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    The Hostmeister is a community dedicated to hosting quality servers on source games. These servers were found to provide a fair and free environment to enjoy our favorite titles. Our goal is to provide a great vanilla+ experience on our servers.

    The Hostmeister Minecraft server is a cross-platform vanilla+ anarchy server. We plan to never change the map and there's absolutely no world guard. Come make your mark in our server's history by joining The Hostmeister. We have clans, gsit, bloodmoon, sleepmost, silk touch spawners, and more for plugins. There is no pay to win and we have a 100% free speech policy on our servers.

    Our forums and website:

    Our discord server:

    Minecraft Java Edition server IP:

    You can now join our Minecraft server on Bedrock edition!
    Server Address: game.thehostmeister.com
    Server Port: 19132

    Our Steam group:

    Day of Defeat: Source server IP:

    Click Here to Join

    Team Fortress 2 server IP:

    Click Here to Join

    To view the status of any of our game servers:

    View our SourceBans dashboard here:

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