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    Hey, Everyone!

    I'm looking for a small group of mature,responsible players to assist me in constructing a gigantic fortress. Currently, a foundation for one spire has been mapped out but the fortress is otherwise empty. I intend to use the finished fortress in an upcoming challenge map. Everyone who helps in construction will have their names put in the credits and have the oppertunity to design a puzzle or trap. If you are interested, post here or otherwise let me know and I'll give you instructions on how to jon the server.

    EDIT: I use Hamachi in order to keep greifers and people I don't know out. If you wantto help, but don't have it, I'll provide a download link.

    EDIT 2: Unless you happen to have memorized item spawn numbers, then I highly suggest you install Marglyph's excellent TooManyItems mod if you want to help.

    Sorry I can't provide pics directly, but I've got screens on my Steam page
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