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    The foundation has collapsed.

    SK event imminent.

    Initiate revival protocols.

    SCP: Lockdown is an update and remake of the original SCPCraft mod created by Yu_tu. Now reborn in 1.12, Lockdown contains updates to the blocks, items and entities of its predecessor, and goes further to grant the SCPs their true abilities. But beyond even that, new objects have been located...


    • 120+ facility blocks

    • 50+ items including night vision goggles.
    63 SCPs with revised designs, including functional items. Do not request new ones.
    • A document crafting system to spawn containment chambers.
    • A tiredness system that steadily worsens the more time is spent without sleep.
    • New effects.
    • Chinese, Swedish, French, Ukrainian, Italian, German and Russian supported.



    The Document system:
    As of release 2.1, the method of creating SCP documents has been considerably revamped and now incorporates the original token-based system of SCPCraft. For those of you who want to know how it works, simply follow the steps given below:

    1. In the overworld can now be found abandoned Facilities, left over from when the original Foundation was still active. The first component of the system is found inside, but be wary of what is no longer contained.

    2. The object you will need to find is called a Data Bank. Right clicking a Data Bank with paper will cause the paper to be imprinted with the data required to construct a document, turning it into a Blank Document.

    3. Your next objective is to craft the Official SCP Catalogue, or SCP-000-J. As the mod's own in-game recipe book, you will be able to view all craftable items and blocks. The item in the centre of the below recipe is an ingot of SCP-148, Telekill Alloy. This metal will appear underground as a rare ore.

    4. Locate the recipe for and craft the Document Crafter. Like the Data Bank, this block is essential for Lockdown's main functionality.

    5. Using SCP-000-J for a final time, craft the respective token of your chosen SCP. Combining this with a Blank Document will produce an SCP Document. Right click the ground with the document to spawn the respective structure, and contained SCP. Shift-right clicking the ground will also temporarily generate an outline of the structure itself.

    As a final point, those of you who have used Lockdown since its initial release will be aware of the Scrap of Paper item, and may very well have large stockpiles of these that you planned to use to purchase SCP Documents. To avoid you're work going to waste, Scraps of Paper can be used to craft Paper. This only applies to release 2.1, and as such Scraps of Paper will be removed from Lockdown entirely in all future releases.


    How to change or add recipes of Clockworks:

    After the
    game launch, a file named "SCP-914 recipes.cfg" will be created in
    config directory. To add custom recipes you open it and write entries in
    the format mentioned in the file (1 line for 1 recipe). You can disable
    original Clockworks recipes in the config file. Example of a valid


    Recipes can be viewed in JEI.

    Structure spawning

    Shift+right click the ground with a document to create a temporary grid showing where the associated structure will appear. Right click to spawn the structure itself.


    The screwdriver can edit computers, key card slots, ceiling lights and damaged ceiling lights.


    Change log



    fixed crash with Command baton and D-class p.;
    fixed inability to play when there are missing Clockworks recipes;
    made 594 immune to fire;
    removed builder bear's attack task;
    fixed Slowness affecting all players on the server when the Pocket dimension is active;


    added recipes for labels;
    added recipe for magnetized block and door;
    changed recipes of Heavy button and Ceiling Lamp;
    fixed text going out of bounds in Info Tablet UI;
    made D-class not despawn;
    config has been changed;
    made inanimate entities immune to "kill" command;
    set correct size of white chair;
    fixed pickaxes not damaging the Sculpture;
    added 2 block-chairs;
    made an abandoned facility generate in the world;
    changed keycard recipes;
    changed 472 chamber;
    added Siren block;
    made Fertile soil less OP;
    added abandoned facility to world generation with configurable rarity;
    improved AI of Swamp woman;
    added chamber for 160;
    reorganized configuration;
    added an ability for Clockworks to transform tokens (turned off by default);
    added recipe for D-class Spawn egg;
    added Command Baton (used on SCP staff);
    made Mouse and Rat spawnable in village biomes;
    updated Information Tablet with more info;
    removed Omni-keycard;
    added SCPs 594, 718, 811, 843;
    reduced the rate of Flamingo multiplication;
    made 008 work properly on Humans;
    implemented "Disorienting" arrows;
    increased speed of Absent shark and tweaked its AI;
    made scp knowledge unlockable by right-clicking the token;
    fixed syringe replacement bug;
    made Panacea to cure Sleep deprivation; made it to cure other creatures, too;
    Changed Sleep deprivation implementation; made Deprivation to force the player sleep in final stage;
    fixed Shadow spiders not infesting aggressors;
    added Swamp woman;
    fixed Pterodactyl's animations; changed AI;
    made Shyguy trigger only when someone's looking at his face;
    increased damage of Sleep killer; tweaked AI;
    disabled Builder bear teleportation;
    changed Pterodactyl models;
    added indicators of Zombie plague and Shadow spider infestation;
    changes to AI of flying creatures;
    added an option to disable Coffee Machine;
    fixed Observation glass and panes rendering unneeded sides;
    fixed 106 being unable to walk through open Magnetized door;
    added Electric Sheep and wool;
    implemented 106's pocket dimension;
    made a Data Bank;
    Sculpture can move if the watcher is blinded and it is out of visible range;
    added Eyeball;
    hostile SCPs can attack Custom NPCs;
    added swamp water;
    fixed entities not crystallizing by Contagious Crystal;
    pocket dimension generates 3 room stack in a chunk (configurable);
    replaced 106 chamber;
    added swamp grass;
    replaced ceiling lamp models;
    improved recipe sorting in SCP-000-J UI;
    removed paper scrap drop;
    changed Document Crafter to use tokens and blank documents in crafting;
    added recipe for converting paper scraps into paper;
    catching exceptions caused by SCP-914 recipes file;
    fixed flashlight crash;
    fixed 008 infecting armour stands;
    fixed keycard reader sending message on using a keycard of higher level;



    added conditions on which player can leash an SCP;
    fixed SCP-106;
    fixed SCP-096 opening doors while not enraged;
    temporary fix for CME in common events;
    fixed block raytrace function (fixes "haunter" triggering when behind blocks);
    added an ability for 106 to corrode the blocks he's walking on (turned off in config by default);
    added a block and a door ("Magnetized") which prevent 106 movement;
    added blue preview block which represents doors;
    changed navigation AI of Butterflies;
    increased damage of Butterflies;


    document preview places green outline on clicked position;
    added info about telekill alloy;
    made a Ceiling Lamp and a Damaged Ceiling Lamp;
    fixed crash occurring with Ironchests and ZAWA mods;
    added general information about certain objects to Info tablet;
    added more translation keys;


    added Ukrainian translation;
    fixed crash when a player attempts to place the block at position which is occupied with another block;
    added a structure outline function to SCP documents;
    added a simple research system (work in progress);
    added more translation keys and made document names translatable;
    fixed server crashes;


    replaced Big button with Heavy Button;
    fixed Sliding door dropping two doors when broken by Shyguy;
    decreased time before Builder bear starts making others to 20 minutes;
    made chambers spawn with the entrance facing the placer;
    more translation work;
    Shyguy reacts to D-class guys;
    removed paper drops from creatures without attack damage;
    decreased view range which triggers Shyguy;
    added Observation Panes and Blocks;
    added a setting to change Shyguy block breaking behaviour;


    Fixed crash caused by v1.3 SCP 939s being present on a world that was updated to v2.0.0.

    Added SCP 354 structure.

    Added big button to work with sliding doors.


    Satako library is no longer needed.

    Delete the configuration file before updating to this version.

    Existing sliding doors will be broken (with incorrect orientation).

    It is now possible to add custom recipes to Clockworks (will be explained in the description); vanilla recipes can be disabled.

    If the game crashes, update the Forge to at least

    If you have used v1.3 previously on a world, kill all instances of 939 before updating to v2.0 as the 2.0 versions are not compatible with the 1.3 versions.



    updated to Forge;
    added Painting chamber;
    scps will be replaced with fresh instances when spawned in chambers;
    covered exposed interior of Young girl's chamber;
    increased most scps health;
    split blocks in 2 tabs: "building" and "functional";
    added/replaced more structures;
    set default movement speed of hostile scps to player's walking speed;
    made scps start attack instantly;
    most SCPs with hands can open doors;
    added search bar to document tab;
    made various tweaks to scps;
    optimized code (performance);
    added an option to disable original clockworks recipes;
    added/changed labels;
    hid the gasmask and blue key;
    added Shyguy;
    made sliding doors passable for mobs;
    added French translation;
    added D class personnel;
    added 548;
    added sorted SCP spawn eggs to item tab;
    changed cactus model;
    added Haunter;
    added butterfly nest;
    added SCPs 151, 553, 1057;
    added a way to make arbitrary 914 recipes;
    implemented Chef's knife;
    added Spanish support;
    removed dependency on Satako;
    fixed light block connecting to fences and alike;
    fixed 914 ignoring item's repair stack metadata;
    fixed thrown dragon eggs being invisible;
    added pterodactyl (346);
    added chambers for fountain of youth, monster pot and fertile soil;
    updated chambers for builder bear, infinite canteen, shadow spiders and with many voices;
    added broken telekill sword;
    changed zombie plague to euclid;
    builder bears are now killable;
    changed what mobs can be imitated by 939;
    rats and mice spawn in the wild;
    added SCP-250;
    added vermin;
    added vermin god functionality and mob;
    added pink flamingoes;
    added monster pot;
    added fertile soil;
    panacea pills now fully heal the consumer;
    fixed some cases were panacea pills would not remove negative potion effects;
    fixed laceration ghosts not spawning at the correct positions;
    the plague doctor can now speak Swedish;
    syringes will now properly be filled when used on the zombie virus samples;

    added/changed mods settings;

    there might be more...



    added SCPs: 529, 573, 682, 912, 997, 2295, 3199;

    added SWAT armor;

    added recipes for Telekill armor;
    added hydrochloric acid;

    added options to toggle abandoned facility and data bank cell generation;
    added chamber for SCP-1000;

    added sounds for Pterry and Most of an Allosaurus;

    added 7 of suggested recipes to Clockworks;
    added option to set what blocks Shyguy can break;

    added sounds to Sliding doors;

    updated Forge to;

    updated the config (its version is 2.2 now);

    D-Class personnel is able to pick up equipment items now; has proper animations now; fixed several AI bugs; implemented Bow attack and shield usage;
    slightly changed generation algorithms of the facility and data bank cells;
    Telekill armor helps against 151, 472 and 718, at the cost of dizziness and speech impairment as side effects;
    implemented a search function in the SCP catalogue;
    made 143's leaves damage entities;
    removed Crystalline Butterfly document from Shyguy's chamber;
    increased default rarity of facility and Data banks;
    made swamp grass able to sustain plants;
    removed natural spawning of mob SCPs;
    updated some in-game info;
    fixed milk healing our potion effects;
    fixed double item drops from Black Shuck's effect;
    fixed Black Shuck affecting non-survival player;

    fixed Shyguy not breaking sliding doors in "ON" mode;

    fixed Shyguy's chamber placement rotation;

    fixed flying mobs going too high;
    fixed Sliding doors not saving opening/closing progress;

    SCP spawning/despawning

    - To spawn an entity type '/summon scp:' and press tab in chat to see the full list of available spawns. Copy the command for the entity given.

    - To despawn an entity type '/kill @e[type=scp:scp]', substituting the entity name given in '/summon scp:' in place of 'scp' .

    Custom maps




    This tab is for anyone who wants to translate Lockdown into their own language:

    English language file links


    (I would have given a link to a curseforge version of the file, but curseforge doesn't want it on their site.)

    1. Download the en_us.lang file.
    2. Open with any text editor.
    3. Change anything after the equal sign to your language.
    4. Message That Martin Guy (That Martin Guy#5199) on discord with the file and what language you have translated to, as well the country.

    People who have translated

    frk920 (Chinese)

    -------- (French)


    Warning: For an unknown reason clicking on the banner will send you to the clay soldiers mod. If you know why the banner links you to an unrelated mod please direct message me about it.



    • Alexiy [Coder]

    • That Martin Guy [Coder]

    • commander_wasp [Modeller, block maker and builder]

    • Maxwell K [Modeller]

    • Amalia T [Texturer]

    • Kaiju Rizard [Texturer and modeller]


    • Reish (the_Wendig0) [Modeller and block maker]

    • Corvus B and Totemaster for certain sounds.

    • ThatBirdNerd [Texturer and block maker]

    • Proven Beat [Modeller]

    • BlehButAUnicorn [Coder]

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    Well we came out very recently and people probably aren't looking for any new scp mods. Still thanks a bunch for all this positive feedback, and also for giving a well thought out and non-generic answer like "this i the best mod ever!". I'm not sure myself how the clockworks works, but the coder who made it's going to put something together and that will be added to the "getting started" tab. If your approaching the cactus in survival and are getting within three blocks of it I can't think of why its not exploding. As for an overview on scps we started brainstorming after I read this.

    Spread the word.

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    With the release of version 2.1, a new document crafting system has been added. If you want to know how it works, its in the functionality tab on the main page. Happy hunting.

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    Currently any adolescent mob or crop placed on it will rapidly grow to full size.

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    It is true that we take note of ideas and pay attention to constructive criticism, but we'd also very much appreciate you not talking on our behalf.

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    Not yet, its under debate and probably a while coming after that.

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    I had a look at this forum to see if anything had been updated and I saw the teaser - the fact there's animations is glorious.

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