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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]

    As I patiently wait for Thaumcraft to rise from the ashes, I cannot thank you enough for developing one of my favorite mods in Minecrafts Azanor. Best wishes for your future.

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    posted a message on [1.13.1][Suspicious Exploration] Come on! Let me get off work - Break (Download Available)

    This is what Datapacks can do with Minecraft? Jesus. Doesn't even look like Minecraft anymore...
    Have to try this one out at some point.

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    posted a message on The society does not want you to know about this...

    There was this monumentous build up with this thread, like I was finally about to learn the secrets of the universe. I could feel my third eye prying itself open, ready to gaze into this "information". What you had laid upon me was beyond normal information. It was beyond everything.

    and the link 404'd
    Truly, we are living in a society...

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    posted a message on Unspeakable's Fall
    Quote from Shalacknar»

    This is my custom Parkour Map i doubt even unspeakable could beat it. I wish you luck

    Uses version 1.12.2


    Well unspeakable must be really bad at parkour, because I bet this map in under 10 minutes.

    Also you start in creative outside the spawn with a bunch of items. Please test your map before releasing them, thank you.

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    posted a message on Better than Jappa's ResourcePack WIP

    I can understand where you're coming from, but man that grass is an eyesore. Same with stone.

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    This is flat-out not even funny.

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    posted a message on FORGS resource pack: add frogs to minecraft!

    Well needed content honestly.

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    posted a message on Spectrite 1.6.5 (Last Updated on 12/23/2017)

    Looks intresting.

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    posted a message on ps4 and ps5 and xbox one and two future

    I'm sorry, what?

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    posted a message on Emerald Pack+
    Quote from SellswordMike»

    I really dont want to demotivate you or talk down on this mod. It is your 2nd mod and its pretty much the same as your first, just with emerald instead of obsidian. I gotta give you some advice tho. When people go onto the Minecraftforums to find mods to play, they look for mods with unique features that dont make the games easier, but actually tend to make it more difficult and add more to the gameplay. Making mods that simply add new sets of tools and armor that, on top, are overpowered ... well that is simply not the kind of mod people want to play.

    From my experience, people usually much rather play survival themed mods, biome themed mods, dimension themed mods, that kind of stuff. Survival themed could mean you go through more crafting surfaces to obtain the items you need and also can craft alot of new things on the crafting surfaces you add, like, a kiln, a campfire, a woodwork bench, a stonecutter ... that kind of stuff.

    A biome themed mod could be approached by first adding a whole bunch of nature blocks like plants, leaves, wood etc. and then putting together new biomes with that. Including biome specific mobs that blend in with Minecraft, which means, nothing that has too complicated item models or ridiculous abilities.

    A dimension themed mod is something more advanced that I wouldnt recommend doing just now.

    Also, dont use MCreator. It has a really bad reputation on these forums, and people are not ever going to play your mods if you create them with MCreator.

    Try to go for unique stuff, stuff that hasnt been done before a thousand times. You could also see if you can find some movies to inspire you, or TV Series. Not suggesting to make a Movie themed mod, but for example the Avatar movie has some very interesting stuff like glowing plants and flying islands connected by giant roots, as well as those wyverns or whatever they are.

    Just a little feedback and inspiration from me.

    Have a nice day,

    _Mike out

    This guy hit it on the nail. Mods that are basically the first thing you do with MCreator aren't gonna be liked. Unless you can do something different and intresting, don't.
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