
    This is not true because the code for bitcoin is visible to all. If such a threat was there in it's code it would have been found by one of the billions of people in the world able to look at it.
    • Bitcoin would fill the world with cheats, thieves and scammers
    These things already exist today. It is simply human nature nothing else. Also a lot of crime is due to poverty and Bitcoin will help lower this considerably because debt cannot exist in the same way it does with a fiat currency.
    • Bitcoin costs more to use as a method of payment than fiat currencies
    It does not, although this may change due to taxes imposed by governments. But Bitcoin is global, so this would only be an issue in some countries and very unlikely to happen in all. This is because with fiat the government and the bank wants a cut, with bitcoin only the government wants a cut. So if it costs more, someone is being very greedy.
    • The only thing that gives a currency its value ~ lies in its usefulness
    No the only thing that gives a currency its value is its supply and demand, a dollar is not useful as an item. The practicality of exchange and so on are elements that affect how likely something is adopted as a currency. Bitcoin weighs nothing, is divisible into any amount, transactions can be made as anonymous as paying in cash. All this while still maintaining the main principle of what a currency needs, a limited supply.

    Think that covers every bit of crazy speak about bitcoin that I have seen in this thread. I hope my explanations are clear enough.
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    posted a message on New Payment Suggestion - Bitcoin
    Lol, my opinion in my original post in this thread sticks hard here.But only with this, I and others that understand Bitcoin will be able to say "I told you so" in five or ten years.

    Edit: This is probably another complete waste of time but here is the official stand of the US government for Bitcoin. They are adding regulations to Bitcoin and not making it illegal.

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    posted a message on New Payment Suggestion - Bitcoin
    Some countries do not have access to Paypal, Visa and Mastercard due to blacklisting. They do on the other hand have access to Bitcoin, it is exactly this reason for why Wordpress accepts Bitcoins as a method of payment. Accepting Bitcoins as a way to buy Minecraft opens up a market to not a few people but a few countries.
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    posted a message on New Payment Suggestion - Bitcoin
    Quote from AnonTheMouse

    Now, this, this is a good argument. It gives a concise reasoning as to why the adoption of Bitcoin as a payment option would not be a sound decision for Mojang, without degenerating into ultimately speculative disputes on the "validity" of the system.

    Agree 100%, but this is changing, Bitcoin Central has made it pretty darn legal in France. Finland is also considering it as a legal currency and adopting it surprisingly quickly. Although it was a legal grey area last year, its shifting more and more into a legal method of exchange. Mojang may have considered Bitcoin as a payment method before when it was a legal grey area world wide, but things have changed and so revisiting this topic is worth reconsidering.
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    posted a message on New Payment Suggestion - Bitcoin
    HAHA!!! Such a funny read this post!

    People please, be scientific, if you want to contribute to a discussion do research if you don't understand the subject. And don't say you can't be bothered to do research and then when people link helpful information shoot that down also.
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    posted a message on [1.2.4] [128x & 64x] Minecraft 4Kids
    Just want to say thank you for updating the texture pack so fast :smile.gif:

    Keep up the great work and a big thank you for making this brilliant texture pack!
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    posted a message on [1.8.7 / 1.7.10 and earlier][update 4/23] MCPatcher HD fix 5.0.3

    Keep up the great work!
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    posted a message on HDCraft - 32x32 - [V5.6] - Compitable with Minecraft 1.5 and 1.6
    the clock and Compass are not working

    Nice work btw :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on The Circle of Magi [Magic] [Kingdom] [Unleashed]
    Hello everyone

    I would first like to say thank you for having me as part of your clan, I look forward to enjoying Minecraft with all of you :smile.gif:

    I have a few questions and opinions to put forward. My judgement on Minecraft may be slightly hampered by the fact I am rather new to the game, but I have gained a great wealth of experience in Online Gaming over the years. So I hope that this background will help ensure that what I say is helpful and constructive.

    First of all the questions:
    1. The server is currently experiencing some rather serious issues with Lag recently and would like to know why and some kind of idea to what is going on, I have looked at the Clans website and a fairly good look at most of the posts in this thread but sadly have missed anything with solid information. I think the question of those not in the loop is A. What is causing the problem and B. An estimate as to when these issues will be resolved.

    2. Once the server is up and running smoothly again are there any particular areas in which I can and Cannot build. Ofc building right up next to a fellow member without permission is potentially out of line, but are there any less obvious things I should be aware of that are not stated in the rules? Information on this will make me less weary when on the server for upsetting anyone.

    And finally the suggestion:
    In my experience in Online Gaming PvP is a game mechanic almost always abused. None the less I have always made the choice of opting into PvP over PvE due to the "Thrill" of knowing you are at risk. In Minecraft this "Thrill" does not come from Killing each other mindlessly and getting nothing "productive" done or even worse disrupt a players free time by dragging someone into a PvP situation who is unwilling to do so. Instead, PvP in Minecraft makes your actions while playing with others more engaging. While working with a friend to build something you both must be careful not to harm one another. This is the sense of "Thrill" in Minecraft PvP because just as in real life, if you walk in front of your friend Bob while he is swinging a Pick Axe its going to have some repercussions.

    I believe that enabling PvP on the server will only improve the experience for the community, this is because as a Clan we should all realise that we are not supposed to be hindering each other by killing one another and instead working together. In my experience so far the best creations in Minecraft are never those done by one player but instead those that are a team effort. And the final result will only feel more rewarding if at the end of construction, those involved know that they had to work together carefully to achieve their goal rather than swinging their pick axes wildly around each other like mindless drones.

    Also enabling PvP on the server opens up the possibility for PvP events to take place with ease, I understand there is a series of games that can be played in this field including as some have mentioned organised battles amongst castles and such.

    In closing I only see benefits to enabling PvP on the server because the down sides to it are random idiots killing you while you are trying to do something. But as we are a closed community Clan this should not be an issue as we won't have these childish idiots roaming the server and any that do I'm sure will quickly be black listed and never seen again. If anything enabling this option will help reveal those that seek to cause trouble in the server, and that seems helpful as I hear reports of thefts taking place. If someone is willing to steal from a fellow Clan member they may also be the type to kill a fellow member who is trying to do something else.

    Anyway I have rambled on enough, I hope these points have been helpful in explaining the reasons why enabling PvP is a good thing. I also hope that someone will be kind enough to shed some light on my questions also if they know the answers to them.

    Cya round

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    posted a message on Network bug.

    I have managed to get MINECRAFT to work in Multiplayer. With some difficulty I found a set of new Drivers that do not have this problem.

    So as usual the first "go to" for a fix of hardware is a Driver update. BUT I have to say my drivers before where not very old so I still believe there should not have been an issue to begin with.

    In my personal opinion BEWARE Realtek products, this is the third time I have had a problem with their Software. Also avoid the Realtek website for driver updates as they try hard to make you pay for them by recommending unneeded programs for you to buy. I recommend PC Pitstop, its where I found the suitable update.

    I am making the upgrade to Win 7 next week and I hope the issue does not return when running the new OS.

    Big thank you to all the helpful feedback :smile.gif: U guys rule
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    posted a message on Network bug.
    I am having a similar issue :sad.gif:

    I can play single player with no issues, but when I play multi player my PC loses connection to my router. This may happen within 30 minutes to 3 seconds but it always happens eventually. To fix the problem I must disconnect or turn off the router from the PC. The router runs fine, I can be in Skype connected to the router via a different device and the internet continues to run fine while the PC does not.

    This is the first time I have had this issue, it seems clear it is a problem caused by MINECRAFT.

    I am currently using Win XP
    Motherboard is P5Q SE2 that appears to use a Realtek 8111C, PCIe Gb LAN controller featuring AI NET 2

    I am currently running tests and trying hard to get it working as I so very much wish to play the game online, but if anyone can help with this network issue please do!

    I wanna play! *throws toys out the pram* :tongue.gif:

    ty for reading
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