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    Quote from bloodless2010

    Hey, I use your template and I LOVE it. It's really nice clean coding,
    My website is DrugRealm.net,
    But here's the problem,
    It's not really a big problem, and wasn't sure where else to report, but here it is, It's a problem with the font,
    The - in the t is to high, it should be one pixel lower, like so:

    (the first one is the current one, and the second one is what it should be, I wasn't sure if this is your own custom font or not, but if it is, it should be a simple fix) Currently, the way it is now it looks out of place the the t just generally looks weird among other text, thank you!

    I did not actually create the font, I used one of the many Minecraft fonts floating around the internet. I actually noticed that too, but decided since I don't know how to edit fonts, I will leave it.
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    MC Generic 1.02
    A Minecraft HTML5 Template
    I am proud to introduce to everyone at the Minecraft Forum a stunning website template that is free to download and use on your own website. This is currently only Version 1.02, but it is extremely well constructed with an image sprite, clean CSS, CDNs, Custom Fonts, and logical and efficient HTML element nesting.
    (Working hard to get IE6 (DONE!) and Mobile (AOSP,iOS) versions)
    What's new?
    • Refined Elements
    • More Sidebar Styles
    • Color Alterations
    • IE6 Support!

    Make sure you look at the readme.txt for information regarding licensing and bugs.
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    Quote from ironviking


    Get it on B)
    Really not xhtml compatible and i should use spritesheet for buttons, thats all i know.

    Here's the HTML/CSS breakdown:
      Your website will never be xHTML compatible as long as you're using HTML5 and CSS3 elements. (Maybe just make it HTML5?)The
      isn't actually doing anything, you could probably take that out. It could serve useful though when making a responsive theme though.The Comments are not necessary (especially comments that big)Your Logo image does not link anywhere, it should link to the homepage. Add a Title attribute to the logo (optional, but recommended)It is redundant to have the <nav> element inside the
      if it's not going to be used. If you want a more xHTML valid template, remove the <nav> tagThe link element needs to be inside each list item, not outside.That will probably break your Menu CSS. The list items need to float left and the list links (now inside the list items) need to display block and move everything in menu li:hover to menu li a:hover. After some more tweaking, you will notice the menu is on the left side, that is an issue many people have with menus and there is no clean way to fix it. The only fix is to wrap your menu in a smaller container the width of your menu and center it (margin:0 auto).the
      should be before the
      as floating elements always need to be placed first. #content does not need to be floated, but will probably need a right margin larger than the sidebar. (It may also improve compatibility with IE6)The buttons should be a links styled to look like that, not paragraphs with JavaScript.The iframe for the server status will have a white background in some browsers, perhaps edit server_status.php to render the gray background.The Latest News items should be inside list items.
    As I mentioned in 1, you can't have xHTML anything with HTML5 and CSS3 being used. The element restructuring is easier for search engines to read, allows greater flexibility in styling (in most cases), and is more accessible.

    The SEO/Speed Breakdown:
      Your top logo should have alt text of "PlayerCraft Logo"You need a description and keywords (Use the xHTML way of the meta description and keywords)There is no H1 tag, which is usually reserved for the site titleOptimize your images, they can all be reduced by at least 40% in size.
    Overall, I like the design of the template, you had some great ideas inside it. Keep up the work :)
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    posted a message on Website Design Review/Feedback Thread
    Hello Minecraft Forum, my name is Seth and I want to help you design your website. I have way too much knowledge in the realm of HTML5/CSS and Content Management Systems. Unfortunately do to my college, the only place I can truly share my knowledge is with you guys and gals online. So if you're learning HTML(4/5) or CSS(2.1/3) and have any questions on how to lay out your elements correctly, make it work better on other browsers, or would just like some feedback, then post your webpage link below. I have to tell you though, I am not an artist, just a programmer (I also know Java, Python, and PHP) in college getting his Software Engineering degree, so please, post a link to the page so I can examine the HTML and CSS and run my mystical tools to help you improve your design.

    :-(o):When Posting: Do NOT post a screenshot or paste your code, just give me a link.:-(o):

    Please do not get offended by anything I say, I am only here to help. Also, you are not required to do anything I suggest, so please don't argue about it; I am simply here to answer questions and give feedback/criticism. PM me if you have any issues.

    How do you review sites?
    1. Essentially I open up element inspector inside Chrome and write a note on everything I find, top to bottom.
    2. Then I analyze the site with Yahoo YSlow, SEOMOZ Mozbar, and Google's Pagespeed to see if you need any tweaking in terms of performance or SEO.
    3. Next I head on over to IE Tester to see how the website looks when rendered using IE6 and IE8 (nobody has IE7 for some reason)
    4. Lastly I make some recommendations and point you to sites of interest that may help you improve your design.
    Useful Links:
    • Modernizr - Make your HTML5 elements work on legacy browsers. I don't care how much you hate IE6 through whatever, you should at least make it look semi-presentable.
    • HTML5 Doctor - Learn the proper usage of just about every HTML5 element with examples and discussions
    • W3Schools - A reference guide to the elements NOT from the people who standardize them (thanks CentrallyProcessed)
    • W3 HTML Elements - The official reference guide to the HTML elements from the people who standardize them.
    • Google Tutorials - Learn yourself some Web Design
    • Google Libraries API - If you are using libraries such as jQuery, MooTools, or Prototype, then use Google's CDN
    • Google Web Fonts - Choose from a list of fancy custom fonts to use on your site. (Yes, fonts are jagged in Chrome, and no, I can't do anything about it)
    • HTML5Boilerplate - A great starting place for building your HTML5 Template. I strip away much of the markup they give me; that's the fun of boilerplates.
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    posted a message on My own (first) website!
    My website breakdown:
    1. The <head> section is fine, although the UTF-8 part isn't necessary
    2. Inside the <header> you should link the H1 tag to the homepage and make the logo part of the CSS, don't actually include the image (apply a style to the h1 with a background image non-repeating and to the left, then add padding for the text)
    3. The <nav> tag should have a role instead of an id like <nav role="navigation"> (CSS: nav[role=navigation])
    4. Red doesn't go well with blue, there needs to be a better contrast.
    5. Replace the <section> tag with
      as the section tag is supposed to be used for a single block of content and it is required that it have a h-tag immediatly after declaration (so <section>



      </section>). Sections are great for widgetizing areas though, but I don't prefer to use them (personal thing).
    6. The <article> tag is fine and I am not going into microdata here.
    7. The <hgroup> tag is used when there are multiple related headers, not a single one, so stating <hgroup>


      </hgroup> doesn't work, there needs at least 2 header tags for it to be correct, just take it out.
    8. You may want to place the article content in its own div.
    9. The <aside> element should also use a role instead of an id for HTML5 purposes. There is <aside role="complimentary"> for sidebars (CSS declared same as above).
    10. Place the aside before the content, float the sidebar to the right, and give a right-margin to your primary content area. The primary content area shouldn't be floating in most cases.
    11. Maybe make the sidebar more flexible by sectioning off parts (like you could have News, recent comments, etc)
    12. The footer shouldn't have a hit counter, we're in 2012, use Google Analytics.
    I hope that helped you with your design. I recommend you go to HTML5 Doctor on how to properly use elements; they provide great explanations and I myself use it. As a beginner in HTML(5), I recommend you stick with most of the W3C standards inside their validations (do not use their HTMLTidy though). Lastly, include modernizr in your <head> tag (before your CSS) to make it work better on legacy browsers.

    Oh, and here's a little snippet of redesigned code.
    <head><!--head stuff here--></head>
    	<header><h1><a href="#">Website Title</a></h1></header>
    	<nav role="navigation">
    			<li><a href="#">Nav Link 1</a></li>
    			<li><a href="#">Nav Link 2</a></li>
    			<li><a href="#">Nav Link 3</a></li>
    	<aside role="complimentary">
    		<div class="block">
    			<!--News stuff here-->
    	<div role="main">
    			<h2 class="article-title"><a href="#">Article Title 1</a></h2>
    			<div class="article-content">
    				<p>content goes here</p>
    	<footer><p>Footer stuff</p></footer>
    	<!--Include scripts such as jQuery down here-->
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    posted a message on How to stop Fraps from recording Skype?
    The audio inside FRAPS takes up to 2 audio devices, one of them being your default audio device and the other is the optional microphone (from like a headset). The only way to get FRAPS to not record the Skype call is to change the audio output device to a secondary set of speakers. I recommend getting a headset of some sort, that way you can set the default recording device to your speakers (Where MC comes out of) and set Skype to your headset speakers.
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    posted a message on No Premium to play offline?
    Step 1: Get $26.95
    • Do chores and keep asking for money (not too much, just save)
    • Get a Job (Believe it or not, there are still jobs out there)
    • Sell Lemonade (It still works!)
    • Never go to any website that allows you to earn "free" money online, they are scams.
    Step 2: Get the money digitized
    • Get a prepaid Visa, Master, or American Express Gift Card, they usually require a $3.95-$5.95 activation fee, but they are the easiest way to turn cash into debit.
    • Open a checking account at a bank (creating an account for minors under a parent is free). Go to teller and demand her to make your cash digital.
    Step 3: Buy Minecraft Step 4: Enjoy your legitimate copy of Minecraft
    • I prefer to sit down at my computer with a biscuit and jam when playing Minecraft.
    • Stock up on Red Bull and/or Monster Energy Drinks and prepare to pull an all nighter.
    • Play online with friends locally or around the world.

    If those steps don't work, try these other great ideas*:
    1. Create a video showing how Minecraft will help you get through a sickness or something and show it to Jeb, he will probably, but not likely, gift you a code (not recommended).
    2. Physically mail a Minecraft drawing (in crayon, by you) with you, Notch, and Jeb (and optionally a creeper) to Mojang showing how much you love the game, they will probably gift you a code (worth a shot).
    3. Rob a bank, you get Minecraft, money, and jail time, it's a three for one gig. Just don't drop the soap.
    4. Show me a really cool Minecraft creation you created in Minecraft Hardcore, I will probably gift you a code.
    5. Beg on the forums. You will probably get banned, but you may get lucky.
    *Those will probably not work (except the Hardcore creation) and I do not recommend doing any of those unless you can successfully pull it off and it's not illegal.
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    I have been working on this for a few hours now and would like some input. The curent minecraft.net website in my opinion is horrendous. I can barely touch my PhotoShop (It scares me with all the buttons), but I have created this, using HTML5, CSS3, and Media Queries for a more responsive design (supports more, smaller, screen sizes). I feel this fits Minecraft more (notice the Mojang Bar, copypasta from mojang.com)

    So, how is it? I am planning on doing the other pages as well (especially the how to play and what not).
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