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    Manager Application


    Your Username: fire209
    Birthday (ex. MM/YYYY): 05/09/2001 (15)

    Discord (ex. name#1234): fire209#9580

    Why choose Trinity Interactive? I have chosen this server as I had seen it on the server recruitment page, and was very interested as this appears to be sponsored or is the company Trinity Interactive as seen on this Linkedin page. As this server is thought to be sponsored by this company by me, I feel it will have the infrastructure to support a large community, and as such, I feel this is a long lasting choice I can make.

    What prior experience do you retain?: I have administrated at one Ominous Network previously, though the server never was fully released out of early beta before going down. I was told by both my peers at said server and by the teachers who I am being taught by that I have an excellent work ethic. I have also assisted various players in a variety of servers, both well known, and small, and have been told before that I was great in assisting in any needs they may have had.

    Why choose you?: While this would be my first time taking on such an important role in a server, I believe I am ready for such a task. Above, I also listed how my peers in other servers, and my teachers all told me that I tend to have a greater work ethic than those around me, and these are qualities that I feel would be both necessary, and a great boon for the server.

    What skills do you have in management?: Management is a relatively new field for me that I am hoping to explore in this server, but I have had experience coordinating others in both real life and in minecraft, I do also tend to adjust to people rather quickly, allowing me to work well with new members and old ones, and allowing me to help calm down anybody relatively easily. I am also very open to learn new things and skills about being a manager as this would be a journey for me, and learning new things is how we all grow to become better people.

    Communication Skills (Voice/text) (1/10): I do tend to be a little awkward in voice, but I have a good understanding of when to be quiet and listen, and when to add to a discussion. I also tend to adjust my voice and tone to allow for the listener to understand me well, but I do tend to sometimes have issues hearing or listening so I may ask others to repeat things several times before fully understanding. My typing is rapid, so I can usually respond quickly, but sometimes I may be a little bit slow as I may have not noticed a certain message, or am feeling particularly slow that day. Voice Skills (7.3/10) Typing Skills (8/10)


    Additional Information (Optional): I do live near the east coast of the USA, and am using the timezone "Atlantic Time (Canada)", this is because I am located near the Caribbean. The area I live in does tend to get frequent power outages in certain situations, so there may be times where I am often suddenly cut off, or unable to play or communicate for certain periods of time (Usually ranging from an hour to 6 hours). I am available 4:30 to 8:00 on weekdays in the timezone mentioned above, but I may come on or be available as soon as 3:00 in certain specific, rare occasions. On weekends, I am usually available from 8:30 in the morning to around 9:30 at night, with a few lapses in availability around 11:30 to 1:00 and other times depending on unforeseen circumstances.

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    Application Redacted: Unforeseen circumstances

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    I would Like to have a mod in which you have total control over gravity, such as having a stick that can push mobs back were you right click with it, and armor that forces nearby (aggresive) mobs into the ground, suffocating them,also there could be a specific way to either lighten up the gravity in the area so you and other mobs can fall like a chicken, or maybe make it so that you have your own gravitational field and all creatures in the surrounding area are forced towards you.
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    Amazing this is realy cool and if anybody will pls click on my eggs below:).
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    Love this pack
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