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    So, you've come here curious to what it is. The big reason as to why I can't do it is simple: I'm a school student without the necessary amount of time to go out of my way and learn coding for Java, and then understand modding for Minecraft for Fabric or Forge, on versions preferably 1.16.2 or above. And being a student, who doesn't have a job, I also don't have money to pay for anybody who wants to take up the challenge

    Now the premise of the mod is as follows. Your player picks an element, said element dictates what RPG archetype you play as. 2 1/2 melee classes, 2 1/2 ranged classes, and 3 magic based classes, which would include a mana system of some sort. With special weapon types with special properties related to said tool types. Bosses, 3 boss fights, specific to each path, 1 for each class, and a singular, all encompassing final boss. Pets, with 3 different evolutionary stages for each path. Special enchantments, with a list that'd go on. And I believe at the surface level, that'd be it. On the things that are needed, as a surface level explanation.

    To go a bit more in depth

    - The Path of Flame most resembles a barbarian, with armor sets that, upon pressing a certain hotkey, the wearer is granted a strength, or similar new potion effect buff.

    - The Path of Earth would be the tank, the toughest armor, the strongest shields. The heaviest weapons as well, powerful but incredibly slow swings

    - The Path of Water would be the hybrid mentioned previously, spears and tridents, stronger in the water or under the rain than they are dry

    - The Path of Ice would be the sniper of the group, crossbows being their main weapon with a side arm being a katana (as per artists request)

    - The Path of Lightning focuses on one of two things. Quick shots with a bow, calling lightning down to smite the poor things that happen to stand in it's way, and a cannon, slow, heavy, but shots that ring like thunder. Along with a katana, as per the request of a friend

    - The Path of Shadows is the damage based mage, the easiest to kill along with the next path, but also having high damaging, long ranged spells, but very low armor in return.

    - The Path of Light is the healer of the group. Always a weird situation with this class, as if you're not careful you could end up healing your enemies along with you allies

    - The Path of Nature is definitely the most odd of the group. A druid which can set traps, and summon creatures.

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