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    I'm Trying to get help to make a Naruto Mod with all the jutsus used in Naruto as well as the dojutsus and a story mode depending on what clan you get, if you know about Naruto then you should know about clans, dojutsus, the story of the Naruto Anime also eg. if you got the uchiha clan you can either choose to create a custom sharingan when you unlock mangekyou or a canon mangekyou sharingan and choosing what mangekyou you want changes your story say you want to have obito's sharingan you will have to go through his story the same goes for madara, indra, itachi, sasuke and so on, the same also goes for other dojutsus, if you choose to be an otsutsuki at the start then your race will be otsutsuki at the start your stats would be around high kage level straight away and needs training to become more powerful there will also be things like FTG (Flying Thunder God) Kunai and the Gunbai and many more weapons from naruto. Shinobis will start off at 0 stats and have to go to the acdademy and then depending on stats when you take the genin exams for example, low genin - genin - high genin, same goes for chunin, jounin and anbu such as root and hokage anbu and if you become jounin or anbu you can challenge the hokage for their hokage spot same goes for kazekage, mizukage and more. Akatsuki as well with their weird and wacky adventures capturing the jinchurikis for the ten tailed beast. You can become a jinchuriki via sealing the tailed beast. And for the titles such as Sage of Six Paths you will have to be an otsutsuki at first and train under the six paths himself and if you encounter any of the animals from sage mode you can ask to learn from them depending if you beat them in a battle as well as simple keybinds for dojutsus and more. Thats all I can explain for now if you need anymore info or just need me to answer in voice then that will be fine my discord is: SkyFly#4431

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