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    "Stupid Weapons" is a 1.15.2 mod (v1.2) that adds 10 wacky weapons to Minecraft.

    Go check on CurseForge -> https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/stupids-weapons

    - the Carrot Sniper :

    An powerfull sniper with a capacity of 3 carrots*, shoot far and strong but make no damage on blocks

    - the Golden Carrot Sniper :

    Better, Stronger, Higher than the carrot sniper but with still a capacity of 3 golden carrot *

    - the Potato Launcher :

    A short distance weapon that throw explosive potato (make damage on block) with a capacity of 10 potato *

    - the Hot Potato Launcher :

    Upgraded Potato Launcher that throw incendiary explosive potato (same capacity)

    - the Poisonous Potato Launcher

    Improved Potato Launcher that throws a poisonous explosive potato (releases poison gas on contact)

    - the Chicken Gun

    A poor chicken tied on a stick (you monster) that shoot eggs. It has no capacity, as long as you have eggs in your inventory it shoots

    - the Spider Gun

    A poor spider tied on a stick (stop it !) that shoot string. On contact, string can create cobweb. It has no capacity, as long as you have string in your inventory it shoots

    - the Cactus Thrower

    Throw a cactus that explodes by spreading its thorns. No block damage

    - the Anvil Launcher

    The first community's weapon ! Launch an heavy anvil, if no entity is struck by the anvil, it lands on the ground

    - The Villager Rocket

    A Rocket that make some pretty huge explosion. It is made from 3 parts, complicated to make themselves

    * once the charger is empty, it must be recharged

    The mod is currently in development so do not hesitate to suggest weapon ideas !

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