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    posted a message on [HIRING STAFF] RustMC - ☢️ Post-Apocalyptic RPG Server - 1.17.1 🔫 Custom Modeled Weapons and Items! 🔫

    Minecraft Username: thayus
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Timezone: GMT/BST
    How long can you be on a day?: 3 hours at most
    What languages do you speak?: English
    Do you have a working microphone?: Yes
    What role are you aiming for?: Moderator

    Are you familiar with any software? (MCEdit, Worldpainter, etc.): I am familiar with those particular softwares.

    Have you ever owned a minecraft server? Once, a few years ago. It was sadly closed due to lack of players.

    Detailed Questions
    Have you ever been punished on RustMC or any other servers? If so, why and did you learn from it?: I have not been punished on RustMC before. I have been punished on play.skycade.net for hacking, but that was long ago when I was young and immature and I have not done any hacking since.
    Why do you want to be staff on RustMC?: I really like the idea of Rust, but also to gain more experience as a staff member.
    Do you have any previous moderating/administration experience on similar servers?: Only on my own server (written above)
    How would you deal with lower staff members if you found they weren't effective/didn't contribute: I would report them to BroZilla or Purple due to the fact that I wouldn't say that I have the power to make an effective decision myself in that situation.
    Are you able to offer creative ideas to help shape the server, and if you were how would you contribute in that aspect?: I would be able to offer creative ideas to help the server due to the fact that I'm a mapmaker, and I have to think of ideas every day.
    Anything else?: Nothing else.

    Thanks for reading my application!

    (Discord: thayus#5586)

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    Heyo I'm thayus and I would like to be a mod on your server because I want to help out on a server and also need some experience. I am 15 years of age and have been playing Minecraft for almost half a decade. I really enjoy moderating servers and hope that I can help out here! I am also learning how to make Spigot plugins, am decent at pixel art and have a pretty solid knowledge of popular plugins & Minecraft commands. My discord is thayus#5586! Thanks for reading my application!

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    thayus#3207 <-- Discord

    thayus <-- Minecraft

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