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    Personally I feel like using sticks is getting old for tool handles in Minecraft maybe we could keep sticks and yet add in bones or blaze rods for handles for your tools of any kind, it would almost have different effects while holding tools, like the bone handle on your pickaxe when mining would give you night vision or haste one. Then the blaze rod handle would give fortune 1 on every 10th block destroyed with a buff of haste 2. and as Mojang add more stick like things to the game we can use those for tool handles. To add to the idea it could almost give the tool you have longer lasting durability and give you different enchants buffs or maybe even status effects if your tool gets lower in durability, it would give you status effects like mining fatigue or slowness once the durability gets lower. Aswell on the other tools like your sword the bone handle would do more damage to different mobs or can be found already crafted in different locations (example dungeons/strongholds and mineshafts.) and like I mentioned with the uses in different locations like the blaze rod handle could do more in the nether such as dig or mine faster or kill fire related mobs faster,the bone handle could also have looting 2 but only on wither or normal skeletons. and maybe these different pickaxes can be upgraded by doing something or a certain amount of it. like the pickaxe would get fortune 2 instead of 1 and get the extra stuff every 3rd block instead things like that. Anyway thanks for reading and I hope maybe my idea will be found y someone and made a reality!

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