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    Thanks Zpin!!!

    We have absolutly NO issues with this hosting platform. XHOST has outdone themselves on this one not only with the Hosting Solution but the support as well. Our testers/community love it and prefer to use this platform over anything else availble at this time. TGS gives it 2 thumbs up for sure!
    Our public servers can at the link below if you want to test it out:


    this product make's MC hositng fast smooth and simple not only for the provider but the player as well! Good work thanks a ton for this.
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    We have been using it for around 2 months. Not only does it work but the folks that make this awsome product will support it! It is a 100% must have for the single user and GSP. Our beta testers love it over any other Game Hosting Contol platforms/Panel. We arent selling minecraft servers yet but check our public side out and join a few of the servers to see how well the Multicraft panel works.

    thank you Xhost for a great product!! Check them out here:

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