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    Hello All, I have made some custom scripts that I use to distribute my private modpack to players on my server. I am checking to see if there would be any interest in me releasing the script for others to use.

    Features I have built (currently windows only)

    Versioning - keeps track and updates depending on release of new builds
    Distribution - it uses a DropBox account to distribute the changes
    Executable - Builds a custom executable for distribution of the private modpack
    Updating - upon updating it will replace mods/configs/forge
    Standalone - runs in it's own location, separate from the default minecraft
    Memory Adjustment - can report system memory and allow you to adjust game memory settings
    Whitelisting - uses your current server whitelist to verify player accounts for installation (obfuscation is possible)

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    Quote from chicken_bones

    1.6.4 versions released

    CodeChickenCore for 1.6.4 is downloading both 1.6.4 and 1.6.2 Multipart, CodeChickenLib. Gives error both are installed. Even if you delete 1.6.2 it re-downloads.
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    For those of you still having problems stop downloading 1.8 - zAdditionalPipesClient18.zip (server18.zip) - is 1.8 not rev27. You are reporting all the same issues because you are still using the same version.

    To get rev27 you need to download from the link in the first post. The link directs you to the source tab, click on R27, then click on either /trunk/CurrentBuilds/zAdditionalPipesClient.zip or /trunk/CurrentBuilds/zAdditionalPipesServer.zip then click on view raw file and save that to your computer. This is rev27.

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