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    posted a message on [1.5xx][Invention] Minecart Static Launcher ft. C-Booster
    These will be my last posts. Doenst seem the com has much usage for this idea.
    So I'll just put down my latest ideas to improve my launcher.

    Minecart Static C-Launcher v2.1

    Even if you create a 2 times 2 field of minecarts, they will not boost as powerfull as a C-Booster. The reason is the incoming carts are not charging up. But we just got about 10 seks to charge up, so the power is inadequat. To overcome this problem, I build a smaller version of the C-Launcher
    Reminder: a normal C-Booster needs about 5 min to be fully charged and will transfer this power to the cart!




    possible Backloop-Solution:

    But you might ask, how to overcome the problem now?!
    Yeah you are right, this itself dont give us the needed answer. But what about..

    Maybe by putting it into a math-formular
    power = time x minecarts

    so if we cant put up enough time, we just need to increase the minecarts!

    Example of usage:


    The sole problem I'm currently trying to prevent, where carts are stacking while dropping down to recycle the carts in whole count.
    (maybe its just overkill to drop down 20 carts ^^)
    Tested with 8 parallel starting carts which are boosted with pit-boosters and will line up and pair up while on the move. But its taking to much space IMHO.

    stay tuned,
    Badhard, signing out!
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    posted a message on Memory schematics?
    its called RS NOR Latch

    http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Redst ... _NOR_latch

    there are more like RS NAND Latch and so on

    if you have a clock device to time everything you should search for flip-flops
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    posted a message on Jump Distance
    or jump diagonal?
    seems to enlarge the distance by using Pythagoras
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    posted a message on [1.5xx][Invention] Minecart Static Launcher ft. C-Booster
    It seems steamed-Minecarts provide extra additional effect in term of cart-locks
    by having one on each side .. well I provide a blueprint

    :soil: :|: :soil:
    :Coal: :|: :Coal:
    :soil: :Logs^: :soil:
    :Furnace: :soil: :Furnace:
    :soil: :|: :soil:
    :soil: :|: :soil:

    Incoming cart

    :soil: = dirt
    :|: = rail
    :Coal: = powered cart
    :Furnace: = minecart
    :Logs^: = pressure plate
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    posted a message on [1.5xx][Invention] Minecart Static Launcher ft. C-Booster
    Static Launcher v2: Static C-Launcher

    Here I present my Static C-Launcher



    Default State:

    Chargeable State:

    Charged State:


    The problem on my previous version was, that the lock carts were charging while in charge state and they will save that momentum over time to create their own C-Booster. So I tried a bit of reverse-engineering.

    For a C-Booster you need:
    * at least 4 carts
    * 2 of them has to be aligned vertical
    * 2 of them hast to be aligned horizonal

    so you could build something like that with 5 carts
    2x :Furnace: :Furnace: 2x
    [] :Furnace:

    but the easiest way to match the criterium ist the original C-Booster by Conumdrumer with
    :Furnace: :Furnace:
    :Furnace: :Furnace:

    I will create the same criterium by putting 2 on a stone ledge and 2 on dirt or rails behind them like this in profile view:
    :Furnace: :Furnace:
    :_: :soil:

    To get the carts moving you should send them always in pairs. They are boosting themself each other, so no extra booster for charging and decharging is needed!
    To move them to their destination I put 2 minecarts in each side. As long 2 twin-carts are pushed in any direction they will move as long as possible.

    Now to explain the states:

    Default State:
    Naked form, need to be chargeable by twin-carts

    Chargeable State:
    Now you have put 2 minecarts in and make a row of 4 minecarts. They will NOT glitch! But if needed you can release them and put the launcher back to default state.

    Charged State:
    You have put 2 more carts in and they will start to glitch. The one minecart on the side will transfer the produced momentum to the cart in the station

    Decharge State:
    By opening the door 2 of the 4 minecarts will be released and render the launcher inactiv (because 4 minecarts in row dont produce momentum)
    Important fact is, that you'll need to open the doors in sync. I put some redstone below them which will provide this.

    Left Door:

    Right Door:

    you have to build something to let the cart which should be boosted in range of the launcher (lock it)
    its less powerfull as the orginal C-Booster
    its larger than a C-Booster
    its more difficult to transport the charging carts back to origin for recycling
    you have to sync 2 doors for release of the carts

    No glitch over time
    Its more hidden than conventional booster/launcher
    you have power on demand
    you wont need extra boosters for the charging-carts themself

    you can put in some storage minecarts to prevent animals destroy the launcher
    steam-carts are providing some funny things like that they are not moving if boosted by anything except steam-carts themselfs

    well maybe you find more pros and cons, I think I forgot some xD

    Please comment and feel free to test it out for yourself =)
    I would love if you share your experience with me and provide support to improve the cabability of the launcher

    Stay tuned,
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    posted a message on [1.5xx][Invention] Minecart Static Launcher ft. C-Booster
    I've modified the original post by adding v2 of my static launcher
    now call it static-c-launcher because it does not only took the principal but generate a whole C-Booster on demand

    As I said, Video is on upload
    I'm on my way to university =)

    See ya later
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    posted a message on [1.5xx][Invention] Minecart Static Launcher ft. C-Booster

    You are free to ask if you dont understand it. But I'll try explaining it again. Maybe it will be usefull to know the C-Boosters, its glitches, and its problems.

    Here is the tutorial of the C-Booster by TheConundrumer himself

    I try to summerize the C-Booster:
    usually you boost minecarts with 2 minecarts, which will glitch each other and accumulate the momentum.
    :Furnace: :Furnace:

    by placing minecarts like this
    :Furnace: :Furnace:
    :Furnace: :Furnace:

    you get the same effekt, but you can control the direction by placing the carts in the right order and its static.
    The problem is, that after 5 minutes a problem will occur, where the minecarts will disappear or will reset the directions of the booster on contact.
    (just watch the video, youll understand by trying it out for yourself. I vow!)

    Effectradius is on default status in the redzone
    :Red: [] [] :Red:
    :Red: :Furnace: :Furnace: :Red:
    :Red: :Furnace: :Furnace: :Red:
    :Red: [] [] :Red:

    The idea of my Launcher is to use the power of the C-Booster with the problem I mentioned above by making the C-Booser chargeable and dechargeable.

    Just to remember how to build the Charger
    [] [] :chestfront: []
    1x :Furnace: :_: :Furnace: 3x
    2x :Furnace: :_: :Furnace: 3x

    :chestfront: = door
    :_: = stone slap
    :Furnace: = minecart

    I use a door as a valve to release and store an incoming minecart which because if the minecart comes in
    it looks like
    [] [] :chestfront: []
    1x :Furnace: :Furnace: :Furnace: 3x
    2x :Furnace: :_: :Furnace: 3x

    and you connect both sides of minecarts with each other -> a C-Booster is born.

    In the while the cart you are sitting at is boosted and you can release the charge-cart by opening the door.

    if you would build something like this
    (why arent there all icons to build something like this oO)
    :|: [] :|:
    [] :|: []
    :|: [] :|:

    ( :|: = rails)

    and place at first minecarts on this rails like this

    :Furnace: [] :Furnace:
    [] :|: []
    :Furnace: [] :Furnace:

    and now push a minecart with a booster into this look.
    If(!) it is not too fast it will get stuck between the minecarts rendered unable to move forward or backwards.
    in this way you can place the minecart perfectly where you wanna able to predict the boosting effekt, because sometimes you drive slower or bit faster and your arriving point is always changing.

    if you build locks with 2 minecarts you get some effects:
    [] :|:
    :Furnace: :|:
    :Furnace: :|:
    [] :|:

    if you would income from the bottom of the rails, you will be pushed backwards where you are coming from.
    if you are moving over the center, youll get pushed forward. So its bidirectional or undirected.

    In my example I'm using one of the cart-locks as part of the booster. If you charge it, you get 2 effects which will help you getting you out of your station.
    1. you unlock one lock
    2. you use this unlocked lock as a C-Booster

    Hope I could help you,
    its probably the best to make a test-world and try it yourself. Its quite funny to experiment on that.


    PS: thx WizardNombie for testing
    maybe I'm adding a schematics so you can try it for yourself?
    €€: ********.. what makes it so special are the minecarts xD and youll loose them on copy&paste, wasnt it? xD

    €€€: btw.. isn there someplace more suitable for this topic? it would like a corner where ppl can show their ingame-creations in a technical way like mine
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    posted a message on [1.5xx][Invention] Minecart Static Launcher ft. C-Booster
    Version 1:

    Hey Community!

    I'm presenting you a way how to use the C-Boosters without risks of destroying your Boosters while glitching.
    It features the C-Booster of TheConundrumer or maybe more the idea behind the glitch. The C-Boosters getting the momentum generated by 4 carts pushing againgst each other. I used this idea to create 2 rows of carts and release a single minecart onto the center to connect the 2 rows generate a chargeable and _DE_chargeable Booster which is the important part to prevent the glitch.

    Here an overview of the constructure. Most of the implementation is rudimentary just to show the basic idea behind this
    [just ignore the structure on the left, its just some random test on the smaller version of the c-booster, but failed xD]

    In the front you see the std pit booster to simulate an incoming minecart to handle

    The cart will arrive in the holding area. The cart will be stopped by 2 carts on each side. I'll call it the cart lock. There is a stone-pressure-plate to activate something you wanna. (left side)
    (right side)
    (incoming side without cart)

    The two carts in the back of the right side are part of the static launcher. On the other side is the counterpart of the launcher which declares the power of the booster by stacking them.
    The cart which will charge this launcher, will come from above on the rails and will drop on the stone ledge and will move forward and press against the _closed_ door.
    (right side again)

    If you want to uncharge the launcher, just open the door. The released cart will drop onto the rails beneath and will be pushed forward with the other cart

    This here is just an overflow solution for my dispensers but it makes great use in testing such structures.
    There are rails under the cart which will let the carts stack and make them recycleable instead of destroying them in lava or with a cactus
    This mini-booster simulates the charge-cart by dropping a minecart next to it

    Now see the launcher in action
    Step 1: Charing
    I drop a minecart next to the charge-mini-booster

    Step 2: Launching
    The launcher pushes the locked minecart away

    Step 3: Pushing
    As you can see the charge-minecart is pushing against the door

    Step 4: Release
    To uncharge, just open the door. The minecart will fall into my overflow stack of minecarts

    For constructing you need to generate a massive amount of momentum in a short time. Its now your option to modify the counterpart to gives the launcher more power.
    The specification for my launcher is:
    [] [] :chestfront: []
    1x :Furnace: :_: :Furnace: 3x
    2x :Furnace: :soil: :Furnace: 3x

    Hope you like the work.
    Stay tuned,


    €: I'm still using the version 1.3 because of some mods im using, so I haven't tried it on the newer version
    €€: It seems to work in 1.4 too

    I just want to mention that this here is just a proove of concept, not a blueprint.
    I saw building this in different directions you get difference between the locks and booster so you have to modify them to adjust them to your worlds

    Version 2:
    Hey Com!

    I've tried another proof of concept which will prevent totally the charge glitch. For charging there are always 2 carts needed. So my idea was, to build up all 4 carts and transfer the build energy over one cart to the needed one.


    I'll post a very laggy video later on, but it shows you the concept.

    Stay tuned,
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