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    Quote from LLToon

    I don't see why OP is concerned with how other people play the game, especially when it doesn't affect his game.

    Because some people want to waggle their e-phallus around and say "NAH NAH NAH I got a bigger score then you!".
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    I for one welcome our new LGBT Dragon overlord...
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    Quote from Digmit

    A bug this big really should not have got passed them.

    Got past who? Mojang's testing team?

    You are the testing team.

    And as you are using 1.9 you are testing a pre-release of a beta release. If you don't want to deal with serious bugs don't use a pre-release beta candidate.
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    Quote from agaetis

    Anyone ever tell you that you're not funny?

    It wasn't humour, it was sarcasm. There is a difference.
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    Thank you op for your incredibly detailed yet concise explanation of the issue you are experiencing. Your post narrowed down the problem so well that it will be mere moments before this bug is fixed.
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    Quote from stonerboii

    okay.. so we basically only got the sh!t side of everything..

    No, if you experience time backwards you will get 1.9 where features are fully completed and then 1.8 where they are only half implemented.

    This is how game development works. Structures to support a feature are put in before the feature can be implemented. You can't put in the feature and then put in the support structures. The only other option would be for Notch to not release updates until features are all complete.

    For example with XP we are currently testing how the XP gathering mechanic works and finding the bugs. This then makes it easier for Notch to get the skill system working because the XP mechanic will have already been tested.

    If you don't want to test then please sign your Aperture Laboratories Test Release Indemnity Form and assume the party escort submission position.
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    I don't know how you can construe a single thing in that image into being a "circle". There aren't even enough blocks in most of those blotches to make something even vaguely circular. They look like squares with bits on to make them look less square, not like the kind of shapes you use to build large spheres and the like.

    Also that isn't "shallow water" it is a swamp biome which has mixed blocks to try and create more of a swamp effect (mixed vegetation, sand, and mud) rather then just looking like a normal biome with some ponds.
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    Quote from Myunyu
    Go play Terraria, the game that was made JUST for this reason, with bosses and everything.

    Yeah mean the game whose design document consisted of early Notch ravings about what he wanted in Survival mode, but they had to do it in 2D otherwise they would never beat Notch to market?

    Minecraft has scared me more then "serious" horror games, and has more challenging combat then most modern shooter games (because I can't just press a key and hide from skeletons and creepers behind a convenient piece of cover).
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    Quote from TXSteveW

    No, us men can't be kids who play video games all day. To get enough TNT for useful projects we need mob grinders to run while AFK.

    Wait.... seriously? Why not just use invedit? Making mob farms is an interesting project, but running them AFK just to do other stuff is just as "cheating" as using invedit.
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    People need to stop blaming other peoples computers for lag. After every major graphical update there is lag and FPS issues, Mojang identify and fix them. That is what happens in a Beta test. 1.8pre-release was pretty much unplayable on my gaming machine, 1.8pre-release 2 had much higher FPS but felt laggy because every few seconds the frame render time is jumping massively (which is easy to see with F3). 1.8 is the same but with lower FPS.
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