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    As many people know, redstone is tricky to deal with do to it connecting all together.

    The idea is to make "wire" which craft recipe can be 3 rubber on the top, 3 redstone in the middle, and 3 ruber on the bottom. Where do you get wire, though? Well many items can be dropped from trees, and incorporating it into the leaves drops can make an easy way to get rubber.

    Wires will function like redstone, but be able to be seperate from one another when placed next to each other. This will be very helpful when it comea to doing redstone.

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    1) As a request from my friends, they want horizontal stairs. Stairs that instead of having a 1/4th cut out on the top and bottom, instead on the side. So it'll look like a stair that has been placed on the wrong side which makes it useless as an actual stair. Stairs are often used in minecraft builds, and we would like the ability to use them in a new direction.

    2) Maybe add quarts walls.

    3) Horizontal slabs. Slabs that will face upwards instead of parallel to the ground

    4) Peach dye. I say this, because when I was making a fake painting out of banners, I used a light gray for the skin of the painting. I would at least like a peach color to use for these banners.

    5) Freepaint banners. Banners only have so many options to draw on them using specific shapes. I would like a freedraw option or an "import photo" option for banners, as I often find myself having to make more and more banners that touch for fake museums and such.

    6) touching banners. We should have an option to have banners that "snap" into place. I often use banners in one "painting" as stated above, and often times find unsightly gaps between them.

    7) Giant mushroom trees. I had to build mushroom trees by hand because I dont believe you can bonemeal a mushroom till it is big.

    8) "Paint." I would like to paint my walls of my rooms and this is hard to do without making another layer of blocks. Using dyes + a bucket of water, you should be able to make paint. This will take a bit to do, but block updates should be easier to do.

    All of my ideas for now.

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