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    so.........anyone have any map suggestions for me to play soon for reasons?

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    Quote from MrRedstone

    now all we need are theawesomeonehhh and Krose (i think)

    Sup. It appears The dawn has arrived, As in, the threads over a year old. Now, Im honored that even redstone mentioned me, but that's a good thing for the rest of you, I've been working with a friend in the RMCT community to create a CTM map, and if things go well, I do have one other sneaky wittle surprise for you guys xD Its great to see all of our old friends back, and hopefully we all can make some new ones here, but now, I must vanish into the darkness, (Yes that includes my shadow, so no following ;D), Ill be around now that im playing mc again, one other thing, what maps have been released recently that are worth checking out ? I haven't played a ctm in months !
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    Quote from Vithrue00

    Yeah, I saw that. That was really weird. He should know that hacking a CTM community is punishable by DEATH. (obviously not really)
    /sethome vittoproductions -500 -500 -500

    Yes, Punsiable by death
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    Quote from soupbob

    <3 I love you all

    Idea Approved by Soupbob, I used to have a speedrun up to the grey wools of Inferno mines, but after Crafter Dark made his I never finished it.
    I compete in the RMCT speed running, And I love it, Speed running is an awesome idea, but if u want, Ive got a really good way in mind, to set these up, Its like a tournament, Ill show it later if u guys are interested, btw thanks for all your love, And eerie's new nickname is party pooper..
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    *Loud slam of the door, Footsteps echoing around the forums, All the windows closed in fear............Im really, really just not funny X_X

    *trys again

    Hey guys ! *waits for round of claps and cheers, with a few boos here and there. It appears, Im back, atleast according to the fact that im on the forum page xD I use to be here quite often, Probley to often for my own good, But around the time fangrides computer broke, The majority of influential map makers here, left such as KingKaider (Kaiderp) Aimoskeeto, Krose (to an extent). Thankfully, Some people such as drago and infamy stuck around, and continued crafting there skill here. I use to mostly beta maps, While lending a hand to giving feed back to any maps, To helping build areas etc, I have slowly worked on maps, but for now I think ill be helping others (Unless super secret co-lap happens....<.<). Now, I know, who cares about my life story, So, Ill just mention why ive returned to full power (Harry potter reference, Don't hate me, Read the books, then thank me later), Ive been involved with testing fangrides WIP map, SI, and it seems to be what the community needs to get itself back in shape, Is one damn good map, to blow all your brains away. Once that is released, I don't know if ill be staying, hopefully I will, but mostly, Im back to lend a hand to the rest of the map makers here, And possibley working on my own map ! If anyone needs a beta done, Just shoot me a msg


    one other thing, if you need me for something, Pm me, Ill give u my Skype so we can talk about whats needed of my awesomeness, <3
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    I think I got it now, Its Vigilis Oculos ! 20 awesome points to me ?
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    Quote from Aimoskeeto

    Those on my Twitter may already know about this, but I thought I'd post it here for those who don't check my thread:

    I don't know what this means for my administration of the thread; I'm reluctant to leave right now, just because I really wanna stick around with it, but all the same, Fang, Witty, Zap and DeTox, please replace me if you feel the need. It absolutely sucks, but I won't complain!

    And blahblah, I know you've all probably heard this before xD but remember, I'm 20, which is quite a lot older than most of you guys, and blargh, life. It throws stuff at you when you least expect it. It's thrown stuff at me a lot this year, as some of you know. But this is a very good thing. And I don't wanna let it go. :)
    you've been a great friend of mine, And im happy ive gotten to know you. Im speaking for all when I say u will be missed, Just keep us posted, and we all support you

    -Your friend gerry
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    Quote from bman1255

    For people who don't know. Race For Wool is still a thriving and popular e-sport! This is a recording of a match from the "big" RFW tournament RMCT (Reddit MineCraft Tournament). This was a Quarter-Finals match Between my team (404: Wool not found) and the oldest team still around (Bulletproof) on Direct Fire! I thought this is something people here would want to know about and watch!.

    If you want to play then you can go over to www.reddit.com/r/mctourney where they often host show matches and there are plenty of people looking for teams. Brad, Y u steal this post, I <3 you but still bud, Dont

    I'm 404TWBS in the video by the way. ;)
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    Quote from Delthyn

    Judging from the OP, it looks like Cam intends for us to simply use this thread. It's simple, easy to use, and will hopefully get a minimal level of outside spam. Particularly if Cam edits the OP to state very clearly in large unfriendly letters that we don't want applications from browsers of the server section. It seemed to work for Galaxia, so it should work for us.

    @Cameron: When can we expect the server to be up? Have you bought the server yet?
    *Whistles about the Skype group we have
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    Quote from WittyWhiscash

    Oh lord. I guess I'm going to explain my reasoning in this for all of us to believe that it wasn't what it could have been. Now I may have some facts wrong. You can call me out on those, because I have not played past the white wool due to hardware limitations and issues.

    I'm not spoilering this long post. This is because you need to read it. My very long essay. More than 2000 words. Enjoy.

    We all have our reasons.

    We all have our opinions.

    Some may critique my opinions, but what does that matter? This is most of the time how we express our opinions on this newer map recently.

    You can go ahead and disregard my opinions as stupid and hating on Vechs as well, but I am trying to write this in as calm as a state as possible. Others may react violently on this kind of message. And that's fine. We admins will have to warn them, and there may be some shuffling through messages and removal of messages. What I'm trying to do is get my reasoning out, without being all crazy and following you up a wall (That was a terrible image, but you should get the point).

    Many of us in the CTM genre like great gameplay AND great aesthetics. And for some of us, we believe that Inferno Mines fell short on those regards. While any noob to the CTM genre who has never seen anything outside of vanilla Minecraft might regard this as "stunning and amazing", us CTMers who have seen more than a couple maps in their lifetime (I've seen a couple in my lifetime, I'll admit to it) know that this fell short in many areas. I may not have played it completely through due to hardware limitations (White Wool only), but what I have seen from Lets-Plays and Developer Commentaries is more than enough to state my opinion in a thorough manner.

    Just like any Vechs map, there really is no erosion. Vechs has kept true to his classic "USE ALL THE SPHERES!" kind of ways, using just sphere brushes from MCEdit to carve out his caverns. Now, to anyone new to the CTM genre, not knowing about the boundless list of maps outside of Vechs' maps will never think that it looks bad. But when others, who have made a map or two in their time, or are, making one right now, will know that if you include only MCEdit brushes in your map, you will be frowned upon HARD. We just let Vechs do it because it's Vechs, and he prefers gameplay over aesthetics. But that isn't a reason to just disregard aesthetics like it’s not important. Because it is. Both gameplay and aesthetics mingle together in order to make the great experience we all know and like. What we don't like about Vechs' Inferno Mines in terms of aesthetics not only applies to that he used the sphere brush so commonly, but he used the same art direction the entire time. Ever notice how all the way through the map, the common theme is sandstone (And, again. My opinion, the icky variant) and lava. Yes, he may use some sand and gravel. Or he might use some stone and some glowstone and some ore. Or he might use some glass and stonebrick. But all the way throughout the entire map, there is lava and sandstone in some way, shape or form. Of course, you might mention that he eases off of the sandstone by the time you reach the Vexian Gallery, which he then switches to Quartz and Lava. But there's still lava. By about I3, many of us are sore from looking at sandstone and lava. It needs to look better. But there seems to be no sign of improvement. Maps that suffer from this sort of marauding of sandstone and lava throughout the entire map, us CTMers like to label it as the Inferno Mines Syndrome. But enough bantering on about aesthetics. We need to talk about gameplay, which is a topic on this map that many of us thought fell way below its mark.

    The gameplay in Inferno Mines was obviously emphasized when this map was being made. Vechs obviously wanted to make a map that innovated with plenty of new gameplay mechanics that were sure to surprise and stimulate the player. With a year in development, many of us believed he would set the bar high and leave us all wowed. But unfortunately that isn’t what happened. The gameplay fell way below the mark of what we all thought would have been the greatest map we ever played gameplay-wise, looking past the borked aesthetics. But when you see how bad the execution of each of the gameplay mechanics and areas he made, it starts to feel bad. Really bad. Let’s start with custom mobs. From any mapmaker’s perspective, I’m going to describe them as mobs that differentiate from vanilla mobs, because they have special perks, or they drop additional items. I am splitting “normal” custom mobs from stacked mobs, and fleecy mobs, just for the fact that they are two different things.

    There are some custom mobs that were on par for what they were made for:

    FlameVenom Spider - An early game mob with an interesting gameplay mechanic and generous loot. The FlameVenom Spider wields a Stone Sword with Sharpness and Fire Aspect as its weapon of choice, meaning that a normal spider will now inflict fire damage. They are also equipped with Fire Resistance so that the spider can easily be identified by their flaming bodies. The loot they drop is very convenient early on. Stone swords with Sharpness and Fire Aspect, and impossible Unbreaking, make a nice early-game weapon that you can use and manipulate to your heart’s content (FlameVenom Fangs - Chipped and Perfect). Some leather for early armor and early recovery. Can also be used in a multi-player environment for extra armor, not saying you won’t have a crapton of it (FlameVenom Chitin). Some Fire Protection 2 books that is great for applying to armor, and combining to make stronger versions of it (FlameVenom Scales). And some extra XP due to it being a tougher and stronger mob, adding RPG-like progression to the way the player fights mobs (FlameVenom XP).

    The Invisible Cave Spider - It is very simply, a Cave Spider that is invisible. But, due to the way Minecraft mechanics works, the eyes still render, causing the idea that you have to watch for the eyes…

    But then there are the ones that crashed and burned…

    Vechs’ Custom Witch - This thing is considered by many to be VERY overpowered. Not only does this thing drop so many things that clog your inventory it’s stupid, it’s also impossible to kill at melee range in an open space. Pretty much the only possible way to take these things out is by bow, in which Flame doesn’t work, and/or box you in in order to attack the feets of the witch. And not only that, they are enhanced with increased HP, Speed, Fire Resistance (?), and Jump Boost. So, all in all, an overpowered tank with the means to destroy you.

    The Thornguard - The Thornguard is another terribly executed mob by Vechs. This thing is branded with a Cactus helmet with Thorns 10/15. That’s right. Attack it, and you sustain MASSIVE damage. But not only that, but it wields a bow. A [REDACTED] BOW. Enchanted with Power, Punch (?), Flame, and Unbreaking. So you are faced with a mob you cannot melee, so your only chance of taking it out is by shooting it, with a bow, and continually getting Thorns damage. While it shoots at you with its OP bow.

    The Boomer - This thing is an invisible charged creeper with speed. That’s all it is. It is just a gigantic bringer of raging death.

    So noticing how much he destroyed the concept of custom mobs, let’s continue on to talk about stacked mobs. He could have done some pretty cool things with stacked mobs. He could have made creative designs and gameplay standards with these things. But the stacks he made felt rushed, and overpowered, and to many of us, not really balanced. Many of us criticise him on this, but he has disappeared from the forums, so we can’t really tell him out on it on the forums any more Now on to the last section on the topic of custom mobs, the fleecy mobs. This is a topic that is very controversial to many of us here. The fleecy mob idea started in Black Desert 2, a now long-gone trashed map, which, quite frankly, was terrible in its execution. The entire idea was that you gain all your resources through custom mobs. But, with bland environments, and tough balancing issues, there was no hope at the time for the map. But he decided to bring the concept back, so that he could implement the idea into Inferno Mines. The fleecy mobs were a mess, and they could easily be exploited by the player by dropping them into a hole, and hitting the feets. Many veteran players here discuss that this is not the way it should be executed.

    So now that we are off the topic of mobs, let’s talk about botched gameplay in areas. Of course, we can say that the gameplay is spot-on in the beginning-I1, although there are some issues with OP mobs in Lower Mines and Everforge. But then we get to I2. And here’s where things go bye-bye in terms of spot-on gameplay. In Hane’s Disgrace, things could be executed better, but it’s still alright. Mellow Cavern is not something that is really “mellow” anymore, due to him putting an abomination of a stacked mob in there. And then there’s Lush Ruins. Oh lord. Lush Ruins. The area everyone loves to hate. It was a complete spawner spam over the limit by about 5 000 000 miles. You kind of start to see the point when I point that kind of thing out. Then there is I3. First, there is Salire Castle. That kind of sucks in gameplay, because the boss mob can EASILY be boxed in, and killed. The jump boost mechanic was interesting, but in those kinds of conditions, they were a bit annoying and not really used well. Then there is Dumb Blast Zisteau Cavern. The concept behind it is genius, but all in all, the concept is poorly executed, as to not cope with the AI of pigmen, and the area in general looks… bleh. And then there is Wilhelm Cliffs. The recent updates make it look good, but the gameplay could have been made better. He could have included more custom mobs, and make it more of a challenge than it really is. You find the Victory Monument and then head to the Outer Inferno, where lies Camp Ember/Ember Castle (I really don’t know remember what it is :P ). That area just looks BAD. He said that that area accommodates for gameplay more than aesthetics, but when it looks bad, it isn’t that good. I haven’t seen a lot on the gameplay of the area, but what I have heard, it is not a fun thing to play. So we head towards the Vexian Gallery. There is the Blackened Archives (Don’t have much to explain on it, haven’t seen gameplay of it), Zistonian Battlecry, and Eternal Battle. Zistonian Battlecry is just a very badly designed area because it can easily be enderpearled, and running through is honestly plain silly. Eternal Battle is just too much. It is terrible. You have so much crap sieging you that there is no way to get to that fleecy mob on the other side. I really don’t know much, because, again, trying to go off of what people have mentioned in the past. People can back me up on this. So, to end this statement off, the map is good in the beginning, and in I1, but it sucks from I2 to the end of the map.

    And the last thing to talk about is the random loot system. He uses mainly the random loot system to give his loot to the player. But this can become extremely flawed, as the player obtains so many pieces of diamond armor that they are running around in full diamond, hacking through the map with no care in the world. And there is so much stuff, that there is really no way to keep it all. Just the brute amount of loot in Lush Ruins was so much for Zisteau, which he then gave up on it. It is completely pointless to have a loot system like that.

    So hopefully, in this essay, I have explained to you why the CTM Community does not like Inferno Mines. Again, I’m not hating on Inferno Mines, but showing its flaws and where it fell short. Hopefully this gives you a clear-cut answer, backed up by some better facts from the CTM Community on this map that clearly fell short in Super Hostile standards in our eyes.

    EDIT: Because it feels right:

    Usily, Id reply to this, But this, OP plx nerf. Very good witty, I pretty much have to agree on every point you made, Thanks for putting some light on the suitation
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