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    ah yes the program I was deving that I was forced to quit on since xbox one edition wasn't supported and they were constantly changing the binary file types as well. Windows 10 will work but, someone needs to make a zip decryptor for the premium files.

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    yeah um I was using problematic code. If there are no json files for said resource objects mcmeta files it won't dynamically generate it. I don't have time to find a working solution atm since I have more important projects to do. It's due to the files not being inside of the objects indices folder. I don't know if they fixed rp in 1.13+ or not where if the files don't exist it uses the lower priority ones. Basically the missing resources are probably indside of another json folder or the mc jar Idk and someone else can figure out a solution and a modified jar.

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    posted a message on How To Apply Flammable Properties to Blocks
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    I simply replaced the entire BlockFire class with my own edited version, BlockFireFix - this is what makes MCP vastly superior to Forge, given how often I see threads asking how to do something that is as trivial as editing a single line of code, and this is a major reason why I never learned how to use it (a proper mod API would expose absolutely everything with no need for reflection/ASM or any of that nonsense):

    public class BlockFireFix extends BlockFire
        private final byte[] chanceToEncourageFire = new byte[256];
        private final byte[] chanceToCatchFire = new byte[256];
        protected BlockFireFix(int par1)
        public void initializeBlock()
            this.setBurnRate(Block.planks.blockID, 5, 20);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.woodDoubleSlab.blockID, 5, 20);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.woodSingleSlab.blockID, 5, 20);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.fence.blockID, 5, 20);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.stairsWoodOak.blockID, 5, 20);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.stairsWoodBirch.blockID, 5, 20);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.stairsWoodSpruce.blockID, 5, 20);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.stairsWoodJungle.blockID, 5, 20);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.wood.blockID, 5, 5);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.leaves.blockID, 30, 60);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.bookShelf.blockID, 30, 20);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.tnt.blockID, 15, 100);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.tallGrass.blockID, 60, 100);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.cloth.blockID, 30, 60);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.vine.blockID, 15, 100);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.coalBlock.blockID, 5, 5);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.hay.blockID, 60, 20);
            // Added new flammable blocks
            this.setBurnRate(Block.fenceGate.blockID, 5, 20);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.plantYellow.blockID, 60, 100);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.plantRed.blockID, 60, 100);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.doublePlant.blockID, 60, 100);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.deadBush.blockID, 60, 100);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.carpet.blockID, 60, 20);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.sapling.blockID, 60, 100);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.sapling2.blockID, 60, 100);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.leaves2.blockID, 30, 60);
            this.setBurnRate(Block.leaves3.blockID, 30, 60);
        public void updateTick(World par1World, int posX, int posY, int posZ, Random par5Random)
            // Added check for loaded chunks to fix MC-119994
            if (par1World.getGameRules().getGameRuleBooleanValue("doFireTick") && par1World.doChunksNearBlockExist(posX, posZ, 16))
                int block = par1World.getBlockId(posX, posY - 1, posZ);
                // Added Nether quartz ore, Nether gold ore, and magma blocks as a permanent fire sustaining
                // block
                boolean isFirePermanent = (block == Block.netherrack.blockID || block == Block.oreNetherQuartz.blockID || block == Block.magmaBlock.blockID || (block == Block.oreGold.blockID && par1World.getBlockMetadata(posX, posY - 1, posZ) == BlockMetadataOre.NETHERRACK));
                if (block == Block.bedrock.blockID && par1World.provider instanceof WorldProviderEnd) isFirePermanent = true;
                . . . 
                // Halves update rate for permanent fires
                meta = 30 + par5Random.nextInt(10);
                if (isFirePermanent) meta *= 2;
                par1World.scheduleBlockUpdate(posX, posY, posZ, this.blockID, meta);

    Only allowing 256 blocks for a modding environment is a no! Second not only is the size of the array wrong blocks should be stored as integers. Use dynamic arrays!

    Also I know forge was messing up with their patch in some versions for the fire blocks. This won't be the case for jredfox mod loader - mc api

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    Hello everyone,

    I allow myself to "Up" this topic because I am looking for the same thing as you!

    How to decipher/decrypt the resource pack of minecraft windows 10 edition.

    The files are not currently in a .zipe in any case personally. The files are visible and accessible but impossible to open. .Png files do not have a header (IHDR).

    I really want to transfer one of its texture packs to java edition: / I'm really hoping that you may have progressed on this subject since maybe.

    Attached is a link to a drive folder in which the mass effect texture pack files are present on minecraft windows 10 edition.


    they are not accesible you need a decryption algorithm for anything coming from the marketplace with .zipe file. .zipe and .zip are not the same thing! Some of them are not encrypted other ones like Halloween mashup packs are

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    posted a message on No Cubes Forked and Fixed!
    Quote from cadiboo»

    It’s hard to make mods for a C game because the way the language works. In Java it is relatively easy to modify any program, while in C you need to work at a much lower level and involves a lot more hackery and is much more difficult.

    hey man check discord. We are going to start the long process for a professionally made java mod loader for gaming that could theoretically get ported to other languages depending if they support something like asm if not will just have to make sure their are enough events and change the way event systems works.

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    posted a message on How To Apply Flammable Properties to Blocks

    no you use Blocks.FIRE.something to make them flamable you can use the func_ but, they won't work past 1.7.10

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    posted a message on Intermediary - Run Minecraft 1.2.5 mods in 1.7.10!
    Quote from _LB»

    Can you make a set for eternalcraft??

    I am working on my own mod loader which will support mc 1.3-1.15 all major versions only

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    posted a message on Deeper Caves - Go Beyond the Void! [10000+ Downloads]
    Quote from Valiec2019»

    The web server issue is known and I'm working on fixing it. Something's running too slowly (which explains the 504s).

    can't you just upload it to curseforge please

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    posted a message on Deeper Caves - Go Beyond the Void! [10000+ Downloads]

    website is down again. Could you either use mediafire.com or use curseforge both are free and simple to setup and use

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    posted a message on Arcana RPG - 5 Dimensions - 100+ Mobs - Bosses - Minibosses - Updated July 15 2016

    all the other rpg mods that are good are porting to 1.12.2 or already 1.12.2 could you please port it to that version?

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    posted a message on DivineRPG - 8 New Dimensions ♦ 115+ New Mobs/Bosses ♦ Hundreds of New Blocks and Items ♦ Unique Weapons and Armor

    so where is 1.12.2? I heard it was about done or something so that you can have this, aoa, and journey into the light.

    would donating make it appear within a month?

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] More Fun Quicksand Mod - Adds 30 types of Quicksand!

    this mod uses data watchers instead of using capabilities and or adding your own data list. conflicts with basically vanilla almost you can't have this and aoa. I don't like forge capabilities either they are written porly. But, if your in 1.12.2 you can use my library Evil Notch lib which allows you to mod with ease and provides my own easy to use capability system. However like forges you need to manually sync client and server

    I am working on a mod which extends potion ids to byte and data watchers to byte as well

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    posted a message on Silk Spawners Mod ~ 1.6.3 Aether Fix: Mounting Update Part 1
    Quote from alexandru20111»

    i hope will support journey into the light,divine rpg and advent of ascension in 1.12.2 since all three mods can now be played together in 1.12.2

    it does already

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    posted a message on Port Forwarder 1.1 UPNP


    made it easier to:

    configure the port
    close/open ports
    change tpc/udp types
    all of this is in the new config file

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    posted a message on JOURNEY INTO THE LIGHT v. | Dimensions | Mobs | Weapons | Magic | Bosses and Much More! [9K + Downloads!]
    Quote from Dizzlepop12»

    Oh yeah, we haven't even finished porting to 1.12, so let's spend an immense amount of time porting the mod to an outdated version that is at the end of its life.

    1.7.10 from 1.8.9 wouldn't be too hard 1.12.2 to 1.7 would be

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