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    I believe that while the default paintings are great for certain builds the only way for player to make their own "paintings" currently is by using freshly loaded chunks with maps and place blocks in the area(Which could ruin some of the terrain in survival worlds unless if it's far away.These custom "paintings" can be destroyed on big severs which can be a problem for some.I believe there needs to be a new item either called the "empty painting" or the "canvas" which can be placed on a wall depending on the block size the player chooses.The crafting recipe would have 8 sticks and 1 paper in the center.With the "canvas" you can use dyes you have laying around untouched and put it on another new item called the "paintbrush" (2 sticks and 1 string).With these 2 items the players can paint without taking actual space in their minecraft worlds.These items are beneficial because they help unused dyes to be used more,stop griefers from destroying unprotected terrain, and stops too much waste of resources and without being used too early in the game for newcomers.

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    posted a message on A new System to transer Wiiu worlds to bedrock edition

    Unlike other legacy editions minecraft wii u is impossible to transfer since it can only be transferred with minecraft switch edition and that has been long gone.Now no one can transfer their worlds and will have to leave every thing they made just to play bedrock.

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    Basically mod that can make maps track the floor you're on other stuff like room exits,stairs,and ladders all inside a building

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