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Hello and welcome to my profile!

I am themagickid, in case you didn't already know, and I first joined these forums a little over 2 years ago, to be exact, January 22nd, 2011. I like programming, pixel art, modelling (with techne), reading, animating/drawing, music-drumming/guitar, writing, hiking/outdoors, and other stuff that I cant think of right now. I am passionate (different than stuff I like) about space exploration, moral/ethical fair treatment of every type of person, loving kittens (not in a weird way more in the cooing and petting way), living life, stalking people, and taking care care of the animals on my family's farm, oh, and eating .

Stuff I am working on.

Currently I am working on a fairly large mod, but its secret for now until I get the team together and know for sure that I will be able to make it. Okay, whatever, you get one hint... it has something to do with Norse mythology OHHH I have said too much.

Here is a picture of my avatar that I don't really need to put here, but I will because I can

If you want to add me as a friend feel free too...hehe *tugs at collar*...please I"m begging you, i'm so lonely *grovels*...

Oh, and I am a huge rep *****/addict so be sure be sure to click the at the bottom of my post as often as possible to slack my hunger... for now..............
Interests Programming, animating, minecrafting, modelling in techne, pixel arting, roleplaying, and reading.

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