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    posted a message on [1.5.2] 1.4.1 "BetterSurvival" SSP/SMP "Its Time to Survive" 3D Backpacks, Fishnets, More Foods and Dyeable Beds.
    hey man anyway that the water fall effect could be its own mod? i really like the falling leaves and waterfall particles.
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    posted a message on Redstone programming block/Registry block idea.
    Hello, im DeathDealer. i have a mod idea that i think alot of people would be interested in. i do alot of redstone work and i constantly try to think of how to make my machine smaller.that being said..here is a basic outline of what i want this to be. i will try my best to explain it very clearly so please bear with me...

    The Programmer Block and Registry Block Mod:

    a command "like" block for programming "number scripts" into programmer block( could use a better name: / im thinking.....)Ok would look something like a computer. programmer blocks should have a frequency changer to have multiple programmer blocks in the world without conflict.gui would work like this.
    | [1] {1}^2 t^{2}^101 t^{1}{2}-
    < - 2000 t >
    | [2] {2}{1}{2}{1}-
    < - 4 t >
    | [3]| [4]-| [5]-

    so [1] is the first line of "number scripting". i would like to think 1000+ lines would be possible."{1}" is sending first command(or on signal) to registry block with set frequency 1."^2 t^" is the amount of ticks between the number commands in the script. EXPAMPLE: ^101 t^ is in between the next numbers in the script.numbers with no tick timing between them will make the registry blocks turn on at the same time for 1 tic.EXAMPLE: "[2] {2}{1}{2}{1}-" all registry blocks will hit at the same time for one tic."< 2000 t >" is the amount of ticks between number scripts.Number scripts are not limited to 1,2, or 3 registry block, but by how many registry blocks are set. And thats pretty much all there is to it. if your a redstone inventor like myself, Im sure this made your mind explode with ideas like it did me. if i didnt make anything clear enough im sorry just ask and ill do my best to explain furher. i have drawings of everything if i need to upload those:3Inspired By Ali4z's "Wireless Redstone Mod" - an amazing mod-> Link-age:http://www.minecraft...s-redstone-v16/

    Updated with some pics- please tell me what you think! ^_^
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    posted a message on I will make YOU a FREE MOD
    any word on if my idea is "possible''?
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    posted a message on [1.5.2]Improved First Person View (version 1.5.2r1, May 30th 2013)
    hmmm the updated version for 1.4.4 on page 25 works with 1.4.5. BUT i can see my hand and my body: /
    this seems like it would be easy to fix.
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