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    IMPORTANT: people who downloaded the omni tool auto updater before 2nd of september please redownload as the previous version of the updater is bugged, also please delete the following two folders if you installed a previous version of omni tool



    Version 2 is out, one year anniversary yay, just finished my public exam and i moved to california, this time the tool contains auto update and i also got my own dedicated server for hosting! so the download link will never be down again.

    NOTE: Opti-Launcher is removed as it is really quite useless and it isnt very efficient, expect R1.1 to have a new Opti-Launcher, some functionalities of R1.0 are also disabled as it may be quite buggy

    Version 2

    Makes our lives easier!

    1. Introduction
    2. Features
    3. Instructions
    4. FAQ/Troubleshooting
    5. Anomalies
    7. List of Compatible Mods
    8. hLog(history log)
    9. dLog(development log)
    10. About Author (as if you're going to read it)
    11. Credits/Licenses
    12. Banners(Need More)

    The MineMod Omni-Tool is the swiss knife for minecraft! omni is originated from the latin word omnis, which means "all", hence come the name MineMod Omni-Tool

    The tool's idea came when i realised that most people know how to install mods by opening .minecraft and using winrar, but one thing i hated most is i cant remove mods easily, this tool gives the user the feel of "manually" installing mods as well as providing comfort by making it easier and MUCH more manageable

    here's a screenshot of my tool

    and also mod folders support that a lot of people like

    i started working on this tool on the 31st of july working out the GUI


    here's a list of features:

    1. Installing mods with a MineMod package: mod developers could easily create a MineMod package (like a TFC patch) and allow MineMod Manager's users to easily installer their mods, all you need is 3 clicks to install a MineMod package

    2. Installing mods without a MineMod package: i hope the mod manager could totally replace the need for going to appdata and etc, so i added support for installing "normal" mods, the easy user interface is extremely similar to the winrar window in which the user simply has to drag and drop, the user could add folders and files into the .minecraft folder, the minecraft.jar and any other folders in .minecraft, here's a small .gif depicting how to drag and drop.

    2. Automatic smart mod installation: Now users could simply select the compressed mod file and MineMod Omni Tool will intelligently install mods properly, what it does is it looks for file extensions within directories to decide what to do with the directory, it should really work for most mods, well if it didnt work for a mod, you could always use the manual install option B)

    4. Unistalling mods: just two mouse clicks and the user could delete a mod he or she installed using MineMod Manager.

    5. Enabling/Disabling Mods: now you could enable or disable mods when you feel like it, want to play some survival? go ahead and disable TooManyItems from your mod list and there you have it!

    6. Priority system: some mods are designed to replace another mod's contents (most notably ModloaderMP replacing Modloader's files), and sometimes some mods need to replace the same file, so the mod manager introduces the priority system, the lower the priority of a mod, the fastest it is going to be loaded, this is like setting load order for mods.

    7. Installing texturepacks: like mods, texturepacks could be installed with the mod manager in the same fashion, so you really dont need to touch appdata

    8. Backing up .minecraft: the MineMod Omni-Tool has a feature where you could back up your .minecraft, unlimited times! It should be noted though save files are backed up as well and when you restore from a backup, the current saves will be replaced by the saves from the backup

    9. Minecraft Forum Web Browser (indev): now you dont even need to open your web browser to download mods, because MineMod Omni-Tool IS a web browser! so when you feel like adding some new mods, just fire up the Omni-Browser and install them with the Omni-Mod Manager

    10. Chatroom Support: MineMod Omni-Tool may be hard to use for some people, but have no fear, if you have any trouble, just fire up the chatroom from MineMod Omni Tool and seek instruction from me, you could also discuss about the tool, things such as suggestions would be great as well

    11. Memory allocation/Minecraft launch options: now MineMod Omni-Tool has a special Minecraft launcher which is totally customisable, set the dedicated ram and the priority of minecraft and fire it up to boost FPS! With customisable java path and much more!

    12. Compatibility Checker: now MineMod Omni-Tool has a custom-built 3 layer deep recursive function that checks your mod compatibility by comparing class files and showing incompatible class files from different mods, be noted that the compatibility checker does not check for block id errors, so you will still receive errors if it is a block id issue. now you may ask well modloader and modloadermp replaces the same file, wont it cause incompatible to be incorrectly shown? well, i've added a special safeguard for modloader and modloadermp, so they are shown as compatible.

    13. Auto-update: this tool now auto-updates itself from a dedicated server (http://www.thelegendaryblah.com), so you just have to download once and forget about it!

    Picture tutorial

    Video Tutorial

    Setting Up MineMod Omni-Tool:

    Adding Mods With MineMod Omni-Tool:

    Other Mod Management Instructions:

    Backing Up .minecraft with MineMod Omni-Tool


    Question 1:
    does this tool conflict with stuff like [add mod name here]??
    Answer: no it does not conflict with ANY mods (be noted, things such as TFC's mod manager or mcpatcher are not mods, they are tools)

    Question 2:
    does this tool conflict with tools such as [add mod name here]??
    Answer: probably not, but it is recommended to install mods with MineMod Manager and MineMod Manager only (you could use mcpatcher to enable HD textures first then switch to MineMod Manager)

    Question 3:
    what did you use to make this tool??
    Answer: i used Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 for the GUI and most scripts, i used 7za for compression and decompression, the logo and icon are made with photoshop (yeah, overkill), this post is written in the opera web browser, info about scripts and stuffs are searched on google via opera web browser, the MineMod Package template is made with Windows Explorer, Notepad and WinRar, the screenshots are taken with snipping tool and the printscreen button, the animations/videos are made with Camtasia Studio, format conversions (such as wmv to gif) are done with format factory, debugging used the Windows Task Manager to end processes, several explorer.exe crashes are resolved with Command Prompt, all the programs are ran in Windows 7 64 bit, touching the keyboard to type is done with my hands, the same goes with the mouse, i used my eyes and a pair of glasses to look at the monitor, i used my brain (nearly frying it) to write the codes for the program and i ate for energy to do all this stuff.

    Question 4:
    your tool gave me a blackscreen/crashed my [stuff here]
    Answer: first try reinstalling the mod with my tool, if that fails, read the instructions and try again, that fails too then send me a crash report.

    Question 5:
    could i have the source code?
    Answer: i am not planning to hand out my codes, yet at least, maybe when minecraft officially support modding and a proper mod manager

    Question 6:
    could i help code some parts of the program?
    Answer: yeah sure, maybe pm me or something if you are interested in helping development of this tool

    Question 7:
    I cant see the mods i installed, what happened
    Answer: MineMod Manager, like other managers could only see mods installed with MineMod Manager

    Question 8:
    when i try to install [add mod name here] with your tool, it failed, what happened?
    Answer: Please send me a detailed report with your current situation


    This part is for those who failed to install a certain mod, please report to me about specific mods so i could add content here

    1. some users reported that the program could not execute the necessary batch scripts, i am currently looking for a fix, it should be noted that most users do no have the problem This should be fixed in reborn 1.0 - fixed


    auto update launcher (first run will download the omni tool)
    MineMod Omni Tool Launcher/Autoupdater - adf.ly
    MineMod Omni Tool Launcher/Autoupdater - direct

    please delete the following two folders if you installed version 2.0 before, as well as deleting your 2.0 launcher

    -sometimes your anti-virus will say my program is bad, blah blah, just ignore them. if you dont trust me then dont use my program
    NOTE: if you have previously installed an older version of Omni Tool, please delete the folder (appdata/roaming/omnitool)
    please consider donating to help me support my server so that i could provide auto update and premium download speed as well as image hosting

    NOTE: you need microsoft .net framework 4 if you dont already have it
    .Net Framework 4 Offical Website

    Mod Informations

    this section will be a list of mods that the smart mod adder could/couldn't add, most mods should work, if you tested and confirmed a mod with the smart mod adder, please PLEASE tell me about it by either replying in this post or pming me so that the list could grow

    NOTE: if a mod doesnt work with the smart mod adder, you could always manually add the mod

    Compatible Mods:
    Koda's Clay Soldier Mod
    Risugami's Modloader, Audiomod, Death Chest and more
    Better than Wolves
    Minecraft Forge
    Equivalent Exchange
    Trampoline Mod

    Incompatible Mods:
    Zombe's Modpack


    02/09/2012 - version 2.1 (Renascentis 1.1F) released
    -adopted true mods file implementation
    -fixed auto updater bug

    27/08/2012 - version 2.0 (Renascentis 1.0) released
    -added login menu
    -added minecraft twitter page
    -added customisable memory allocation and other launch options
    -added auto update checker
    -software revived
    -added dedicated server for downloading

    31/12/2011 - version 1.5 (Reborn 1.1) released
    -added compatibility checker
    -added option to leave the config folder untouched
    -menu strip abandoned
    -fixed bugs with deleting server data
    -fixed bugs with removing last login id

    16/10/2011 - version 1.4F5 (Reborn 1.0F5) released
    -fixed bug in package creation

    12/10/2011 - version 1.4F4 (Reborn 1.0F4) released
    -fixed "index" bug and settings bug

    09/10/2011 - version 1.4F3 (Reborn 1.0F3) released
    -fixed dupe bugs

    09/10/2011 - version 1.4F (Reborn 1.0F) released
    -fixed mainstall bug

    09/10/2011 - version 1.4 (Reborn 1.0) finally released
    -way better mod template leading to performance increase
    -new file copying and management method leading to EXTREMELY UBER HIGH increase in performance
    -new compression method leading to better performance
    -changed chatroom provider (sometimes doesnt work)
    -total rewrite
    -removed optilauncher
    -browser now improved and infinitely better with popular links

    19/08/2011 - version 1.3 released
    -better "mods" folder method
    -minemod package maker added (for mod developers)
    -live chatroom feature added
    -forum browser now resizable
    -added Opti-Launcher version 1 for more efficent minecrafting

    13/8/2011 - version 1.2F released
    -bugfix on the "mods" folder
    -bugfix on the "texturepacks" folder

    12/8/2011 - version 1.2 released
    -bugfix for accidentally deleting saves and texturepacks
    -renamed from MineMod Manager to MineMod Omni-Tool
    -used new mod package template, installing mods manually should be much quicker now
    -added backup .minecraft features
    -added minecraft forums browser
    -added settings
    -added credits
    -changed GUI
    -adding mod package and adding mod manually is now separated into two buttons

    10/8/2011 - version 1.1F released
    -bugfix for value is not valid error
    -bugfix for moving up and moving down the topmost and bottommost items

    8/8/2011 - first release version 1 alpha released

    31/7/2011 - development started

    development blog

    version 2.1 will probably be primarily comprised of bug fixes and more efficient functions, but suggestions are as always welcomed

    About Author

    I am a guy, i am studying, i love cats and i am from hong kong and i now live in california.
    what else is there to know? :)


    MineMod Omni-Tool Reborn 2.0

    TheLegendaryblah (TLB)

    Awesome Supporter:

    Banner Maker:

    Other Credits:

    Special Thanks To:
    Mojang AB for making Minecraft
    Microsoft for Visual Studio and ASP.NET
    Igor Pavlov for 7z.exe and 7z.dll


    note: i NEED MOARRR!!

    first ever banner by makermod1!

    BB code:

    artistic and bright banner by makermod1

    BB code:

    moving gif animated banner by makermod1

    BB code:

    Updated version 2 banner by thelegendaryblah


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    please refrain from bumping your thread

    unless there are major news (such as new releases), you should not repeatedly post, just edit your post to add new stuff

    here's the link to the rules thread
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    i personally dislike mediafire and sendspace because they do not provide a direct download link and the users are exposed to advertisements

    what i use is sugarsync and dropbox, i really recommend sugarsync because it gives you 5GB of free space and it havent failed me so far (dropbox failed me once)

    yes, both dropbox and sugarsync dont have download counters

    i registered at bitly.com and shortened my download links with it, there is a click counter on your shortened links

    this is how it looks like
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    Quote from Trexmaster

    Somewhere over the rainbow...

    too bad i do not share your heritage :ohmy.gif: ...dont know if you noticed before you post :biggrin.gif:

    Quote from Skaro

    :sleep.gif: forget it.

    (Isn't troll calling against forum rules? I got a warning for it 2 or 3 days ago)

    i wasnt calling you a troll, if you were religious then you disagreeing on the theory of evolution would make sense, i was also asking a question, not putting out a statement
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    Quote from Skaro

    Whatever you say. The world is not millions upon billions of years old. I would say 6000-25000 years old at most.


    please dont judge me when you dont have a decisive or at least supported opinion on a "fact"

    PS: babylonians (now iran), egyptians, chinese and indians already thrived in at least 3000BC, they are known as the cradle of civiliation

    earth is 4.5 billion years old
    life occurred in 3.5 billion years ago
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    please dont use imageshack, it has the tendency to remove images over time

    i suggest imgur

    here's the guide NOT made by me (i think it is made by one of the admins)
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    Quote from goanimals123

    Nukes would kill the Army bro. Also to kill 100 trillion lions they would have to nuke the Earth as they would be everywhere.

    Not enough bullets. Not enough supplies to wait it out.

    That would have to land for supplies eventually on lion covered ground.

    come on now, if you are telling us about supplies, then the lions will starve out sooner than us

    lions require way more food than humans and humans could farm whilst lions could only hunt, there arent enough supplies for the lions as well considering their numbers, they might as well eat themselves out :biggrin.gif:

    Quote from goanimals123

    All branches of the military can work together.

    maybe eggheads of the military could develop some sort of disease that affects lions only? just a thought though
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    Quote from MrShellhed12

    If you were offered immortal life against natural means, at the cost of the death of someone you hate, would you take it?

    i'll be frank and say i would take the offer

    i know that i have no rights what so ever to kill anyone else, but the fact is humans are selfish and greedy, i knew i would do it if i got the choice, not that it is the right choice though
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    just saying, you are not supposed to bump

    btw did you actually asked for the mod makes' permissions to redistribute their work?
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    posted a message on Quantum Levitation
    LOL just saying, OP should read more on magnetism and superconductors

    1. supercooling a conductor into superconductor state costs energy (ther are no known superconductors in room temperature)
    2. "permanent" magnets ware off over time (slowly)
    3. the rotation does not accelerate, it was in fact decelerating due to friction with the air (negligible though)
    4. if you extend a turbine onto that thing, then it will decelerate quickly, it decelerates when theres an opposite outside force acting onto it
    5. conservation of energy (more accurately conservation of mass-energy), you cant "create" energy/mass
    6. what really happens is that it decelerates much slower that it would, but energy is still wasted in the process, the man spinning the actual turbine would be more efficient

    here's a simple step by step method to explain what really happens

    using the superconductor turbine thing:

    1. man spins the superconductor on top of electromagnet (total energy 10J)
    2. superconductor spins and looses some energy to friction in the air (total energy 6J)
    3. superconductor rotates the turbine and generates energy, heat is dissipated in the process of generating the electricity (total output 3J)

    man spinning the turbine directly:
    1. man spins wheel thing (10J)
    2. wheel thing rotates the turbine and generates energy, heat is dissipated in the process (output: 5J)

    on a side note, superconductors do make powerful coilguns, go check out cern lhc, i am sure some of you heard of it before
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