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    posted a message on Your Opinion is Wrong
    Quote from UndeadNecro

    Good job. You just summed up the worst problem in forums.

    And in life in general.
    Honestly, this was pretty hilarious, but it's also true.
    You don't know how many times friends have argued with me about stupid topics like how different video games compare to each other.
    Among other arguments one guy has used (these are all true, btw, no exaggerations here)
    - minecraft sux cus it copies from terraria.
    - CoD is horrible because battlefield is better.
    - Your opinion is retarded because it's your opinion.

    That last one is one he often uses. I'm not joking.
    I once told him arguing with him was like playing tennis against a brick wall, and he just shrugged and said,
    "I could beat a brick wall easy - I just need the right angle."

    Facepalms ensued.
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    posted a message on If you kill an NPC...
    Quote from strongbadman7

    Buddhism in Minecraft? Possible.

    I would like it very much if I killed 2 villagers and they both came back as cows.
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    posted a message on How fast can you die?
    *download skyblock*

    Hmm wonder where I-
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    posted a message on New health system sucks
    I see the OP's point. But personally, I like the new system. It's not quite as much of a stretch, brings a challenge, but is still minecraftey and preserves that element.

    Pre-1.8: Get swarmed by zombies.
    *noms pork*
    Oh look! Almost half my fatal wounds are gone.

    1.8: Get swarmed by zombies.
    A. Die like an old timer (me)
    B. realize hunger isnt the only thing added in, sprint out of there while socking a couple in the jaw, sending them flying back for some personal space.
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    posted a message on will minecraft ever end???!?!?!?!
    People like you are the reason minecraft will never quite be minecraft on the xbox and xperia.
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    posted a message on Pig saddle question
    Enjoy the autoderp for a while, unless you don't intend to move out of that area for a while. AKA no mining, hunting, exploring in new regions.
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    posted a message on Ways that lava can save you
    Cooked pork without cooking pork.
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    posted a message on The first thing you will do when 1.8 comes out?
    I plan to have three saves.
    On the first, I will trade and live peacefully with villagers, aiding them in wars and such in exchange for room, board, supplies, and weapons and armor.
    On the second, I storm the first village I see and take it down singlehandedly with some flint n steel, TNT, a bow and several stacks of arrows, and a diamond sword and armor. Then I'll take their supplies and do the same to the neighboring village. Then set both on fire and begin a psycho conquest to dominate as many villages as possible.
    On the third, which I have already started, I ignore them all as I build an obsidian bunker, then hide in it as I detonate a load of TNT. This load I shall dub "The Rapture" and detonate it on Dec 21, 2012 to compensate for the lack of real life destruction.
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    posted a message on Is it just me that slaughters every single wolf/dog?
    Quote from Rhyolite

    1. They don't actually trample crops.
    2. No, there is no way in hell they can destroy anything, and that includes fencing.
    3. You can change their skin, so 'ugly' isn't an excuse.
    4. Most of the time they take 1, maybe 2 bones to tame. Most bones I've ever had to use up was 5, and that's like 2-3 skeletons. Not that expensive, eh?

    Though I do hate wolves, and while I don't kill them, I never tame them. If wolves are a constant problem to you, move to a tundra, a desert, or a snow biome, wolves only spawn in forests.

    1. Any mob can trample crops, this means you.
    2. The worst I've ever seen them destroy are sheep. Which means I WILL shoot them on sight if they get too close to my sheep farm when Jeb makes mobs more persistent.
    3. Many like the vanilla textures, though I'm waiting on the update of a pack myself.
    4. I've taken around 7 bones for one wolf. I'm not going through that again. Skellies are a b*tch to kill.

    I just leave them be generally. A lot of the time, they fall into my trapdoor water pit and drown anyway. Just wish they dropped something. Even fur.
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    posted a message on [ADV] DAS REICH (1K downloads!)
    Followed mossy cobble path for a few feet.
    Punched creeper, lost half my health.
    Heard spider hiss and another SSSSSSSSS simultaneously.
    Went to peaceful.

    OT: one twisted storyline. And it's amazing. A few things though:
    - take out initial redstone torches, took all my willpower to keep looking for lever parts after I popped a RS torch on the door and it opened.
    - the signs really add to the story, but could you also make some of them directional? I went in a loop a couple of times.
    - Some starting gear would be nice. even a wood shovel, wood sword, and one cooked fish would do. Most people don't go camping without any supplies but a tent and a bed xD.
    - as stated previously, replace gravel with something less common but still fits in, ex. clay or snow. Gravel adds to the whole abandoned theme, but blends in too well. For both the guy playing and the guy building it.

    This would make the 2nd one improved IMO. Anyway, pretty nice map. Complex, mazey, but has a solid storyline. Also liked how you cited some real nazi experimenters and turned MC's failed model of a pig into a twisted human experiment.

    PS I'm on the 4 broken minecart rails above a lake of lava, and I'm pretty confuzzled. Help?
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    posted a message on NOTCH Come On
    Judging from some of the reports of slime spawns, I don't think the spawns should be increased. IMHO, they should be more spread out. Maybe layer 0-32, or even at the surface in some biomes.
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    posted a message on Piston disco light
    This is a great feature.
    In addition, there are probably a lot more uses out there than as a disco light - you could use it in a horror (ex. dead space-esque) sort of map for flickering lights, and the noise will blend right in. Or you could give some guy on SMP a seizure. xD
    Anyway, concerning its current use and the complaint against it on the youtube vid (noise isn't good for the club feeling, it's just a matter of synchronizing the ticks with some bass from the note blocks. :wink.gif:
    Anyway, I'll keep this in mind. My plan is to build an obsidian shelter (legit)with some basic supplies and a single, flickering light. I just know Notch will drop the red moon update on us at some point or another.
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    posted a message on Push "x" for as long as you can hold your breath.
    Time for another try...

    Hmm. Not bad.
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    posted a message on What do you want the new "scary" mob to be?
    Quote from mikepetro

    an airborne enemy of some kind would bring something new to the game.

    Such as a winged spider with a mounted machine bow skelly that carpet bombs you with creepers and paratrooper zombies with diamond combat knives?

    Be careful what you wish for.

    OT: Some new zombie types would be nice. The current one, a somewhat faster but slightly weaker one, and one really sluggish one that will rip you up in a matter of seconds.
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    posted a message on Nether Bed Mining
    xD Somebody test if it aggros zombie pigmen.
    If not, you've got a pretty safe supply of cooked porkchops in case of emergency. :tongue.gif:
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