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    posted a message on Phandamonia season 4, 1.19. recruitment now open

    We will start seed discussions soon, join now to take part :-)

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    posted a message on Phandamonia season 4, 1.19. recruitment now open

    most of us are currently spending our time on the 1.19. "a very scary snapshot" server to get a first look on the new features.
    we are looking foward for few more players to start now or with the first stable 1.19. for servers

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    posted a message on 💎 The Phandamonia Community is now open to new members 💎

    This is an amazing server.

    I joined this community 2 years ago, and was welcomed by such friendly and great people.

    If you are looking for a really friendly community and a place to spend your time in a supporting enviroment, you have come to the right place.


    The Hardware is absurdly beefy. We tried a lot to get Pen to sweat, but nothing worked so far ;-)

    Cheers - Thergun

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    posted a message on [Recruiting] Phandamonia Season 2

    Building a Minecraft community

    Hi, thank you for your interest in our server.

    We are a group of minecraft players who just enjoy having a good time together.

    We offer a lag free, high power server with a dedicated team of admins.

    We are builders, redstoners, new players and veterans. Our age ranges from 16 to over 40. We are parents, students, IT Admins, grocers, teachers and much more. We are from all around the globe: About 50% of us are located in Europe, the next biggest group is North America and Mexico, but also from India

    Here is a video of some of the builds that were created in season 1.


    We are a Vanilla (Spigot) Server with some vanilla Tweaks (like multiplayer sleep and advanced armor stands)

    CPU: 12 Cores- 3900 MHZ

    RAM: 32 GB 3200-DDR4

    HDD: 256 GB NVMe SSD 3200/3000 Read/Write


    ISP: 1000 / 1000 Gbit/s connection

    Have we sparked your interest? Great!

    We are recruiting for Season 2 (starting with the first stable version of 1.17. for servers)

    You can of course get to know us right now on our snapshot server or on the season 1 Server.

    What are we looking for:

    You are interested in playing minecraft for more than just a month.

    You understand that other players are human beings just like you and deserve to be handled with respect.

    Your average playtime for most of the season should be above 5 hours a week (more is of course very welcome, most of us clock in at more then 10 and a few above 20)

    You want to play on a Hermitcraft style server with a trading district and a player driven economy.
    You do enjoy interactions with other players and a good laugh about a fun prank.

    You want to bring your creativity to us.
    You are 18 years old

    What we need from you:

    Accept the rules:

    No grieving

    No stealing

    No PvP unless agreed upon

    No hate speech

    Include all of the following in your application post please:

    - Your age

    - What are your Time-Zone (alternatively your country)

    - Are you mainly a "Red-Stoner" or a "Builder"

    - What are you hoping for in joining the server (eg. a community, sparring, showing off, getting inspiration...)

    - Please provide a screenshot of a build (or Redstone setup) you are proud of

    - Roughly estimated, how much time do you spend playing Minecraft per week?

    - For how long have you played Minecraft?

    - What makes you particularly happy, when playing Minecraft?

    - Your IGN for the potential Whitelist / Invitation to the server

    Please join our Discord server to post your application there. (https://discord.gg/xfTPgPtFpE)

    Thank you for applying!

    If you have any questions feel free to ask them here or on the discord server.

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