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    • Minecraft username: TheChosenCrib[/b]
    • Age: 18[/b]
    • Country: Norway[/b]
    • Why do you want to join our server over other SMPs? I have been looking for a european server because my ISP and router is very weak and i want to play with people at the same time compared to american servers were when i am online they are all offline. [/b]
    • How long have you been playing Minecraft, and what do you enjoy doing on SMP servers? I have been playing Minecraft since June 2014 but i have been taking break from the game since 1.13.2 but I'm quickly adapting to 1.14. I enjoy to build simple builds and to interact with other people. I also like to be in worlds were other people are and to be social. I have also started to learn about using red stone. I am mainly a "farmer" player[/b]
    • Tell us a little about yourself and your interests: I am 18 years old and I'm from Norway. I have recently quit school and i am working at a grocery store. I usually play Minecraft when i get home so try to join SMP servers. I enjoy playing football and just doing things on my computer (yes I'm a computer nerd) i also want to work for a larger tech company so that i can show my skills there. [/b]

    • What's your discord?: TheChosenCryyb #0428[/b]
    • Have you read the rules? Yes i have read all of the rules and i understand what i can and can't do and i respect that. [/b]
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    MC Name: TheChosenCrib

    Age: 18

    Region: Central Europe

    What you like to do in MC: I mostly like to mine for resources and build things like bunkers or farmhouses. I also have recently begun playing minecraft since 1.14 came out and i have started getting interested in red stone.

    Why you want to join: I want to join because i like to interact with other players in Minecraft and have a possibility to make new friends. I also like to show people what i can create and show them. I hope that i can add something different to the server

    Discord:TheChosenCrYYb #0428

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