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    Gnosticraft: World of Zhelan

    [This map has Achievements Enabled, meaning it has never been touched by Host Privileges or Creative Mode]

    1. No Griefing: (This includes wrecking villages, killing villagers and iron golems.)

    2. No Stealing.

    3. No PVP (for the most part), you may kill someone if they enter your base or house without permission. If you see someone griefing and you let me know the time, date, & what they were griefing you may kill them.

    4. Don't keep more than 2 cows for an extended period of time.

    5. Re-plant crops and please re-plant trees if you're not in a dire situation.

    I Strongly Advise

    1. That you move away from spawn ASAP: this is (really) a 24/7 map, it may go offline for an hour at the most, meaning when I'm asleep or otherwise AFK I can't tell whats going on and won't be there to help if someone starts griefing your house or base.

    2. Hide your valuables: for the same reasons above.

    Ascension Levels, an Additional (but completely optional) Mechanic

    This is a simple reward-based mechanic for achieving things on the seed. Basically, think of this is as the seed that starts it all, it's not touched by creative but the future seeds will be in order to allow for player rewards. We will go to a new seed when the Ender Dragon is beaten and most of Y:11 is pretty much mined out. All Ascension Titles will be shown on the Gnosticraft subreddit. If you don't like this feature don't worry about it, whoever chooses to use it can use it, if no one uses it: no big deal.

    High Archon: The first person to get the Ender Dragon's Egg and show it to me gets the title of 'Archon.' In the next seed they get to start with 3 enchanted books of their choice that they had near the end of this seed's life. They will also get a large walled-off chunk of land with bedrock beneath a layer of dirt (so no one can mine in from the bottom) They may use this land to build on and start a kingdom in the next seed.

    Lesser Archons: The High Archon may choose two players to be Lesser Archons, they will essentially be her guards to watch the kingdom. They get 4 Lingering Potions of Invisibility and 4 Lingering Potions of Swiftness, they can get re-fills of these once per real time week.

    Hero: The first person who gets 3 Totems of Undying and shows them to me gets to have the title of "Hero." They can start the next seed with a Totem of Undying

    Holy Diver: The first person who gets a Wet Sponge and shows it to me gets to start the next seed with Depth Strider boots and a chest plate with Aqua Affinity II.

    Aeons: The host of this seed will not have moderators, whoever she grows to trust during this seed will be chosen to be an Aeon in the next seed. Aeons watch the players to prevent griefing, theft, and unlawful PVP. They will get 4 Lingering Potions of Swiftness and Invisibility and may get re-fills of these once per real time week.


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