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    Gamer Tag: TheJuju16

    Age: 19

    Where you came from: I hail from the dense village of Millstone

    What your ambitions: I have wishes to create businesses, own land, build monumental creations, and to possess a wealth so great that it will be known throughout the world.

    A brief bio of who you are: As a very knowledgeable buisnessman, with tactics and intelligence only gained through years of trial and error, I come from a poor family. The need for wealth and the strive for success was attached to me since birth. With a silver tongue I worked my way into a moderate wealth, living in a big home with some of the finest clothes the tailor could create. It all was lost and I had to leave my hometown. While having nothing is not out of the ordinary for me, I do not accept it as my fate. I now seek to live the life I once had and more, but in a new realm.
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