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    posted a message on [Solved] stop EXP drop from mob Spawner


    /scoreboard objectives add BreakSpawner minecraft.broken:minecraft.spawner

    then, in a repeating command block chain or function:

    execute as @a[scores={BreakSpawner=1..}] at @s run kill @e[type=minecraft:experience_orb,distance=..5]
    execute as @a[scores={BreakSpawner=1..}] at @s run summon minecraft:experience_orb ~ ~3 ~ {Value:200}
    execute as @a[scores={BreakSpawner=1..}] at @s run scoreboard players set @s BreakSpawner 0

    You can change the Value:200 to whatever you want, just mess around with it until its as much as u like.

    Hope this helps, :D

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    posted a message on Custom Enchanting Help

    I know this is 2 days late, but in 1.13, the NBT data goes DIRECTLY after the item, and ench IDs were replaced with the enchantment names in quotes.

    The correct command would look like this:

    /give @p minecraft:iron_shovel{Enchantments:[{id:"minecraft:knockback",lvl:2},{id:"minecraft:sharpness",lvl:2}]} 1

    Also, if you ever need help with commands, especially with give commands, just look up a generator, input desired results, and read what it produces, or just use that command.

    Hope this helps :)

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    posted a message on [Help] Testing for scores in 1.13
    /execute as <@p or whoever you want to target> if score @s banking matches 1.. run give @p emerald
    /execute as <@p or whoever you want to target> if score @s banking matches 1.. run scoreboard players remove 1 banking

    This should work.

    If you have something like an atm, then do

    /execute at <atm entity> as @a[distance=..4] if score @s banking matches 1.. run <whatever>

    Hope this is what you're looking for

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    posted a message on [HELP] How to use relative coordinates with the Leashed and Leash tags

    So I'm making an oxygen system for a survival map.

    There are generators, transfers, and storage stations for oxygen.

    Essentially, I have invisible sheep, and I want them to automatically connect to the fence at the same coordinates of the nearest OTHER sheep.

    The problem that I'm having is that the Leash tag takes specific X, Y, and Z inputs, and doesn't take ~ ~ ~ as an answer.

    My first idea was to somehow use the 1.13 /execute store command, but I don't know much about it.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance :)

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    posted a message on blockdata command removed in 1.13. How can we set data tags now???
    /data merge block ~ ~ ~ {Lock:"ImAKey"}

    so what is the new command?
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    posted a message on Need Assistance with 1.13 Command Syntax

    There are 2 potential issues.

    1: you have a capital i in type=Item, which breaks things in 1.13, try "item"

    2: your may have to do a double execute.

    /execute at @a run execute as @e[type=item,distance=..6] in overworld run tp @p

    I tested this, it should work.

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    posted a message on Increase dummy score while less than other dummy score?


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    posted a message on Naming mob with dummy objective?

    I'm trying to make a damage indicator using armor stands.

    The idea is to summon an armor stand that slowly rises whenever a player takes damage, using the minecraft.custom:minecraft.damageTaken or whatever it is.

    The problem is actually naming the armor stands a dummy objective.

    I thought it was possible when I saw that CustomName: now needs a JSON format, so the plan was to do something like:

    execute at @a[scores={DamageTaken=1..}] run summon minecraft:armor_stand ~ ~ ~ {Invulnderable:1b,CustomName:"{"score":{"name":"@p","objective":"DamageTaken"}}"}

    but it just doesnt seem to be working.

    Any ideas?

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    posted a message on Any Spell Ideas? 1.13

    S A L U T A T I O N S

    I'm making a magic system in minecraft 1.13.

    There are two key components in the spell system, Aura and Tomes.

    Aura represents mana, or magic points, and the like. It it reminiscent of the Aura in Hunter x Hunter.

    Tomes are books which act as one use powerful "spells." They deteriorate upon use.

    When a player crouches/sneaks, they will gain Aura based on their Experience (not in game xp) level.

    The Aura and Tomes are like intertwined magic systems.

    So far, using Aura you can:

    - Use En: Effects all in 10 meter radius with glowing, and if you right click, it effects all in a 50 meter radius for a short time

    - Use Blink: Teleports you 15 meters in the direction you're facing (working on stopping players from going through walls)

    - Use Sinister Aura: Effects everything in a 10 meter radius with Slowness and Nausea

    - Depending on Aura and Experience levels, you get passive strength, speed (when sprinting), and resistance.

    Existing Tomes are:
    - Rise: Lift the caster up a few meters (distance changes based on the power of the tome, Minor, Normal, or Higher)

    - Smite: Strikes everything in radius with lightning (radius changes with power)

    - Barrier: Creates an invisible wall a few meters in front of user (size changes with power)

    - LandMine: Creates an explosive trap a few meters behind user (explosive power changes with power)

    - IceStorm: Drops blue ice from the sky, greatly hurting anything it lands on. (# of icicles and damage change with power)

    - GracefulRadiance: Effects everything in radius with regeneration (radius and heal amount changes with power)

    - DoubleWheat: Doubles amount of wheat in inventory (no change with power)

    - Withering: Shoots a slow projectile in the direction user is facing, which effects everything that gets too close and in a 15 meter radius when it hits something (withering effectiveness changes with power)

    - Arrow Storm: Drops loads of arrows from the sky a few meters in front of the player, and effects everything hit by an arrow with slowness and blindness (duration of storm changes with power)

    The following is the information that will be provided in an in game book:

    In this world, there are books, known as tomes, which contain amazing power. Each book is blessed, enchanted, or otherwise enfused with magic to cause it to do something impossible upon use. Nobody knows how they came to be, but there is one the that is certain, they are powerful.

    Tomes can do anything from create matter to destroy a massive chunk of land to defying basic laws of physics. They can be the exception to any natural rule.

    Tomes can be found in dungeons. You can get a simple tome to create water or speed up a bit from one of the many small dungeons scattered across the world, but the real treasures, the powerful ones, can only be found in huge, deadly dungeons.

    Even if you do find a powerful tome, there is no guarantee you can use it. Powerful tomes require powerful casters. They do not take any energy to use, but a weakling cannot use an earth-shattering tome. Weak tomes can be used by almost anyone with a small bit of Aura.

    Inside of each tome, there is a description of what it does. It is sometimes straight forward, and sometimes in verse. It just depends on how their creator was feeling. Each tome WILL do it's action if you meet it's criteria. Some of the most powerful tomes have costs other than minimum amount of power.

    To use a tome, you simple have to move it transfer it to your other hand. The text in the tome will classify everything about itself, unless it's a specific type of tome. Information about types, tiers, costs, rules, exceptions, and more will be on the following pages.

    Tome Type Categories
    -Rule Break
    -Aura Change

    - Intentionally hurts or ruins things
    - Usually the most straight forward as far as instructions go
    - Usually have the most extra cost
    - Usually banned in residential areas

    - Builds a structure.
    - Sometimes in verse, sometimes straight-forward instructions
    - Usually don't have extra cost
    - Banned in public property, allowed in private.
    - Can assemble living things with high tiers.

    - Creates matter or energy out of nothing
    - Usually used for duplicating existing or obtaining rare material
    - Usually has no extra cost
    - Usually allowed virtually anywhere
    - Can heal by creating more vital substances at higher tiers

    Rule Break
    - Go against any law of nature of physics
    - Usually don't have extra cost
    - Usually there are no clear zone regulations, but usually banned if used on others

    Aura Change
    - Directly affects Aura
    - Usually has no extra cost
    - Usually used before combat or major task
    - Usually is allowed anywhere, anytime.

    - Improves a person's physical ability or and object's performance
    - Usually has extra cost
    - Usually is banned to be used on citizen's personal weapons
    - Usually used on tools to help construction or on people to work efficiently

    - Affects the target's mind, or way they percieve reality
    - Usually banned in any senario other than war
    - Usually have no extra cost
    - Usually used to confuse an enemy

    - Not useful alone, but when used with another tome, boost its power
    - All regulations and uses depend entirely on the tome they are compatible/being used with.

    - Anything that serves no purpose other than maybe a visual display
    - Usually used as a form of entertainment, as they can be flashy/pretty
    - Usually restricted like fireworks

    - Will undo the effect of most combat Tomes of the same tier or less

    - Strange tomes that are written in an ancient language and an only be cast by true masters of Aura
    - Regulation require that any tomes of this type are turned in to officials, so scholars can study them.

    - Tier 1: Unnoteworthy
    - Tier 2: Paltry
    - Tier 3: Commmon
    - Tier 4: Uncommon
    - Tier 5: Valid
    - Tier 6: Weighty
    - Tier 7: Rare
    - Tier 8: Mighty
    - Tier 9: Legendary
    - Tier 10: Mythical
    - Tier 11: Godlike
    - Tier 12+: ?

    - Contains most Useless type tomes. Very few offer a purpose
    - Come in large bunches even in the easiest of dungeons.

    - Usually are the big reward for very easy dungeons
    - Can be any type, but most at this level are Hand-in-Hand, Creation, or Combat.

    - The big reward for rather easy dungeons.
    - Most Tomes of this tier are Enhancements, Assembly, and Creation.

    - The prize of capturing an easy dungeon.
    - Most Tomes of this tier are either Combat or Assembly

    - The end goal of a slightly threatening dungoen.
    - This tier is the most commonly used in households and in production.
    - Most Tomes are Assembly, Creation, and Enhancement

    - The prize of a low-end moderate-difficulty dungeon.
    - Most Tomes of this tier are Combat, Aura Change, Enhancement, and Mental

    - The gem of a moderate-difficulty dungeon
    - Rare tier is where chaos begins.
    - Rare tier Tomes are usually given to foot soldiers to fight in wars
    - There are mostly Combat, Enhancement, and Creation types.

    - The accolade of a low-end hard-difficulty dungeon
    - These are used by high-up army officials and warriors mostly, mostly in emergencies.
    - Contain all types, but mostly Combat, Rule Break, Aura Change, Enhancement, and Creation

    - The massive prize from a hard dungeon.
    - These are used as absolute trump cards.
    - Contains all types, but mostly Combat, Rule Break, Enhancement, Assembly, and Mental

    - It's said that they are in the dungeons next to the 7 natural wonders.
    - The type of powers that are heard in folklore and stories. These are Tomes that can alter reality.
    - The two that have been recorded in history are Mystery type

    - No knowledge as to how to obtian these
    - Godlike Tomes are said to have been used in divine wars between light and dark, Heavan and Hell, that whole cliche.
    - None have ever been seen or recorded, therefore, there is no information available.

    Tier 12+:
    - According to some prophets, fortune tellers, and oracles, Tomes go all the way up to, and maybe beyond, 50th tier, but there is no proof whatsoever. One could only imagine what anything past a Godlike Tome would do.

    General Rules:
    - All of the following have exceptions. Any Tome that makes an exception clearly indicates so.
    - An Area of Effect (AOE) Tome will not harm the caster
    - A directional Tome will go in the direction you face

    - A Counter Type Tome will not work on Assembly, Creation, or Hand-in-Hand types
    - A Counter Type Tome can only be Countered by another Counter Type Tome of a higher tier
    - Aura Change Tomes will surpass an Aura user's limit

    - A Tome is indiscriminite, and once it is cast, it cannot be uncast. It will execute its command unless countered.
    - Sometimes, Enhanced objects will inexplicably vanish, and could take other random items with it.

    - If one tries to use Creation to duplicate a Tome, they will be met with a slap in the face by Death himself.
    - There are a few tomes that can cause instant death to one or more organisms.
    - IMPORTANT: If you try to cast an Assembly type Tome without having the required extra cost, it will hurt. Badly.

    With that out of the way, please let me know of any features or ideas of any type that you think will be good for the creation. Anything goes, including dungeons, Tomes, Aura-based abilities, bosses, npc's, or entirely different features, please let me know :D

    Thanks for your time.

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    posted a message on Increase dummy score while less than other dummy score?

    I am making what is essentially a mana system, which includes a cap to the number of mana you can get.

    Current mana is a dummy called Aura, while the cap is another dummy called AuraCap.

    I want the cap to be different for every player based on training and such, but I'm having trouble with the execute command.

    This command:

    execute if score @s Aura < @s AuraCap run scoreboard players add @s Aura 1

    works in chat, but not in the repeating, always active command block.

    I haven't messed with 1.13 commands a bunch, and I've been banging my head against the wall for quite awhile trying to figure this out.

    Any help is appreciated :)

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    posted a message on Make mobs walk around without attacking?
    Quote from Zandercross12»

    Try running this in a repeating command block!

    /entitydata @e[type=<MOBNAME>] {Attributes:[{Base:2.0d,Name:"generic.followRange"}]}

    Haven't tested this so I'm not sure if correct, but you can try.

    This may work, but another thing you could do is make the player and the mob on the same teams, which makes them never attack you. This would not work with your "get damaged when in contact" so you could just use a custom damaging system, which is usually better with maps in general.
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    posted a message on how do i use /detect and /execute??? please just look at what im trying to do and see if you can help cuz i rlly need it!!!!
    Quote from Zandercross12»

    Try this:

    /execute @a ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ stone_slab 0 give @p minecraft:ghast_tear 64 0 {display:{Name:"Credit",Lore:["you may use to purchase food and play games"]}

    ^ You can change the stone slab data above, I haven't tested this yet so I'm not sure if this is correct.

    This works for actually giving the item, but there are a couple of problems.

    1. This would return a "failed to execute" because the /give command needs one more curly bracket "}" at the end.
    2. Change the ~ ~-1 ~ in the detect for just ~ ~ ~ if you are standing on a slab on the floor, not a slab block or top slab.
    2. This would SPAM you with stacks and stacks of ghast tears instantly.
    - Given that you need to repeat this command rapidly to test for the player standing on the slab, and that would repeat 20 time per second, you would get your inventory filled from empty in less than 3 seconds.

    To fix this, there are a few options, depending on how you want it to work.

    Method 1:

    If you want this to be a one-time thing, then you would just need a tag to mark the player so they cant do it again.

    This would be done as follows:

    /execute @a[tag=!collected] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ stone_slab 0 give @p minecraft:ghast_tear 64 0 {display:{Name:"Credit",Lore:["you may use to purchase food and play games"]}}


    /execute @a[tag=!collected] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ stone_slab 0 scoreboard players tag add @p collected

    Preferably use a chain command block for the second one.

    Method 2:

    If you want a cooldown, then it gets a bit more complicated, as you need to use scoreboard timers, but not too hard.

    First, you are gonna need to make a dummy scoreboard:

    /scoreboard objectives add creditTimer dummy

    This essentially gives you an integer variable to work with. Because we know that a second = 20 ticks, we can do some college level math to get the amount of time in real life. (jk, just multiply the amount of seconds you want by 20 and replace the obvious thing to replace in the next command. If you want minutes, just multiply by 60, etc..)

    Now we can make the timer actually work.

    The timer will also use the previous method's tag, just in a different way.

    /execute @a[score_creditTimer_min=<INSERT YOUR NUMBER HERE!!!>] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ stone_slab 0 give @p minecraft:ghast_tear 64 0 {display:{Name:"Credit",Lore:["you may use to purchase food and play games"]}}


    /execute @a[tag=!collected] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ stone_slab 0 scoreboard players tag add @p collected

    Then, we make the timer start when they collect the credits:

    /scoreboard players add @a[tag=Collected] creditTimer 1

    Finally, we make it so the player's Collected tag disappears after the designated amount of time and reset the timer:

    /scoreboard players tag remove @a[score_creditTimer_min=<INSERT YOUR NUMBER HERE AGAIN!!>] Collected


    /scoreboard players set @a[score_creditTimer_min=<INSERT YOUR NUMBER HERE AGAIN!!>] creditTimer 0

    You will need to set every player's initial creditTimer score to your number or greater before this system. If you have an area that they step on a pressure plate, that will do, just put in a simple scoreboard command:

    /scoreboard players set @p creditTimer <YOUR NUMBER OR GREATER>

    There may be a few issues with this, as I have not tested it, but it should work.

    Hope this helps :)

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    posted a message on "Failed to execute"

    The issue is not with the /execute, but with the particle. Before using a command in an execute, I suggest running in in text chat just to test if it works. You are missing a speed parameter for the /particle effect. Try adding a speed, if you don't want the particles to move, then put 0, otherwise, chose a speed that is less than 1.

    /particle fireworkSpark ~ ~ ~ 1 1 1 0.1

    The "Failed to execute '/particle fireworkSpark ~ ~ ~ 1 1 1' as Snowball" part is saying "Hey! This command broke!" If it were an error with the /execute, then it would probably send something along the lines of "cannot find entity named 'snowball'."

    Hope this helps :)

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    posted a message on Need command block help please t-t

    I don't fully understand how this system is going to work, a lot of things are inefficient. This is almost like trying to decipher a few sentences with words in the wrong order.

    There is one possible issue that may be a problem here. The fact that your objectives are Home_Owner and Home_Owner_One may cause the bug.

    I'm sure you know, as you used it here, that @p[score_<scoreName>_min] uses underscores "_" to separate your variable name from the system's parameters. Your underscores in the names of the objectives might be confusing the system.

    I could probably rewrite the system more efficiently, but you would need to give a more detailed description on how you want it to work.

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    posted a message on execute!

    I don't fully understand what you are asking for help with. I do know, however, that you don't need @e[type=Player], just do @a. What do you mean by "make it only 1 block"? Are you asking how to specify the block, or the color of the block, or other? If you want the color of the block just put that number right after the glass.


    If you want black stained glass, which is identified as stained_glass 15, you just need to do this:

    /execute @e[type=player] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ minecraft:glass 15 <insert command here>

    to find the number, in this case 15, do F3 + H to show advanced tooltips, and hover over the item.

    If this does not help you, please specify what the actual question you are asking is. With more detail please.

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