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    Every version will get bees (and other upcoming updates) except ps3/xbox .

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    Journal Update


    I awake from what felt like a continuous slumber ,atop cold unforgiving ice .. Confused (and also due to unbearable cold) i rush to the nearby mountains .

    First thought that come into my mind.."What has happened my kingdom ! Why am i here..on what seems like a freezing coffin !"

    Hungry and engulfed in terror,i make my way through the mountains. I find some coal for fuel and some iron . At my kingdom food and shelter were plenty and now for the first time since never , i have nothing.

    I find some coal for using tor fuel and some iron. First thing on my mind,chop wood in order to make tools such as a pickaxe .

    With no wood cutters or tools around, i am forced to use my fists. I had no choice,despite the blisters on my hands,surprisingly it didnt take too long for the wood to be chopped. And speaking of surprises ,THE LAWS OF GRAVITY MEAN NOTHING HERE !!

    Using the obtained wood to make tools,excavate the coal and iron was not too much of a hassle . This took about half the day,and now i lay on the rocks looking at the night sky... "Wait ! there are strange zombie -like creatures . And whats the tall green thing ? hmm Time to hurry into a cave !"

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    Inspired by Richard Sharpe (Sharpe 103)

    Note : Playing on Pocket Edition,Posted it here as it is most active.

    I am using version 0.5.0 for a nostalgic experience, will update to newer versions with time.

    For those unfamiliar with the golden ages of Mcpe ,the Title/Create world screens will be shown below.

    Also this is my first thread,tips on how to improve will be appreciated :)

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