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    Minecraft Username: thepizzaplac
    Do you understand this is a roleplaying server and you are expected to participate?: Absolutely
    Character Name: Alaanac (Alan-ack)
    Character Race: Human

    ((Was whitelisted thru' the forums. Can't remove this, so just think of it as a bump)

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    Update #3

    Sadly we've had to delay launch by a month, but we plan on releasing early September, expect a update video soon! Please if interested come join our website or discord and we'll be happy to help you apply! Even those new to the fallout franchise !

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    We sound like the kind of thing you are looking for! We're not medieval/fantasy but a different genre, one you may or may not like. Check out our mc forums post here! https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/servers-java-edition/pc-servers/2902506-fallout-new-orleans-post-apocalyptic-rp-whitelist

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    Side update, We've added the application to this post so you are now able to apply here as well.

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    Update #2

    We are gearing up to try to launch sometime in June, remember if you are interested show it by applying on our forums! Invite your friends and gain a small caps bonus to start off.
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    Update #1

    Two points for this post, one to reserve a spot on the front page for future important news and info, Secondly to tell everyone we are inching everyday closer to release, and that we've released out combat systems rules and guide. Join our discord and let us know what you think! Thanks!

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    • The Staff has the final say.
    • Use Common Sense.
    • No griefing.
    • No using racial slurs or derogatory terms outside of RP context.
    • No spamming the chat with unnecessary things.
    • No advertising of other servers while on our server or in our discord.
    • Killing yourself for the purpose of resetting your hunger is not permitted.
    • Using any type of unapproved client-side mod is not allowed.
    • Using any type of x-ray or x-ray texture hacks is not allowed.
    • If you find any kind of bug or exploit report it to staff immediately.
    • You are responsible for your account and anyone that logs into it.
    • You may not ask staff for items or ranks, apply via the forums or put in a ticket.
    • Use an appropriate skin.
    • No farming or killing animals if that is not your actual job or your farm/animals.
    • Be respectful to everyone, not just staff.
    • Rules are subject to change, so check them often.

    • You are not allowed to have a character under the age of 16.
    • One character per account.
    • You may not have ERP in any public chat where it may be seen by unsuspecting parties.
    • You must know the definition of Metagaming and Powergaming, and must not perform either action at any time.
    • Meta-gaming: Using out-of-character information in-character. (I.e. Learning that Billy’s character Reed wants to kill your character Koi through your friend out-of-character. So, using that info, you avoid Reed at all costs.)
    • Power-gaming: Power-gaming can mean many things. But the two most common meanings are, forcing actions onto other players, or making your character do stuff that they normally wouldn’t be able to do just to give yourself plot armor. (I.E. an overweight character outrunning a fit guard).
    • One must confirm stealing/criminal RP with a staff member (moderator or higher) before continuing.
    • Do not use short versions of statements of text speak in-character. (I.E. Lol, ;P, XD, etc)
    • Pick a name that makes sense for the setting, don’t just make it a meme.
    • Do not, without staff say-so, try to make a character with preset or starting abilities better than the average player. This gives you an unfair advantage and is reserved for only very trusted character or NPCs.
    • You cannot be somewhere in-game and then once caught say that you were there out-of-character.
    • When roleplaying make sure you check what you’re doing as you type. Paragraphs of broken English are not permitted, you need to make sense.
    • You are not a special snowflake, remember that. While you may be unique, you are not the protagonist in this story, nobody is.

    • Contact a staff member before any crime is committed.
    • If you play a villainous character realize that there are consequences for your actions. (I.E. RP death or jail.)
    • No rape or forced ERP unless both parties consent.
    • Slavery is technically allowed. All rules still apply to slaves and slavers, but is frowned upon in some communities.
    • If your character is a murderer, do not make them a rampaging psychopath, they will need reasons for killing specific players and their permission(Consent). If this is not obeyed staff will intervene.
    • Breaking and entering and theft will be moderated with admin. Unlocked chests may have a quarter of their contents taken. (To be safe take screenshots before and after)

    • Any changes you make to a pre-existing home or building must be approved before you start building.
    • Keep all of these changes RP-appropriate. (Not only in style, also in terms of what your character can do.)
    • Like with many other things, use common sense when it comes to building, if you need help you can ask for a paid build, and as long as there is space to do it and willing staff they will do it.
    • Decorations are usually fine and require no admin intervention, especially in your own home.


    ((Text in bold is canon information from the official Fallout franchise.))

    October 23rd: The Great War begins. The Rich families of the Rafters (The Cookes, Butlers, and the Rileys). descend into their community bunker.

    June 8th: After record rainfall, the levees in new orleans break and much of the city is flooded.

    Feb 3rd: The 3 separate rafts of the rich families collide to create Brigwater

    The Frat house and Church Youth group raft collide to join Brigwater

    The flood waters begin to recede unexpectedly. The ghoul Klause Rainer approaches with his group of mutants. He dies, but the mutants join Brigwater.

    The Rafters begin the construction of supports beneath Brigwater.

    December 5th: Fallout 1 begins.

    May 10th: Fallout 1 ends.

    Brigwater’s drug problem spreads throughout the entire town. Angering the young, racist Bradley Cooper.

    Archie’s Grandfather Samuel is ghoulified.

    Bradley Cooper starts a petition to get Brigwater to change its ways. It fails after only getting Bradley’s signature. He storms out of town to take off on his own.

    Bradley Cooper, an ex-Rafter, takes a small group of followers to take over the Cathedral. He uses its size and central location to attract more followers.
    Bradley begins to hoard supplies, and starts to use his leadership to instill his own hatred of non-humans into those who join him.

    Bradley’s group become known as The Saints, and most members become subjects for Bradley and his most loyal followers to control. Bradley titles himself as Father Bradley, and becomes particularly interested in wiping out the non-human population of the city.

    July 27th: Fallout 2 begins. The Chosen One leaves the village of Arroyo in search of the Garden of Eden Creation Kit (G.E.C.K).

    Fall: Fallout 2 ends. The Chosen One kills the President of the United States, and ends The Enclave’s plan for World Domination.

    The Frat kids start taking jet and spreading it.

    Father Bradley sends a large group of Saints to wipe out a Super-Mutant camp outside the city. The group is woefully unprepared, and are quickly massacred by the Super Mutants. The Saints lose a large part of their armed forces in this fight, as well as a big portion of their equipment.

    Father Bradley is usurped from his position after a mutiny led by Robert Wolfe, an engineer who was enlisted into The Saints to keep the Cathedral’s power running. Bradley is exiled from The Saints, and disappears into the wasteland.
    Robert is declared as the new Father, and begins to reform The Saints’ organisation. Bradley’s closest followers are allowed to remain in the group, however, and continue spreading Bradley’s anti-human sentiments amongst the people.
    The Frat Kids begin the production of jet.

    Under Father Robert’s orders, the supplies that Bradley had kept hoarded for so long are used to help nearby settlements. With a lack of armed forces, Robert instead chooses to focus on the medical aid that The Saints can provide.

    Three Brotherhood groups are sent to create the Montana, Colorado, & Louisiana BoS Chapters.
    The Saints gradually begin to become accepted by the nearby settlements as a force for good. Its membership continues to rapidly grow from this point onwards.

    The group sent to establish the Louisiana BoS arrives in New Orleans.

    After establishing a legitimate hold within a radio station, Outpost Alpha, the Louisiana BoS grows to around 35 members, due to reinforcements from other chapters.

    The bad batch of jet kills Archie’s father and Travious Butler. The families become angry at the Frat Kids.

    A BoS patrol stumble upon the FBI building, figuring its pre-war use could allude to the vault’s true location. After locating the collapsed cave that hid the Vault’s entrance, the BoS began an excavation to discover the rest of this now-buried vault.

    Upon discovery a vault wall, the BoS breaches into the vault, killing anyone who fights back, and relocating those who didn’t, to take complete control of the location, naming it Outpost Bravo.
    The BoS splits their forces in half, housing half within the vault, and half within the radio station, realizing that control of the communications array continues to be important.

    Outpost Alpha is attacked by super mutants, and lacking the defense required to hold the location, are either killed or taken prisoner by the mutants, and turned into mutants themselves. This marks the fall of Outpost Alpha, the death of the original Louisiana elder, and the loss of half of the Louisiana BoS.

    Another scheduled Texas BoS Vertibird arrives at the now fallen Outpost Alpha, with intent to deliver another squadron of Brotherhood members to the Louisiana Chapter. This group is ambushed in the now Mutant controlled communication array, the vertibird being easily taken down, and crashing into the radio tower on its descent, destroying the brotherhood’s access to external communication.
    Three members survive the crash, one a seasoned Knight of the Texas chapter, and the other two apprentice scribes. The knight does his best to protect the two scribes, and eventually meets up with a louisiana BoS rescue team, and are all integrated into the Louisiana chapter. The Texas BoS refuses to send any more reinforcements to the now radio-silent Louisiana chapter after losing contact with their vertibird.
    The ones responsible for production of the bad jet are publicly executed in Brigwater’s square.

    Father Robert, having recently reached 62 years old, begins to mentor a young man named Emmett Taylor, the son of two of Bradley’s original followers, with the intention for Emmett to lead The Saints after Robert’s death.

    August 17th: Fallout 3 begins. The Lone Wanderer leaves Vault 101 to find their father.
    Father Robert dies, and Emmett is declared the new Father of The Saints. As a mixture of both Robert’s teachings and his own childhood under Bradley’s followers, Emmett begins to re-establish the faction’s militaristic capabilities, whilst still continuing the medical aid that The Saints provide.
    Fallout 3 ends. The Lone Wanderer activates Project Purity. The Enclave loses the war, losing all prominence in the Capital Wasteland.

    After years of building tension, half the Louisiana chapter departs to the east, interested more in joining the chapter sent to DC, than upholding the original mission that they’ve now deemed a lost cause.

    The departure of the defector brotherhood members leaves a large gap in the hierarchy of the Louisiana Brotherhood. This leads to Head Paladin Avon doing what he can to keep control of the remaining members of the chapter. Eventually he takes up the mantle of elder, and assigns Senior Scribe Harper as his Head Scribe, and Senior Paladin Troy as Head Paladin. The Head Knight, Romero, remained with the group in outpost Bravo.
    The remaining eight members of the Louisiana chapter scramble to retain their hold, and keep an eye on the outsiders around them, interested in bringing in any they see as worth their time.

    Archie Cooke suggests a council overseeing the testing of the jet, headed by the Frat Kids. The town approves and in appreciation names him the ‘mayor’ of Brigwater. A position not held in quite some time.

    July 1st: Vault 71 is opened, flooding the entirety of the vault.
    October 11th: Fallout: New Vegas begins. The Courier is shot in the head by Benny, and eight days later begins their quest for revenge.
    Fallout: New Vegas ends.

    Arthur Maxson unites the Brotherhood Outcasts and Lyon’s pride into one conjoined Brotherhood.

    The current year.

    Super Mutant



    Or use this format and apply on minecraft forums !
    Minecraft Username:


    How did you find us? If referred by another player, list their name here:

    Define Powergaming:

    Define Metagaming:

    Ic Info






    Physical Description:

    Blood Type:

    [40 Points to spend] (If playing something other than human, check here)

    (These two can't be the same. Pick them from here )
    Selected Skill #1:
    Selected Skill #2:

    Bio (Write a decent paragraph):

    Opening Soon!
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    Name: Nicholas
    IGN: Thepizzaplac
    Age: 17
    Servers you've played: Many different rp servers and modded servers of all kinds.
    Something about yourself: I enjoy roleplaying as a character and building, this server seems to kind of have it all.
    Why you're interested: Just to check it out and maybe find a role for myself, whether it be a saloon manager, a sheriff, a prospector or even a rancher. I'm not sure.
    Discord/Email: thepizzaplac#6802
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    News reply updated with discord. Big announcement tomorrow!
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    Website will be released fairly soon, including combat rules and other information that may be vital to your experience on the server. Look forward to that when that day comes!
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    Reserved for Events and other Announcements.


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    Great server, I've had quite a bit of fun and only been on it for a short time! Definitely recommend if you're looking for fallout roleplay.

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    posted a message on || The Collapse || An immersive RP/Horror/Survival server [Now recruiting players!]

    IGN (In-game name):[/b]Thepizzaplac
    Why would you like to have a pre-defined role?: [/b]I'm not quite good at making hard decisions on my own, so getting a pre-determined role seems to be a very nice option that I'd like to try out. Plus, this is to benefit the rest of the server's experience when it starts up, which I am all for.

    Are you experienced with roleplay?: [/b]Yes sir, or ma'dam, I've been on many server over the years, at least 8 roleplay ones with various settings. These include Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi, and Medieval. One particular genre I've not gotten to experience was horror, despite seeing no-signal as an option I never got around to joining.

    In roleplay, what does Metagaming mean?: [/b]Taking information obtained out of character and using it in character.


    Bob tells Jim in a skype call Ron is planning to kill his character.

    Jim's Character hides away in his bunker.
    In roleplay, what does Powergaming mean?: [/b]

    Powergaming has two definitions, one being forcing an action on another person.


    Jim slices Ron's head off. This happens before Ron has a chance to respond.

    The second definition is performing actions beyond the possibility of your character.


    Bob lifts the 1,200 car and flips it right-side up.

    Please provide a RP example/response to the following scenario, using this format:[/b]

    You are walking through the streets of "Varisvara", a small old town located in an island. As you walk you notice a shining object in an alley. You attempt to grab it but as soon as you crouch and try to catch this object someone appears behind you. Then this person says something to you...

    "Hey, what do you think you are doing?!"[/b]

    Me: "Woah-Nothing," *He says while stumbling back, hugging the wall at the end of the alley.*

    ???: "Sure don't look like it!" *He says, as he flicker of silver is seen in his hand*

    Me: "Wait-Do-Don't shoot!-If it's a gun, I-I-, I just saw something-And-and, I went to get it" *He stammers out, holding his hands up to cover his face, cowering still against the wall*

    ???: *A slight sound is heard as the man's face is lit up slightly, a little flame flickers slightly from the object before a cigarette is fully lit.*

    Me: *Squints one eye opening staring slightly, realizing the so-called gun is a flip lighter.*

    ???: *Steps forward slightly, he appears to be a disgruntled cook, he adorns an apron covered in grease, spitting slightly on the ground before continuing to smoke* "You sure are one jumpy-bugger."

    Me: "S-Sorry-I..I-I think I'm seeing things."

    Cook: "Can 'cha get on out of here-Your bloody ruining my smoke break."

    Me: *Nods hurriedly, stumbling upwards to get himself out of the alleyway, barely avoiding the man's shoulder by a hair.*

    Cook: *Grumbles slightly, after making sure he is gone, he slowly grabs the object, pulling it out as it is revealed to be a blood-stained knife. He quickly stows the knife away in a dumpster nearby, grumbling nonchalantly as he continues his break as if nothing had happened.*

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    I thought it a good idea to list the accepted applicants here as we've got no way of showing the ones accepted via our website. So here they are:

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