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    Application: [/b]

    In-game Name: DeadDm

    Age: 17

    Country: United States

    How did you hear about server?: I found it while I was browsing these forums for a SMP server to play on.

    What got you interested in the server?: This server specifically looks like it has an awesome community consisting of active players. The forum post possesses much better quality than most of the threads on this forum concerning SMP. I have been off and on Minecraft for the past year or so playing mini games and others things like Pixelmon. Now I am looking for a vanilla server to join because of my boredom with the rest of Minecraft. Ever since I started playing Minecraft my two favorite game types have always been vanilla and factions. I have tried to get back into vanilla, but the problem I have found is that after a week or two the player base drops to the point where there is only one other person on the server every two days. I mean I don't mind if only 3 or 4 players are active, but when it comes to the point where there is no one on, you're are better off playing single player. I did find one server that had been established for awhile and had an active player base, but the server had strange policies that I could not agree with, and the server generally didn't fit for me.


    What is your favorite part of minecraft?: Well, when I first started playing Minecraft I loved the survival aspect, but after awhile the game became too easy so this shifted to building. Up until the last time I played building was my strongest and favorite skill, although I do not know how good of a builder I am anymore since it has been at least 6 months since I have built something seriously.

    Do you have a preferred building style?: Not really sure. Medieval is what I usually build in though.

    What do you hope to get out of this server?: The opportunity to meet new people and revive my interest in Minecraft.

    What can you bring to this server?: My building if it's still good haha

    Tell us about yourself!: I really love games. My first game was Battlefront 1 and then following this Battlefront 2 and TMNT. Currently my favorite games consist of: CSGO, Town of Salem, Minecraft, Sid Meier's series (Civ 6 hype), and Call of Duty zombies. I am in my last year of high school and plan to major in computer science once I get into college. I absolutely hate people who misuse the semi-colon /s ;

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    Edit: Removed.

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    posted a message on Brand New Whitelisted Survival Server. Just Created! Apply Now.
    • What’s your minecraft name? DeadDm
    • How old are you? 16
    • Where are you from? United States.
    • Describe your play style: Building, exploring, mining. I pretty much am all around in all categories since I have been playing for so long.
    • What’s your previous server experience (e.g. any previous bans ---- Answer this Question)? I have been playing MC for close to five years, and I have been banned once for raiding another faction while my faction was peaceful.
    • Why would you like to join this server? I am looking for a small and active community that I can be apart of. Activity is very important when I look to join a community, because I don't want to join a community that will just die out in a week.
    • What is your favorite minecraft block? Smooth SandStone
    • Something Interesting About Yourself(Can Be About Minecraft Or Life) I'm not as familiar with some of the newer features as well as I am with the older features.
    • Do you accept the rules? Yes.
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    IGN: thadeadmonkey

    How often do you play Minecraft?

    Lately I have not been playing minecraft, because I don't really have much to do in it, so I have been playing steam games and what not.

    How often will you play on the server?

    • I can play 1-4 hours per day on the weekdays
    • I will be on 2 out of the 4 weekends a month
    • During the weekends I am on I can play 3-6 hours per day
    What are your experiences with Minecraft?

    I have been playing Minecraft for about four years. I know a lot about the game, and I perform pretty well in a lot of categories like building, pvp, mining, ect. . I have built many things in Minecraft during my four years playing the game, and I plan to continue building structures.Have you ever played on any other servers if so, why are you switching?

    Yes, I have played on many other SMP/mindcrack style server in the past. I never left or switched to any other SMP server while I was playing another. The servers I played on ended up getting shut down either because of
    • a lot of players losing interest
    • the host couldn't pay for the server anymore
    Tell about your builds, whether it be text or pictures.

    I like to build medieval style buildings/structures. I can also adapt to build other types of structures like future/modern.

    Tell something about yourself, anything! I like cookies, because they taste good.

    Skype? This is optional, and you may send it to me if you wish.

    Question? Nope

    Edit: whoops, I hit enter :P Also i messed up the formatting lol
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    posted a message on JonasLand SMP Server - | Whitelisted | 100% Vanilla | Max. 20 Players |
    Just noticed BobTheUndergroundFish bumped a 2 week old thread.

    Are you still accepting applicants?
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    IGN:(In Game name) thadeadmonkey
    Age: 15
    Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)
    Hours per week you can play: I can usually be on anywhere from 4-8 hours a day during the week. During the weekend I might be busy, but some weekends I can go anywhere from 6-12 hours
    Applying for: Staff
    Why should we chose you? (explain) I have been staff on multiple servers throughout my years of playing minecraft (3-4 years of minecraft), and throughout those years I have learned a lot about managing a community, being nice to other players, and dealing with situations. I have never been a staff member on a server with a huge community (100+), but I have seen what it is like to deal with it. One of my good friends I met almost a year ago is now a MCSG moderator. By just talking to him on daily basis I experienced what it took to be a moderator on such a huge server, and constantly having to deal with hackers, trolls, and people who just spoil the community. Atleast one game per day we played had one of those 'bad eggs'. For the past couple of weeks I have been drifting away from minecraft, because of servers full of people who make the community terrible. Being a moderator on a server helping the community grow into something bigger would be an awesome experience to have. I know how to handle a situation between two players fairly. I have also never abused my powers as a staff member on any server I have played on.
    Quick information about you: I like to play minecraft and steam games a lot. I am currently learning to code java, and plan to take a programming class next year
    Building skills:(Builder apps only):
    Staff skills:(Staff apps only): I have about 1-2 years of experience being a staff member on multiple servers (mostly started by someone I knew from school or met online). I can handle an argument taking place in the chat, catch hackers with sufficient evidence, and treat players equally
    Developer skills:(Developer apps only)
    Extra info: (Pictures...etc)

    Thank you for taking time to read my app :)
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    posted a message on Marrowick: Upcoming MMO RPG Server Looking for Builders and Alpha Testers! Apply Now! (STILL RECRUITING)
    Tester Application -
    Minecraft Username: thadeadmonkey
    Age: 15
    Timezone: EST/EDT (Eastern Standard Time/ Eastern Daylight Time)
    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Three years, almost four years.
    What interests you about this server?; The thing that really interests me about this server is that it is really unique. You don't see many servers like this; I can only name two other servers off the top of my head that are similar to this. I also love fresh new communities; I hate joining communities when they are already very popular. I prefer to watch servers grow then join late.

    Do you realize that you are TESTING the server? Not getting a head start.: Yes, I understand that this is an Alpha, and pretty much everything we earn will be reset once it gets to Beta/full release. I still see knowledge of the classes and land, and everything else the server has to offer as a head start for me. :P
    Why should I choose YOU to help test the server? I would love to help the server grow by testing your server while it is still in Alpha; by finding and smashing those bug ;p. I am also a good builder, so if I enjoy the server I might try to apply for builder :).
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    posted a message on Looking for MATURE builders/staff members!
    ~App Removed~
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    posted a message on LOOKING FOR STAFF AND PLAYERS FOR LUCKYCRAFT! All Vanilla (WHitelisted)
    IGN: thadeadmonkey

    Skype: thadeadmonkey

    What country do you live in: (Don't have to be specific) United states

    Age (Preferred 12+): 14

    Minecraft Experience: Beta 1.7 (2 years)

    How long will you play? im have been busy lately so probably 1-3 hours daily and more on the weekends

    What will you bring to the server: I'm an okay builder, better than average redstoner and I can think about bringing friends(they usually don't like vanilla and stick to pvp)

    Have you ever been banned before, if so why: nope

    Youtube Channel(not neccesary): i have one but i only use it to watch videos

    Will you record?: (Not necessary) i could record once i upgrade my pc (probably not for atleast a year)

    Can you tell your friends about the server? (see above)

    Tell me a little bit about yourself…. i like playing on prison, pvp, vanilla, hybrid and pretty much every other type of servers out there.

    Why do you want to join? i want to join you because I like vanilla servers(especially whitelisted ones (less griefers)).

    Do you have any questions: (Please don't ask what is the IP we will give it to you if you are excepted) Nope, but message me through skype if im accepted (I don't check minecraft forums much)
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    posted a message on NEW SERVER COMING! NEED STAFF 1.7.2!
    IGN?: thadeadmonkey
    Skype (if you don't have it it's ok): thadeadmonkey
    Age (tell the truth. To us age doesn't matter): 14
    On a scale of 1-10 what is your maturity level?: 8
    Why should I choose you?: You should choose me because I like helping random people that just started the game. The way I see it is if you help and are nice to someone who just started playing the game then they won't be a troll/hacker/griefer three months after they bought the game.
    Ever been banned before?: I believe i was temp-banned nearly a year and a half ago (been playing for two years) for raiding our enemy faction while we were a peaceful faction(i was later unbanned since it wasn't a serious offense)
    How often can you be on?: I can be on at least two hours every day and more on the weekends
    Do you have any experience?: I have been an admin twice and a Co-Owner twice before.

    Well I hope you liked my app :P
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.7.4 Whitelist SMP Server! [Small] [Mindcrack-Like]
    I'm assuming i wasn't accepted :P but just incase i was my skype name is spelled "thadeadmonkey" not "thedeadmonkey"
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