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    "gold is butter" 'Sky said
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    I spawned inside a tree. It got revenge on me for punching it :(
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    Here is a list of tips for cave mining:
    • Bring good armor. A full set of iron armor or higher is recommended.
    • Mine around diamonds. If you don't find lava, mine the diamonds, if you do, cover all the lava with blocks then mine it.
    • Bring a water bucket to pour on lava so you don't fall in.
    • Don't mine with TNT. It destroys most of the ores.
    • Take the stuff out of your inventory that you don't need.
    • Watch out for mobs that could attack you.
    • Bring lots of torches. Also bring a lot of wood in case you run out of torches.
    • Use ender chests if you have a silk touch pickaxe and the right materials. Also keep an ender chest at your house.
    That's all (for now) I will add more soon. if you have something that you think should go on this list, than put it below. I hope this helped! :steve_csi:
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    Good job! You deserve a lifetime supply of cookies!
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