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    posted a message on Observers

    Thanks guys! :) I can actually build BUD machines now xD Yay

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    posted a message on Observers


    Hey guys. I hear there's these things that came along not too long ago:

    Observer blocks.

    1) What in the world are they?

    2) How do they work?

    3) I thought command blocks were boss xD (but I guess not in this sense since these are in survival mode)

    Y'know, if those blocks are observing things so much, they oughtta call it STALKER blocks. xD Sounds ridiculous, but it = true. And true dat.

    How do they work? I mean, these things-- I don't even know where to start with this. I'd thought it was a FREAKIN' DISPENSER the first time I saw it. xD But then I realized the strange truth. Aliens made it to Minecraft through the form of these blocks! Ahhh that explains everything.

    And yes, command blocks are boss. Almost as much as saying /tellraw @a {"text":"MEOW","color":"dark_aqua"}

    And YES, dark aqua is an option.

    But that's beside the point. Let's use "observer" or "observer block" in some sentences:

    The observer observed the observer block observing observers making observations of the building project, that which was a freakin' tree.


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    posted a message on "Terracotta"

    Dear Mojang,

    You engrained the term "stained clay" into our minds for three years straight. We played your game every single day. We loved stained clay. It was the hottest thing in all of Minecraft.

    Then you freaking called it terracotta. o_o

    Sounds more like cottage cheese than a block to me.


    Change it back.


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    posted a message on The ONE and ONLY other thing Mojang/Microsoft need to add to Minecraft...

    Hey guys!

    With so many recent additions to the hit game Minecraft, people have been enjoying all sorts of features. New mobs, blocks, and customization are all over the place, and--

    With that, people have started thinking IT'S TOO MUCH!

    And I agree. New things are being added too fast, and this has been the case since 1.10. BUT there's one exception. And it's probably one of the only other things Minecraft needs to be absolutely and fully complete.

    And we want this as much as we wanted STAINED GLASS. Remember back in like 2012 and 2013 when we constantly were begging for that? Well, now there's something just as dire. However, this time, we're giving them CHOICES! :D

    All right. I don't care WHICH of these gets added, but please add at LEAST one of them.

    Wool Stairs (ehhh maybe)

    Stained Clay Stairs (AN ABSOLUTE MUST)


    So I'm pretty animated about this. And that's because WE want more stair choices! I mean, there's other things we'd want (like more types of trees- COUGH COUGH FRUIT TREES), but right now, we need to focus on the stairs.

    So first we deal with adding the stairs.

    Then we add fruit trees.

    We clear? :)


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