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    I was in a cave once, just mining some iron ores as such, until I saw a creeper, and i tried to escape by mining, but lava came pouring out. Luckily, a skeleton randomly tried to shoot me, but ended up hitting the creeper and making it mad. The creeper blew up the skeleton, I stopped the lava from going everywhere, and survived.

    I can tell you, don't go into caves not knowing there purpose. Grab some armor, torches and tools and set out to adventure. Never go mining without torches, they are very important too.

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    Glad to see that this'd be in the PlayStation series, ALSO very glad that it'll be on PlayStation 3!
    Minecraft is really growing in its popularity every single day! Not only that, they are also selling LOT'S of merchandise!
    O...M...GOD! This is a very exciting moment for mineCraft and I wish Mojang the best in their career. :3
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