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    Hey man, looks cool! Keep it up!

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    Hey, I saw your post on the Forge forums and followed the link here. This mod sounds really cool. I've been building a realistic survival mod and would love to have more realistic biome generation but don't feel like a strong enough programmer to take it on. It would be awesome to be able to integrate, or at least refer my (potential future) users to a mod like this.

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    Quote from glixyl»

    Father Toast would most likely need to implement more of the AI functions into SpecialAI to accommodate that request. I have recently implemented something similar with Chestbursters in the Aliens vs Predator mod itself. After a Chestburster bursts from an infected host once being impregnated by a Facehugger, the Chestburster will flee from the Player, Predators and Engineers within 16 blocks range- unless hit. The method for that AI looks like this in java for avoiding the player:

    this.tasks.addTask(1, new EntityAIAvoidEntity(this, EntityPlayer.class, 16.0F, 0.23F, 0.4F));

    If you are able to program in java you can even override the vanilla passive mob AI yourself using that function.

    Great mods BTW Father Toast!

    Thanks for the reply. I don't know Java, but I recently read a tutorial on changing mob AI using Forge, and successfully created my own little mod that makes passive mobs flee the player. It definitely adds a new challenge to the game!
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