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    posted a message on looking for players for a new vanilla smp whitelisted

    so the rules for the smp are pretty simple
    1. no cheating (xray duping aim bot etc)
    2. if you're in a war with someone \ want to start a war then you can kill him and you can grif but don't so much so it wont go out of hand
    3. mostly you should build your house at spawn but if you're in war and don't want the other side to find you then you can make secret bases and stuff

    if you wanna join here's the discord server - https://discord.gg/HPHKtU3mue

    currently there are not much players but please join because i wanna make this an awesome server

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    posted a message on 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓛𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓸𝓯 𝓜𝓾𝓷𝓭𝓲 𝓢2 - HermitCraft like SMP

    your discord username - thesnipe12#6169

    Do you have a Youtube channel that you make content on - no

    What do you look forward to on the server - most of my builds will be with lots of Redstone contraptions

    Do you plan ambitious projects - build a huge underground base with a hidden entrence and it'll be full to the brim with redstone

    What is your favorite aspect of Minecraft - redstone after that grinding after that pvp

    Timezone (optional dont put if you dont want to) - gmt + 3

    Age (optional but the general age is around 15-20) - 14

    Why you would like to join - i want to meet friends and play on a server

    Btw is this server fully on like spigot or paper and stuff like that cuz I want it to be vanilla (data packs and mods are ok)

    Just no plugins

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    posted a message on Brand new Origins SMP! Whitelisted, 24 origins, good early/mid game seed, craftable Orb of Origin!

    Hey I'd love to join if its now to late now my discord is


    Btw will the end be allowed?

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    posted a message on Looking for players - Shadow SMP - V1.16, Whitelisted, Survival, Roleplay
    1. What is your Discord? (eg. name#1234) - thesnipe12#6169
    2. Where are you from? -israel
    3. How old are you? - 13
    4. Are you able to vc? - yes
    5. Why do you want to join? - i've been playing mc for around 3 years and i really want to be in a good smp
    6. Something cool about you? - i'm a very good grinder and pretty good at redstone
    7. Do you have a twitch/youtube? - no
    8. How friendly of a person are you? - i'm always open to make new friend
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    posted a message on Looking for members for OriginSMP

    Can I join my dis is


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    posted a message on I'm looking for a good minecraft VANILLA smp

    So I'm playing minecraft for around 3 years and I always wanted to be in a vanilla smp that I could play with people, in it my requirements are this:

    1. It needs too be an active server and not a server that is not active because they always die quick.

    2. It need to be vanilla, not even world edit installed.

    3. There should be rules like: no hacking no combat logging ect, but not rules like if you kill ban or stuff like that everything that is not like hacking should be allowed.

    4. It should be with a discord server that has a not toxic community.


    About me:

    As I said I'm playing for 3 years, I'm very active and I'm ok at pvp, I'm not a good builder, and I like meeting new people, and even making friends with them.

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