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    Quote from Award21»

    I maybe understand what you want

    (Input 1; input 2) = (on ; on) => (off ; on) or (on ; off) => Output off


    (Input 1; input 2) = (on ; on) => (off ; off) => Output on

    Is that it ?

    yes i think that you got the idea the part were i am stuck is on the fact that i need the circuit or system to stay on after both inputs have turned off and only turn back off when both inputs are back on and not if one is on and the other is off am trying to use it for a chest silo were the 2 inputs are comparators on the top chest and bottom i want to try and lock the system when it is empty and unlock it only when it is full again am really sorry for the not so good explanation but this is a very tricky circuit for me to explain and am not good at these kind of circuts

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    although it is simmillar to what i want it is not what am looking for the circut i need must be like this 2 inputs when both inputs are on output is off then when both are off the output is off and stays off even when one of the inputs turns back on so for example if both inputs are on and one turns off then it stays off but when both are off then it turns on and will only turn off again when both inputs are on, i haven't seen a mechanism or circuit like this yet on youtube

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    I tried to make a circut that when the 2 inputs are both on the output would be off and when both are off and only one of them after it has been off first is on the output would be on, it is a bit of a weird circuit i haven't been able to make it so far. Does anyone know how to make this?

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    posted a message on What i do wrong in these series of commands?

    the 3 command from the end is this minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=1,score_starter=23] ~ ~ ~ scoreboard players tag @s add starter

    this is my tag command

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    First of all here is the basic command series that i tested and made sure it worked. Also this is for 1.12.2 along with the mod Pixelmon reforged.

    /scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 0

    /scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 1 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:1b}]}

    /scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 2 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:2b}]}

    /execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=1,score_starter=1] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Bulbasaur level:5
    /execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=2,score_starter=2] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Squirtle level:5

    /clear @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=1,score_starter=2] minecraft:bedrock

    /execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=1,score_starter=2] ~ ~ ~ clone -1096 56 3958 -1088 58 3968 -1096 69 3958

    /execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=1,score_starter=2] ~ ~ ~ teleport @s -1093 68 3963

    /minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=1,score_starter=2] ~ ~ ~ scoreboard players tag @s add starter

    First command on Repeating Command block and the rest on Chain Command blocks on unconditional.

    Ok so the above series are all working basically when a player gets 1 bedrock in his inventory he gets a bulbasaur then the bedrock is removed and after that 2 execute commands activate. Finally a tag is added to the player so none of the commands work again on that player. So this works fine so i decided to make it instead of 2 pokemon to 23 so it is basically just copy and paste of these 2 commands:(/scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 1 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:1b}]}),(/execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=2,score_starter=2] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Squirtle level:5) but just changing the numbers and names of the pokemon and then just increasing the maximum score to 23 on the rest commands that go after. So theoreticaly this should work no matter how many times i increase it but for some reason after you get the bedrock any number of bedrock from 1-23 and it keeps spam giving the pokemon from that number over and over until i shut off the command.

    Here is the whole command series in total 51 command blocks first one Repeating always active all the rest Chain Command blocks on unconditional.

    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 0
    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 1 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:1b}]}
    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 2 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:2b}]}
    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 3 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:3b}]}
    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 4 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:4b}]}
    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 5 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:5b}]}
    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 6 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:6b}]}
    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 7 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:7b}]}
    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 8 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:8b}]}
    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 9 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:9b}]}
    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 10 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:10b}]}
    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 11 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:11b}]}
    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 12 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:12b}]}
    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 13 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:13b}]}
    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 14 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:14b}]}
    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 15 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:15b}]}
    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 16 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:16b}]}
    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 17 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:17b}]}
    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 18 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:18b}]}
    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 19 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:19b}]}
    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 20 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:20b}]}
    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 21 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:21b}]}
    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 22 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:22b}]}
    minecraft:scoreboard players set @a[tag=!starter] starter 23 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:bedrock",Count:23b}]}
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=1,score_starter=1] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Bulbasaur level:5
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=2,score_starter=2] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Squirtle level:5
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=3,score_starter=3] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Charmander level:5
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=4,score_starter=4] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Chikorita level:5
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=5,score_starter=5] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Totodile level:5
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=6,score_starter=6] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Cyndaquil level:5
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=7,score_starter=7] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Treecko level:5
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=8,score_starter=8] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Mudkip level:5
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=9,score_starter=9] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Torchic level:5
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=10,score_starter=10] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Turtwig level:5
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=11,score_starter=11] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Piplup level:5
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=12,score_starter=12] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Chimchar level:5
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=13,score_starter=13] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Snivy level:5
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=14,score_starter=14] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Oshawott level:5
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=15,score_starter=15] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Tepig level:5
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=16,score_starter=16] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Chespin level:5
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=17,score_starter=17] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Froakie level:5
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=18,score_starter=18] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Fennekin level:5
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=19,score_starter=19] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Rowlet level:5
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=20,score_starter=20] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Litten level:5
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=21,score_starter=21] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Popplio level:5
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=22,score_starter=22] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Eevee level:5
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=23,score_starter=23] ~ ~ ~ pokegive @s Pikachu level:5
    minecraft:clear @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=1,score_starter=23] minecraft:bedrock
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=1,score_starter=23] ~ ~ ~ scoreboard players tag @s add starter
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=1,score_starter=23] ~ ~ ~ clone -1096 56 3958 -1088 58 3968 -1096 69 3958
    minecraft:execute @a[tag=!starter,score_starter_min=1,score_starter=23] ~ ~ ~ teleport @s -1093 68 3963

    So what am i doing wrong here?? I am so close to make this work and yet i cannot figure out what i do wrong, it could be a tiny small typo mistake and i am just not able to see it.

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    posted a message on Hostile Ocean Mob (Not a Shark)

    There is a hostile ocean mob it's the drowned but it doesn't spawn very often as you move you have to wait in one place for them to start spawning.

    Also guardians don't really count that much since they only spawn in monuments.

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    posted a message on Enchanting swords

    I know that you can enchant the item a player is holding with /enchant but unless if you use a /replaceitem command i don't think that you can.

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    posted a message on Help for an old fan coming back?

    I think that you should watch some of the hermitcraft videos they are always in the latest version of the game and they are all very good players so you will learn much about the game since each hermit is very different than the other, if you like building Goodtimewithscar Grian Welshknight and Falsesymetry are some of the best builders and if you like redstone MumboJumbo Cubfan85 and Xisumavoid is the best choise or you can watch all of them if you have time.

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    posted a message on Do angry wolves stop being angry?

    yes they do if you get far away from them or get in the nether if you have a portal and then come back the wolves will not be angry anymore with you

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    posted a message on Question about timing of 2 observers facing each other

    2 observers facing each other are faster than the hoppers that put the items in the dropper that means that the dropper will become empty for a second making the piston move the observer down disabling the clock but as it does that an item comes on the dropper and that makes the comparator powered again and the same thing goes over and over unless if you have 2 hoppers putting items in the dropper then the observers will stay facing each other until no more items are left in the hoppers

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    posted a message on 3x3 Multifloor flying machine elevators

    It is possible to make it 3x2 platform because my design for the 3x5 elevator uses 3 machines that each control 1 platform, the middle one is only 3x1 and the 2 on each side are 3x2 so you can use any of them as a single part for an elevator. You can btw move the moving parts to any side of a slime block you want so as you can see from the last 2 pictures i moved the part in the center slime block.

    Btw you can change the slabs for carpets if you really want but that will make the player bounce every time the elevator is moving up and it could at the right timing glitch the player through the platform, that's why i used slabs.

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    posted a message on [ItemBound v1.9.] (Custom item skins + custom loot!) (150,000+ total downloads!!!)

    Any plans to add new weapons and armor?

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    posted a message on Is it possible to integrate an automatic sorting system to an AFK fishing farm?

    you can add filters for all the stackable items that you want to keep i suggest only these pufferfish, cod, salmon, name tag and maybe lily pads then you can just put a line of chests in the end that will store every single other item that isn't on your filters, after some time of fishing you can check the chests in the end and gather any item that you want and destroy the rest by either droping them to the ground or if you are like me put hoppers under each of the chests that are locked and they lead to a dropper that drops the items in lava when i unlock the hoppers, of course you have to remember in that case to lock back the hoppers when the chests are clean. I usually put a piston that extends infront of the fish farm when the hoppers are unlocked so that i don't afk fish when the items are getting destroyed.

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    i think that i may be able to make you a fast cobblestone generator, from what i can tell from the picture you need a farm that will make a 3x3x1 layer of blocks total 9 blocks so that you can mine the center and then the custom enchantment can mine the other 8 around it. What version is the server i need to know if i can use observers

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    posted a message on 3x3 Multifloor flying machine elevators

    i have made a slimeblock elevator once in 1.13 it works using 3 of the flying machines from the post above and it is 3x5 but if you really need it to be 3x3 you can remove one of the machines alone with 2 rows and then it can become 3x3 if you are interest in my design let me know.

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