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    Ok ran updates, upgraded hardware and back online again. Come and check it out! No whitelist!

    And yes, penguins...
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    The penguin server is back online and ready for new users. The server is now open. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    The server is:

    Just type that in to where it asks for the server IP or address and connect!
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    posted a message on Setting up a server using multiple computers?
    Quote from kairondio

    Sorry, for all I knew it could have been an individual website, youtube channel, itunes podcast... who knows.... Thanks for posting it!

    Also, why is it such an obscure thing to be trying to do this? do most dedicated servers run on just one machine? How do server farms who rent space for minecraft do it? I am just wondering because there is very little about minecraft specific cluster servers...

    Actually most MineCraft servers are run on a 14 year olds laptop lol. But on a more serious note, I'm working on something like this. The plan is to use windows HPC on a cluster. I might put MineCraft on the cluster to test the functionality of the HPC cluster.

    I’m planning on trying to setup a classic server using software that supports multithreading such as FCraft, then modify it to support HPC.

    AS for SMP, there may be some complications. Im going to try to run the vanilla server and see what happens although I’m sure it won’t be compatible. One option is to modify the vanilla server to use the com.microsoft.hpc namespaces, but the way updates are released, it would be a support nightmare.

    One option is to bug notch for multithreading support, because it would make it easier to run in a cluster and benefit most users.
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    posted a message on Multi-thread programming,
    Quote from jkeller4000

    I do not like new blocks being added, not everyone has supercomputers to run this game, i would think most people have multiple core processors, we should have notch make mine craft multi threaded, it would allow minecraft to use more of our computers, and then new feathers can be added easily without too much performance issues! though i guesss maybe there are just kids who play minecraft and they do not realize how big of an issue this is, processor speed is not increasing fast enough soon you will need a liquid cooled overclocked Cpu to be able to play minecraft if new things keep getting added without multithreading, but with multithreading we do not have to overclock, we can play useing all of our processor power instead of maxing one core! the i-7 one of the higher end processors can have 8 cores, so minecraft will need 8 distinct threads becasue the top processor today is the average processor of tomorrow, if we are not prepaired we will be in trouble!

    I agree with this. There are several reasons multithreading is beneficial to everyone. For one, if you are hosting a server, you may have difficulty with many connections and block updates. Another reason is that it makes MineCraft a very flat and limited program in general. Servers and computers are less likely to increase in speed, and more likely to increase in cores. As features are added, and computer cores are added, MineCraft will forever be limited in processor resources.

    As for hosting, I would like to try to run MineCraft in an HPC cluster for fun. For others it may be a good hosting solution. Because MineCraft is a single core program, it is necessary to run a classic server written by someone else. This is also true for SMP. As features and cores are added, it becomes more apparent that the vanilla MineCraft server from Notch becomes less usable for large setups. Why shouldn’t I be able to setup MineCraft on a 4 node cluster sporting 32 cores and 64GB of RAM?
    The game runs fine for basic usage, as already stated in this thread. But to keep server hosters interested (who keep most players interested and are mainly responsible for moving members from classic to paid SMP), a multi-threaded solution is necessary.
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    Quote from mott555

    I could be wrong, but I think applications have to be specifically written to take advantage of HPC clusters. I guarantee Minecraft wasn't written with that in mind.

    As stated above, the Minecraft server is largely single-threaded. Each connected client gets a thread to handle input and output with that client but most of the actual game logic happens on the main thread, so more cores don't help very much.

    As far as classic goes, it should be simple to modify existing server software to support multi threads per session. I don’t mean run the original server software. I agree that that will not likely work, as it does not work well on even a standard system. I believe FCraft may be a good candidate as it is both open source and written in C#. I would be really cool if there was software that could do virtual instances of servers in one application. I may also attempt to run the standard server from Notch and see what happens. It would take some modding, but should run. I have the software and examples now and should be getting the hardware soon.

    "Minecraft only utilizes one core per instance...”

    Well I’m not sure what MineCraft you’re talking about, there are several. Most of the software written by users (not Notch) has support for multithreading per session. This means each user is in a different thread. These threads would be divided among the cluster with central storage (map). Right now im trying to decide whether I should go with a java based server, or C# based server.

    It’s not like I expect to drop in the JAR and have it work... I do have experience programming server software and cloud services, so it should be manageable.

    Rch - Would you be interested to hear how it works out? I see you are into minecraft hosting. Do you host the origional java based server or another version?
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    posted a message on HPC Cluster
    I will be setting up a HPC cluster for testing and thinking of an application to test on it. I recently learned that it can easily run a java application such as MineCraft server. Here is a breakdown of what HPC is:

    Windows High Performance Computing:
    A cluster is setup with several worker servers coordinated by a job queue server and broker server for load balancing. The application processes and calculations are divided up into the pool of worker servers to provide the same results as one large server.

    I was wondering if anyone has tried this with the MC server and if it was successful. I think it would be cool to have 32 logical cores running on a single application with several gb uplink. The memory pool might be somewhere around 16-32GB (somewhat limited due to hardware). I wonder how many users and what map size this could support in classic?

    When the infrastructure is setup and the HPC cluster is functional I will report back if anyone is interested in hearing about how the setup worked out.
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    posted a message on 14,000 blocks of tnt wont stop blowing up in my server
    Ive been in this situation before and it was simple to resolve. If your hosting any kind of public server (or any server at all really) you will want to take backups often (I do about every 4 hours). All you need to do is restore to your last backup before the TNT was placed and your good to go. Another option is to download a map edtor and remove the blocks of TNT and that should fix it too. Good luck!
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    posted a message on Running server from Linux terminal

    Its free like a puppy
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    posted a message on Need a co server administrator.
    What does the co-admin get out of this?
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    posted a message on How are so many of these companies offering good prices?
    What you would need to do is use a virtual dedicated server. At Hostway, they offer virtual dedicated servers that do what you are doing for much much less.

    A virtual dedicated server is a Virtual machine that runs on a cluster. This cluster is specialized for virtualization and performance. Not only can you pay much less, but you also gain an advantage of high availability. Your desktop environment can move between two physical machines without you even knowing, this is great in the event that a CPU goes out or something breaks. Your MineCraft server will continue to run!

    If you are interested in some of the great promotion deals going on right now, it might be a good idea to check out the Hostway site. Servers start at 30 bucks a month. So the question is, how do I know so much about it? Well my server is hosted there.

    Also currently they arte running an offer to get two months free + free setup on all VPS plans. This is a great time to try out their product! Now imagine, for r 30 a month you setup a VM and host two Minecraft servers, which should be easy. You can sassily make that back and then some.

    For what you’re paying, and the OS your using, you could have so much more than you are getting. Currently I host three SMP servers, one with two maps, a forum, and mumble server on my dedicated server (and yes, it has desktop login on the windows boxes and everything). Some plans include Plesk, a nice easy to use web interface for your server website! They run great and for the price, well it is hard to beat!

    Also let them know Robert Lisiecki sent you, and please check it out! You’re just wasting your money using anything else!

    Oh and here is the site: http://www.hostway.com/vps/
    That’s where you find more info about the plans.

    let me know what you think!
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    posted a message on Cheap Server?
    I can do a 1GB server with 15 players for only $15 a month!
    Let me know if your interested.

    I host on a dual socket dual core rack mount server with 1GB connection to L3. The server currently has 8GB ram and uses 3 of it so there is plenty of room.

    Mods are installed using an FTP and I offer mcMyAdmin control panel. Let me know if you are interested!
    feel free to send me a PM!
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    posted a message on New Minecraft community 3 servers + more!
    Looking for a fun new Minecraft community to join?

    I would like to offer to any players an invitation to come visit the penguin server community. We currently host two SMP servers, a classic server, a mumble server, and a forum for community discussion. We also maintain two IRC channels. I host the servers on a premium server in a datacenter, so this is not a typical home hosted server! The server has add-ons for management purposes and friendly members. For a fun and relaxed place to build, come to the penguin server!

    Forum: forum.thepenguinmaster.com
    Public SMP server IP: robertlisiecki.info

    To join the public SMP server, simply enter robertlisiecki.info into the “IP” box in the multiplayer screen and click connect. Feel free to introduce yourself on the forum.

    I look forward to seeing you online!
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    posted a message on is a temperture of "125" normal?

    You mean 98.6?[/quote]

    oops yeah lol I failed
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    posted a message on Why are there hateful people?
    Some people have no control over their lives and seek control over others on the internet. As a server owner, it is difficult for me to know how to trust, do I ban someone who fights with someone else, or who blames someone for something that a creeper has done? In the end, people miscommunicate, and people try to have power over others. Anywhere you are in a group with two or more people between the ages of 10-18 you will see this quite a bit. Even later in life in the workplace it still happends, just not as much. Its life..
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