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    my xbox gamertag is (TheRoseKing8140)

    im 15

    ive played minecraft since late 2012/ early 2013

    i can play by myself, but like after a week i get so bored without anyone so i want to join because i just like to play with others.

    i can play most any day

    well im a good builder i think, im better at making things look pretty than automated, think Grian not Mumbo. Im good at terraforming, and ive played on a hermitcraft themed server before for about 2 years but the owner couldnt pay for it anymore.

    i dont know if it matters but i also have a discord by the name of (Tyler, The Rose King#2482)

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    Tyler, The Rose King #2482

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    Hi!! My name is Tyler and im from America and would love to join! I took a long break from Minecraft and gaming in general because of personal problems, and wanted to get back into it but didnt have any interest in starting a new world alone. I saw this one and thought it looked best out of the ones i read through. There is one thing im worried will keep you from letting me join and its that im under 18, but please dont hold that against me, i may have no concept of taxes and stuff but i know more than it seems like at first. Please at least consider me, btw if the server has a Discord server pls link it because id love to join, thats if you have one.
    gt: GunSlingerPro27

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