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    Quote from qazxsw405

    were sorry but we have enough people sorry but when we open the server to the public you can be the first one we conntact

    Thats alright just pm me when the server goes public thanks anyways :smile.gif:
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    Minecraft Name: themisfit35
    Why you want to build for us:
    Im bored i love to build and i left my old building server because the people who ran it were dicks.
    ive built Colosseums, Observation towers, churches, and small residential areas
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    i would like to join. someemo told me about this and i do have a mic, but i doubt i would be able to run hypercam without minecraft blackscreening seeing how my comp sucks balls and i also have hamachi
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    posted a message on ★ RoleplayЯevolution RP ★[1.2.5] [Chapter 4] [Serious Roleplaying Community] [Factions] [24/7] [60 Slot] [Lag Free] [Bukkit] [Pe
    Minecraft Username: themisfit35
    Roleplay Name: Morrock Sanic
    Roleplay Story: Long ago in the famed Dwarven Empire, when Morrock was about 6, he and his family left their city to go vist his brother's home town (the brothers were seperated at birth). But apon arriving they heard screams and explosions coming from the northen part of the city. It was easy to tell that the city fell victom to a nether portal. Morrock knew his brother, Durkin, was still alive. So he went out on his own to find him.Shortly after leaving his parents alone, both his mother and father were killed by a lone creeper. All he could think to do was run for his life, so he did. He ran through the streets with arrows, explosions and jumping spiders and zombies after him the whole time. He eventully made it to the surface and found and young dwarven miner. The miner told Morrock everything that had happened and told him where Durkin went. He was unable to find Durkin but found the Magical Order. He learnt their ways and soon became a respected member of the local church. But he completly forgot about his brother. So he left his town to find him. After days apon days of endless walking he found a stone quarry and a sign that said "Dwarf for hire" he knew that his moronic attemt for work must be his brother's. He went in to the small store to find a dirty, grummpy, and down right pissed off dwarf glaring at him. "What the hell do you want!" said the pissed off dwarf. "Im lookin' for a dwarf named Durkin..." said Morrock. "Well you found em'! Now who the hell are you?" "I am Morrock. Your brother." "********!" cryed the grummpy dwarf. "You fell in to a hell portal when you were 6!" "Now thats ******** you bull-headed basterd!" "Holy hell. It really is you!" so now the brothers run a buisness together in the stone quarry. And that brings us up to date with Morrock (note:someemokid666 helped me with this)
    Reason to Join: [1-2 Paragraphs] My friend someemokid666 said this was a fun server and I should try it. Also the server we used to play is down. From what I can see this is very interesting and sounds like something I could really get into.
    Do you agree with the Server Rules?: Who wouldnt?
    Do you believe that you are trustworthy?: Ask someemokid66 if you dont trust me.
    What will you Contribute to the server?: What most people contribute. Cool buildings and some kick ass roleplay >:biggrin.gif:
    Special Code:@*$
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    In game name: themisfit35
    Age: 15
    Role play name: Ryan
    Back round story: As an exile from his old village he is searching for a new place he can find work and call home. He loves mining but in his old village people disliked his ways of mining and processes of bringing up various ores from the bowels of the earth. Soon he rebeled and then got ran out of the town by the townspeople with iron swords while riding pigs. After the incedent of being run out of the village he tryed sneaking back into the village to redeem his goods that the had mined, but came to find his house burned to the ground and all of his precious diamonds and gold stolen. He left the village and went as a rogue only with a near broken diamond pick and a few porkchops to find a new village to live in.
    characters Age: 18
    Job: Miner
    Time zone: Pennslyvania EST
    Extra: I have never griefed or have been banned.
    This is only my second server but i have alot of good expierence on my old one( which basically died).
    Ive never held i high position and nor do i want to... (im a person who likes to follow rules and guidelines, not make them or enforce them).
    I have read the rules and i do understand them.
    Code: ellicool
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