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    Quote from MR_Creep111»

    How would you 'grief' a Discord server?

    Like any typical server that doesn't have proper safety protocols applied, a few examples: it could be flooded/overwhelmed if not secured, have people enter and make unwanted changes if proper permissions aren't set, or, most common I've seen, someone could abuse text chat (spam) or voice chat (constant interference).

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    Quote from MR_Creep111»

    Discord would be great, but I wouldn't know how to make groups with it. I will join up if you, or anyone else, decides to make one.

    Edit: How do Discord groups work? Do you post a link, or do we have to pm our usernames?

    I think groups are actually called servers. If that's the case, a server can be created to run on its own (like any old server), and anyone can join it who has an access link (which the creator can give out).

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    Just FYI, the creative inventory screen is all jacked up with the 1.11 patch.

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    So I took it upon myself to try my hand at getting this updated to work for 1.9.4. I used the PowerShell script in the OP to find the correct class file (bkr.class, for 1.9.4), and followed the instructions as accurately as I could. In the appropriate variable declaration, I found two iterations of "iconst_5". Oddly enough, changing the latter of the two declarations (which appears to be the most accurate to the screenshots/instructions) to 0 did not alter the delay at all. However, changing the former of the two did change the delay, but... it only changed the delay after the first block is mined each time. There is still the delay between the first and second blocks mined, but after that, it's super speedy.

    The latter "iconst" does not seem to affect the delay at all (changing both to 0 did not make any difference than changing just the former).

    I wish I knew more about this, or that the other members of the thread who've been contributing would return and offer some advice, because it still isn't what it should be. I can't figure it out. This thread needs to stay alive because it's the only one that is even remotely close to up-to-date for this mod. :(


    Huh. Maybe I'm imagining it, but it looks like the two different iterations of "iconst" differentiate between the delays for mining while in creative mode (the former) and survival mode (the latter). Interesting.

    I changed both of the "iconst" declarations to 0 so that the effect remains applied whether in survival or creative mode. I think there is still the delay after the first mined block when in creative mode, but I don't know how to get around that. This is the best I can do.

    Same modification rules from this post above still apply, unfortunately.

    (Note for OptiFine users: if you wish to use this with OptiFine, you must delete META-INF from the OptiFine .jar file used with 1.9.4 [or whatever version you are running] or your game will crash after clicking "Play". Additionally, in the ".json" file associated with OptiFine, there will not be a "downloads" section as stated above. The "downloads" section is only in the root ".json" file -- meaning the one that is paired with the vanilla ".jar" of your game version [in this case, in the original 1.9.4 folder]. Kochu did say that it was the "root .json" file, but I felt that needs clarification and emphasis, because it's easy to gloss over.

    While that does mean it may be easy to miss, that also means that, unless you redownload 1.9.4, you will only need to remove the "downloads" section from the root ".json" file only once; the OptiFine ".json" file inherits everything from the root ".json" file.

    Visual representation:


    The reason why anyone on 1.9.4 is here:

    Download link for 1.9.4


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    Hey guys. Just wanted to stop by to say that I am immensely thankful this mod is still actively being updated. You guys are incredible.

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    Remember those eyes?

    For those of you who don't know what that is, that's the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
    That screenshot shows a particular feature in the game's dungeons: the eye switch.

    Shooting this eye will activate a switch that, in this case, removes the bars from the door below it. As a gamer who believes this game to be in the top 5 games of all time, this mechanism was incredibly satisfying and rewarding.

    What does that have to do with Minecraft, you may ask?

    Well, with the latest snapshot, one particular feature caught my eye:

    Quote from Sacheverell
    • Wooden Pressure Plates detect arrows.

    For a while, I've been thinking about and hoping for a type of "bulls-eye" redstone switch. I've built many doors in my time on Minecaft that can be opened with buttons, levers, or pressure plates that are stepped on.

    But what if I wanted to have a switch like in the screenshot?
    What if, for example, I wanted to have a door that can only be opened when a pressure plate above it is shot by an arrow?

    Normally, pressure plates are placed like this:

    But what if they were placeable on the sides of walls, or even on ceilings (as suggested by SpyGuy)?
    The potential for switches, puzzles, and other circuit ideas could dramatically increase!


    (click on images for larger sizes).

    A door is only one example of many that could be implemented using this technique. My most favorite idea is a drawbridge that can only be connected by shooting a pressure plate that is across it. I've wanted something like that for a long time, but after Alpha, Beta, and the official release, I have yet to see it possible, even modded.

    Not only does this new placement allow for more creativity, but it is beneficial in the sense that anyone without a bow or arrows cannot activate said switch from a distance and it is highly secure against mobs as well.
    (...Okay, maybe not completely secure against skeletons, but it would still be highly effective!)

    Here's another idea that I believe falls under this category.
    (Credit for this goes to Nickmiste.)

    Why not allow levers/buttons to be placed on the underside of blocks as well?

    (As of 1.3, levers are placeable on ceilings!)

    I wish I had thought of this particular idea myself, because I love it just as much as my pressure plates idea!

    One huge benefit could be having a switch on the underside of a block, with redstone wire or a torch on the top. The switch/button powers the block, thereby changing the state of the wire/torch connected to said block. Essentially, this idea is the same as having a switch/button on a block like normal, but instead of placing them on the sides/top, they're placed on the underside.

    This could allow for better hiding of switches and buttons for people who like to build labyrinth or mazes. Again, simply one example of endless possibilities that would be opened up!

    What say you, community? I think Minecraft should have these!

    If not, anyone who wants to give a shot at a Bukkit plugin is greatly encouraged!

    6/14 EDIT: format to make it more publicly appealing and pretty :3
    6/16 EDIT: Levers are planned to be placeable on the undersides of blocks in the upcoming 1.3 update! I apologize, for I was not aware of this. I'm excited. :3
    7/11 EDIT: Added Redyoshi101's awesome images of plates on walls/ceilings.
    10/21 EDIT: Changed to reflect addition of levers on ceilings.
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    Quote from ChadGarion25

    Why not get rid of buttons, pressure plates, and trip wire hooks altogether and make a single, omni-switch, the Hook Pad.


    If you don't take this idea, I might just run with it myself when tripwire hooks are officially released.

    Feel free to run with it, but please make your own thread and not hijack mine. :[
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    This has been a problem ever since maps came out, hasn't it? I would think somebody would have written a mod by now to fix it.
    I hope somebody does, or Notch fixes it soon, because it's probably one of the most annoying, no-workaround bugs in Minecraft to me.
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